3: Regaining Control During Chaotic Times
Top view of modern workspace with laptop computer, notebook and coffee cup on white table

3: Regaining Control During Chaotic Times

3: Regaining Control During Chaotic Times

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Thomas and Eric discuss the chaos that is living, breathing and training during COVID-19. The metaphors of small situations can be extracted and applied to the larger picture of life, business, and success. How much control do you have in your day-to-day situations? More than you think!

Top view of modern workspace with laptop computer, notebook and coffee cup on white table
Top view of modern workspace with laptop computer, notebook and coffee cup on white table


It’s like what’s this? It’s not so much what happens. Like it’s people to dilute the facts by telling themselves a story, that’s not even true. So, it’s like, Like you it’s like it’s almost like how I it was like even like it was example like with the room it would be like all my roommate like ate my food. 

They hate me or they didn’t despite me. They did that because I know it was pissing me off or it’s like well it’s like do you know that like you don’t know that like you’re not situations? Yeah something we’re talking about but like I still don’t even know. I mean, I really don’t know where we’re going this podcast even so. 

Take it all. Trying to come out develop. I mean, basically we we started kind of on the. Optimal performance as the foundation, but all for that it could be talking about getting your mind, right? Mm-hmm, you know diet taking care of your body. Yeah. Treat people well, mm-hmm. I mean, that’s a. 

It’s a common theme but I mean yeah, that’s I mean really like the what I’ve been really diving into right now on my personal side is like. Youth development like youth athletic development as well as like nutrition like those are the two things like over the coronavirus that I’ve been like really kind of diving into hmm. 

Tell me more who goes I mean like, There’s a whole I mean, there’s all systems. I mean, it’s like how um, Like athletic development you really only get one shot and it’s like people will gauge either they’re training off of outliers like LeBron James like they’ll see what he does on Instagram or they’re basing it off of like what they see Elite level teams doing now rather than like what it did to get them there so it’s like it’s like you’re starting your like you have the end goal in mind that’s what you’re starting with rather than seeking to kind of slow cook and develop over long-form problems like take the stairs like your core value or it’s like, It’s long-term consistency over short-term gain, it’s consistency over intensity even so. 

Something like that could be a good place to start. Yeah, I love it speaking let me hit on that yeah reacting to emotions okay, we’re live by the way, oh really okay yours do this to me, there’s a very sneaky person hole so much more natural. I just start talking and then all of a sudden I’m talking for five minutes. 

I wouldn’t put anything personal on you don’t got to worry about I sure hope not reacting to emotions or having emotional reactions yeah funny because I’m working on this house and growing up I would any project I’m doing where it’s like a little bit frustrating like you’re trying to get a nail out of a board yeah and it’s just not going the way you want it to and then you you know, you start getting heated and start calling the nail names yeah. 

Having this big of a project and at the same time doing the training that we’ve been doing the kettlebells week. It’s like anything I’m doing and cold showers it’s like you’re developing that resilience like anything I’m doing in the moment. I’m like, why am I getting so frustrated over right a nail and a board like this is not worth the energy not worth the time and then you know, if I’m able to call myself down out of that guess what happens the nail pops right out yeah, you know always does I mean, it’s like yeah, we talk I think we talk about this last episode where it was. 

Treated either controlling the control world or even like right now with the the covet nineteen pandemic it’s like why like you can’t get mad at it what’s like gonna do mm-hmm like that’s not gonna positively or even like negatively effective you will negatively affect you but it’s like you have zero control of what the state of Michigan is gonna say you have zero control with the president’s gonna say you see people gone on like social media. 

I have a lot of like older people on Facebook or just like griping and complaining and it’s like that makes you feel better great but at the same time like you are like inadvertently like, Triggering other people to respond then you’re getting all these kind of like this domino effect of like negative conversation when it’s then you have all day just to sit around and stew about it because you have another note to think about so it’s I think it’s tough. 

For people to whether it’s you want to call it like detachment or just like kind of framing the way it looks like people get so caught up in the moment and they have such a hard time taking a step back and being like all right, like what actually happened and one of my telling myself right because I think so many times like, We’ll tell ourselves these stories where it’s like it’s so much worse than actually is when realistically if you were just to kind of look at it like it’s always like when you look at somebody else’s problems doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but when it’s you you can’t like you’re too close to the problem you can’t even really decipher what’s going on it’s about that detachment. 

Forget who said this but there’s a there’s a story of like. People that were escaping an island. I don’t know if it’s Japan or something and World War two but they’re on a boat and then if there was a storm they they would say all the boats where people lost control everyone died, mm-hmm, but if one person on the boat could remain calm and people could look at them as a leader and say hey, maybe we’re gonna make it through this then everyone would live yeah because the chaos on the boat causes it to capsize and go over yeah, so it’s like, Maybe you feel better contributing to the conversation going out and striking at this the right yeah but it’s like are we moving forward like? 

From a character perspective or from helping each other or from doing something positive or we just contributing to the chaos and the noise and it’s gonna cause us all to yeah suffer in the long run yeah. I think that’s exactly what is it’s it’s a reaction instead of a response it’s like what’s that knee jerk thing you do when you hear bad news or? 

Any news really in general. It’s like what the outcome is so much dependent on what you want it to be. Whether you think so or not? I mean, it’s like, You are in so much more control than you realize because I mean, you can control how you react. You can control what you say. 

And as soon as you start like shifting the blame or shifting the perspective to somebody else like you’re putting them in the in the driver’s seat when I mean, it’s your life your thought your emotion your process of how you handle things. It’s like you need to get a grip on that. 

If you ever want to be successful, I mean this end this comes back to like training and sport like, You can’t like blame the other team like it’s in a team sports setting like you can only do your absolute best and hope hope that your teammates are able to kind of keep that standard high as well, but the end of the day like in a soccer game like there’s 11 people on that field like you’re not gonna You’re not gonna know one person is gonna win the game, right? 


Transitioning over to the youth training. I thought it was interesting you mentioned people pull a celebrity or a. Very successful athlete and say what are they doing now. Yes. Instead of realizing hey they might be at level three. Yeah, not sure what can I do level 10 training? Yeah, what might be level four. 

Yeah, it’s tough, right? I mean you see Instagram so good and so bad like you see I mean all these professional athletes will post what they did or what they’re doing now or what what they’ve been doing and it’s like yeah like but you’re not Mike Trout like you’re not the best in the MLB like you are a JV baseball player, so it’s like what did this guy do? 

When he wasn’t playing JV baseball and then they’re like I think even parents see that too to where it’s like I want my kid to be the absolute best. I need him to be doing what the best is doing. I was like let’s do it the best did not what the best are doing, um, and that seems to be more the pattern especially also get parents coming all the time wanting like a specific like hey my kid plays soccer. 

I need a soccer program looks like no they just we need to see like how they move we need to evaluate their patterns, like do they have strength that they have like capacity conditioning endurance to even. Make it through a session and then we can even start to have a conversation about like specific training it’s like if you can’t you can’t gobble squat with correct form, it’s like I’m not gonna let you even let you look at a barbell. 

I guess it’s like yeah, there’s always gonna there always needs to be a progression and regression for everything we do and I think. Even just finding that starting point like people. Think they’re a lot farther along than they are which is totally fine, right? I think it’s good to be confident in your ability but especially in a group saying it’s top because you we and then we’ve talked about this before two people coming in day one versus kids who are in the same room at the same time, they’re day three hundred like that’s it tough it’s tough especially at a young age when you don’t have the perspective nor the maturity to decide. 

What it like how to handle that situation especially because we’ll get kids who come in and they’re like that their friends are here and they are. They’re doing like stuff with their other friends and they and they don’t even know like why they’re not allowed to do a certain movement or some exercise but they see Johnny doing they’re like, oh I’m in the same age as him I play same sport as him why can’t I do that and he’s like well you’re training ages behind this kid, so yeah. 

That’s that’s huge it comply to adults too. I mean, like you said we think we’re farther along than we probably are right even I’m guilty of this thinking like not that I’m hot shot but that I got things figured out, you know, yeah and then even just through a small program like this three weeks in I’m like, hey, I am not hinging correctly, yeah. 

I am not engaging my core. I thought I was yeah not the way I should be and I think that contributes to a lot of adults go to they get any gym memberships January first they go in there. They do what they think they can do they end up getting injured or not feeling that great well it’s even it’s a so competitive I mean whether people say they’re competitor or not. 

I think you get anyone in the situation where they there are objectable measurable goals like how much weight is on a bar how long you’re going to train for it’s like all these factors plan and like they’re like, hey like I need to be better than this person or they see like coming back to that last point we talked about how all like that person’s doing that exercise they look like that like I need to be doing that too, it’s like well slow down you’re not ready for that yet and That’s okay and like I think it’s just like people need to give themselves permission to like not be at their best yet because that’s the whole point of training it’s like to kind of just like relentless endless pursuit of something better or something bigger you got to start somewhere and like that’s the hardest part once people like I like to tell people that too it’s like once you like getting started or like walking through the door of this facility like once you get here it’s easy but it’s like getting here it’s probably the hardest part yeah getting your getting your mind right yeah, it’s on blowing yeah for sure. 

And most most good training is gonna be humbling on some regard because you you have to have that. Check in with reality and it should happen early right yes because if you ever go to a new training whether it’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu or whatever and you think you walk in day, one thinking you’re hot stuff you walk out day 10 still thinking you’re hot stuff it’s probably not that good of a training program, you know it probably more concerned about your ego and how you feel yeah actually doing things properly yeah always. 

You mentioned diet nutrition plugin in on that yeah yeah yeah, holy cow. I mean, I don’t think I’m anywhere near qualified to have this conversation but I mean, I’m gonna have it anyway cuz I want to it’s I mean, I mean yeah, that’s our podcast so it’s like, I don’t know for me that was something I never had a grip on it was always eat big eat often and just eat especially. 

I mean coming up as a high school soccer player, it’s like I was never small but. You could like it’s like you could like just people under the age of 18 not even older like they just don’t have a grip on like what a calorie is like what are like macro nutrients or just like stuff that that’s like second nature to us now as you get older and as you get more invested, I mean, and that’s maybe what it is, it’s just like an investment into your process, um, like that’s probably that of apart from sleep like that’s probably one of the most important things because you can’t get bigger if you’re not eating more calories than you burned that’s a that’s just a math equation. 

Like if you are and you can’t you can’t like necessarily see the long-term sustainable recoverable results if you’re not recovering properly through nutrition or sleep, so for me it’s always like how can I gain an edge or like it because I mean realistically we were trying in five days a week we’re in here anywhere between like with warm up and just kind of chatting after we’re like an hour and a half. 

So that’s five hours a week out of what’s the was 160 hours a week. 168 yeah, so what’s the other 163 look like and that’s like that’s gonna kind of be what other people make up the ground if you will so it’s like. And I tell this to kids all the time it’s like well like if you think about it like especially for high school. 

Like football players like they are required to lift like everyone who’s playing like a varsity level sport nowadays, it’s probably lifting weights yeah so it’s like let’s track yeah so it’s like how what’s your edge yeah like you don’t really have one because like everyone else is doing it yeah so from that standpoint it’s like you need to find a way to either outsleep or out eat your peers, mm-hmm because that’s that’s ultimately gonna be the game changer because I mean, In especially kids we see like they’re trying twice a day yeah it’s like they’ll go to do their lift at school the more and they’ll come see us in the evening it’s like okay like the first thing I’m asking them is like did one did you nap to what’s lost every eight yep and how much sleep did you get exactly and it’s like one what are your meals even look like are you just are you crushing a couple pop tarts in the morning and then you have your school lunch which is like tater tots and pizza and then you had a granola bar before we came here, it’s like okay well, I mean, it’s great incredibly resilient like you come in, you can put yourself through a lot of craft for a lot of years and yeah, you’ll be okay. 

But I mean TV that excellent optimal performance got podcast like what is optimal like what is gonna give you the biggest bang for your buck and what’s the moment with some minimal effective dust right? I mean because they’re even if you can nutrition a training all the time because it took me a lot of for yourself for myself but it’s like, You can’t go from eating like 1200 calories a day like three thousand right it’s it’s just like training it’s a progression like I’m not gonna have you come in day one and try to deadlift 500 pounds right it’s we’re gonna start somewhere and then over time it’s a progression so it’s like hey like you’re whatever you’re doing right now, let’s just add like eat an extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich today, yeah see how you feel like let’s see like over again yeah and then if that’s working then yeah up it a little bit and it’s that simple but I think people think of what there’s so much just crap out there and there’s so much information. 

That people just kind of get lost in the shuffle and they get lost in the information they don’t really know how to filter it or decipher it and it’s just tough yep well, I mean most people do what’s easy and convenient, mm-hmm and the thought is hey if I’m gonna, Dial in my diet nutrition then I’m gonna go all in mm-hmm when in reality that’s like probably not what you want to do from a. 

Are you gonna keep doing it in two weeks right like are you gonna be cooking rice and broccoli yeah yeah I mean I heard someone one guy said compliance is a science like it’s like like I can give you the best diet plan of the world, if you’re not gonna do it so worst I plan in the world so tempers that was I think I was stand efforting he’s like a competitive there was a competitive bodybuilder power lifter vertical diet, if you ever heard of that he came up with that it’s like the red bean rice only oh, okay, yeah. 

I mean I was talking about this every day with my girlfriend Chris so we’re talking about like hey, like she loves sweets, holy cow. That girl loves sweets we’re talking like she’s like I really want to lose weight am I okay it’s like let’s talk about like your daughter a little bit and when we came around to is it’s like hey if you were to eat your sweets like right after your workout, let’s say like you really like sour patch kids like give yourself to handfuls of sour patch kids after your workout why not like that’s like that’s the best time right? 

I mean, like you spite you can combat that depletion of glycogen. I mean just work that you burn through all your carbs, like you can get a little bit of that in there, but then even over time it’s like hey like people feel bad because again just worked out like why I’m eating candy yeah, so, They almost like self-regulate themselves in a good patterns, you know, it’s hilarious. 

I’ve personal story on this yeah yeah my mother-in-law bought ice cream and brought over the house it’s been our freezer and I was eating it every night tradition like Oreo thin mints and vanilla ice cream and then on the third day. I worked out here killer workout went home, and I went to get a scoop of that ice cream. 

I was like, It’s just doesn’t feel right I’m not like I need it’s like protein I eat some stuff to recover right yeah I mean the whole like you get you put good in you get good eye, you are with G. I mean there it’s that’s not the something made up like yeah like it’s a saying and it’s it’s kind of stands to test it. 

I mean, it’s a fable or whatever you call that it’s like it’s true. I mean like I just try to apply like I mean good like if it walks on the ground or comes out of the ground, like you probably should be eating it like everything else like pretty probably don’t need like if it comes in a box like you’re probably wasting your time assets, yeah, yeah. 

Actually right because they their parents cooked their food or they get packed so it’s like they feel like they have no control but I mean the ones that really start to kind of pull away and separate themselves they start to control like I’ll get Instagram like messages or like snapchats from kids. 

I can just made myself like they’ll be like pictures of the meals they’re making for themselves and it’s like that’s ultimate like those kids understand and like those kids are gonna be the ones who like I said separate themselves and like make it to that next level because they are the ones doing it and there’s you’re so much more invested in it, so like you’re training means more your practice means more because You know, you have to go recover from it or you know, you have to get in bed by a certain time and stop checking your phone so you can get sleep yep give a manifest or teach manifest there you go, yeah. 

Learn how to cook yeah, especially I’m gonna do yeah anyway, that’s all we got for today thanks for tuning in excellent.

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