018: NCAA Recruitment Process Q&A w/ Ian Smith

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
018: NCAA Recruitment Process Q&A w/ Ian Smith

In this episode we dig deep into the NCAA Recruitment Process and find out what every athlete should know in applying, registering and deciding on what school to play for. There’s plenty of pertinent information in this episode, enjoy!


Feel like a wall of like air change in the office. Yeah. It is horribly insulated. 

Because the hot air is out there cold air sitting here. Hey, man. I’m glad you’re in ascension. I don’t This is Ian 24/7 if any of you don’t know who Ian is. Is constantly analyzing coming up with new ideas about things that don’t really matter that much. Welcome you and Smith to the podcast. 

Jesus is freezing. Already complaining. Sorry. Ian is our resident intern if you can call him that he’s definitely more like a coach and we treat him more like a coach and if you ever wanted the job he would be a coach here, but that being said. He’s headed off to Juco in Miami South Beach. 

Taking my tails to South Beach. So go ahead and kind of give your background sports wise. I know we did a interview before but for those maybe we haven’t listened in do a quick like to three minute summary of what got you here. Yeah, my sport is football and. 

I in high school I played I started playing three sports and I dropped it down to just like football and track because I know that football was what I wanted to do and I wanted to go to college play football. So I went to hope for one year and then I transferred out of hope and took click a year off of school so I didn’t earn like another year about the ability. 

Worked visited a bunch of schools went to Kansas until covet times and then, To work here for. Eight months a couple months. I don’t know how long. And then I’m leaving for Florida. Alright, so basically what we’re trying to do with this podcast is detail like what to do what not to do in terms of heading off to that next level for football specifically. 

So you want to start with like what it what should be step one what should be the first thing that people have to do if they’re trying to get to that next level and when should they do it. So the first thing I would say like starts your friend. 

Ship in your high school because for me personally like, I did I did really well in middle school and then high school like my freshman year. I was like going out of school doesn’t matter but the most important thing is school, which sounds dumb but like your grades are going to be what gets you. 

The most opportunities like if you you could be a crazy athlete and have a 2.0 GPA and you might get into some schools but unless you’re like Alabama’s number one recruit, they’re not going to just most schools aren’t just going to lower their standards for you yeah what’s what’s like the broad stroke standard that you see out there. 

Like three five or three point oh generally it’s like a two five two five sounds like, oh my gosh, all you have to get it to five now what if you set yourself up into 3.0 or above it gives you a lot more opportunities yeah if personally for me had I like I finished with just over a three five had I gotten closer to three seven five, it would have made my walk on like opportunities a lot less expensive right like you’d know you have no idea where you’re gonna end up because then you get the academic scholarship or yeah, so just get a four point, oh it’s basically yeah, yeah, yeah just, I mean, you know, I have to get a 4.0 like aim for a 4.0 obviously like work like you would. 

In school like you would for your sport because hmm did directly affects how you’re gonna play and how your sports sports are gonna go like the higher your GPA the more college coach can trust that you’re gonna show up and do so right you know, so I have this one too five and you’re missing your attendant like they’ll look at your attendance records you showed up, you know ten days out of a hundred and fifty school days or whatever they’re gonna notice that as matter what your GPA is you know, so I’d say like start out like in the classroom first. 

As a freshman and then from there like once you get you you know, you’re your school stuff’s kind of taking care of I think it the big recruiting stuff starts sophomore year now like it’s working its way down the chain which personally I think is kind of ridiculous it’s like you have no idea what I’m you know, we have athletes in here the team have no idea what they’re gonna look like in yeah, but sophomore years like a really big year to. 

Kind of start. Narrowing stuff down a little bit like you know, I don’t think that you should only focus on one sport like I think it’s really beneficial to play multiple sports but kind of have the idea in the backyard mind like okay, I think I’m leaning towards basketball and leaning towards volleyball or football or whatever and start looking into the schools that you think that you know, Like this is this is an idea of a school that I might want to go look at you know, and then. 

Sophomore year. I call it like the like now nowadays it’s like the big virtual like tours like you can look at pictures and look at degrees and all that kind of stuff because personally as a sophomore nicely no idea what I wanted to go to school for you know, but you can get a really good idea of campuses like do I like it do I not and I cross it off right away do I leave it on a list. 

A. And then from there. A lot of a lot of schools will do junior days so I if you go from your sophomore year of here’s my list, here’s the things that I like, here’s the things that I don’t like. 

Then you’ll have a better idea of what you want to look for junior day wise, yes. And they think any people I mean, most schools, I think it’s different personally they can’t even communicate with you especially NCAA until you’re at least like what so it was September first year junior year yeah, honestly, I don’t like that’s kind of one of those things that we’re talking about right before this is the rules on that change like quite frequently, yeah. 

And by frequently, I mean, just like in the past like year or two there’s been a lot of. Like we should open it up or we should close it down or we should do this or we should do that and like with covet the rules have been changing. Yeah we’re quite obviously yeah because I know right now I don’t think any division one schools are any division two even can talk to anybody right now yeah. 

I typically this is like I mean, we just had like signing day for like a couple baseball guys not too long ago we’ve I think there’s a football signing day in February yeah. I mean, they did their initial like signs in the past couple weeks, oh really the big guys that’ll join join their school, they’ll leave high school early, oh yeah national signing day or whatever and then they yeah, they do have like a real man. 

National signing day. In the spring yeah cuz I was always like the big thing that uh, at least out this way they’re like celebration north yeah look out the whole thing yeah like every high school kid that like it’s called a scholarship yeah we had that too. I think I think Hudsonville actually went to that celebration cinema that’s what they would do yeah, so I think that’s pretty real probably there. 

I probably saw, you know, yeah, yeah knock topic that he’s not a twerk anymore, so it sounds like, Like you said things are starting off a little earlier things are kind of like it’s like a very long-term process right like it sounds like even if you would you say like junior rolls around you decide hey, maybe I am good enough to go play is you think it’s too late at that point no no. 

I mean, I like I literally waited until the very last month that I could like I didn’t announce where I was going to school created like I went to a D3 school so it’s a little bit different like you probably can’t do that for D1 schools, but Yeah, I like I waited until May with my senior year later yeah like that’s probably too late for most people but you know, like I wasn’t ready to make that decision yet, so like but junior year for sure not not too late. 

I think there’s so many different factors into it like each kids each each recruiting like I heard somebody say, you know wants that each each kid’s recruiting experience is gonna be different yeah, you’re gonna have one kid that is like treated like royalty and like everything’s taken care of and everything’s taken care of coaches come to him or her in how invited visits all that kind of stuff big scholarships and then you have another kid that would be the exact same skill set and have to work for every every visit every phone call. 

Every text whatever it all depends on like where you’re at in school, what kind of press you get mm-hmm. Everything all like all kinds of stuff okay, so then what about um looks like? If you just kind of say like like yeah we’ll kind of run with averages you’re obviously because we have that one of the spectrum where they’re taking care of the other end we used to cut the fighting claw looks like in terms of like getting getting noticed I know like this is I think it’s from what I understand it’s more of not so much like an exposure thing like I think press helps a ton and like obviously you have to be pretty dang good to get noticed but like I’ve noticed that if some people are just really good and just getting filmed to the right people at the right time and like but regardless of sport. 

I know that’s pretty pretty big for football, especially as like your film. I don’t know how baseball or soccer or anything else does it but You want to touch on that a little bit the importance kind of like the timeline and the stuff like that stuff you’ve noticed in the past yeah, so I before I like forget as part of this one thing that I would like not suggest for any athlete is I would never suggest them paying for like a subscription for somebody that’s gonna get you recruited you actually right like I would never suggest someone to do what NCSA or whatever yeah I’ve heard of them before yeah, like I I why is that because you’re paying somebody money that like they don’t know you. 

I can’t guarantee you those. For one like it so like that’s like, you know say so optimal is blown up yeah and now it’s we’re only letting certain athletes in but I’m gonna pay somebody to email you every day that coaches delete the first thing he does when he wakes up he’s opening that up move all those emails spam. 

I’ll find it if I want it right because that’s all they’re doing is they’re they’re finding information on coaches spamming them with with thousands of yeah kids stuff, so how is yours gonna you’re gonna land in the bottom of the pharaoh, okay? Yeah and like and you pay for it but like and that’s come from college coaches that I’ve like talked to you know, like because I don’t like I don’t know how much you guys know about legacy in bright and but like legacy was huge for me when I was in high school and we would do recruiting seminars somewhere to like the stuff that we’re talking about where they were recruiters and they were the college coaches and they were all retired but they were like the, Away first thing we would do when we hook up is a. 

You know, you could search those select all delete so hmm. Good to know yeah, oh I think it’s important that before I’ll let you touch on that. I do want to kind of recap like I think the reason we’re asking you and all this is uh, he said quite the unique path, um, cuz like over the past three years, he’s going to his now or three or four years, it’s almost a third school, um, he’s played just about every division on demand and so with this we’re trying to get you guys just a little bit more education on why. 

Why there’s something like almost like pitfalls or like what you really need to know to get recruited. I think you mean you had to deal with every in and out every form every division all this other stuff that I think people like obviously just don’t know about and so to kind of to circle back. 

Well not like what were we saying about kind of like film and stuff like that yeah so let’s go back for film like obviously football is what I know best sure unless it’s use that then as an example, okay so for football, I know so film is the most important the most important thing. 

I I would say for football like personally like um, because like I know you have baseball like, you know, if you could throw baseball a certain mm-hmm mile per hour or velocity or whatever people can tell that but you don’t really have that stat from. Her for high school besides like speed yeah but I mean like I had coaches that said I ran up for like almost a four four in high school and there’s not a chance I was running almost a four month yeah, you know, so like take other grand small exactly and that’s what college coaches are gonna do too they’re gonna see okay this guy says he runs the four five well, I’ve got a four five sitting on my team right now. 

I know what four five looks like the chest that one looks like yeah, you know so football specifically. I know that film is is very important. I the the, Album with today’s things now are camps like camps operate different for every sport right like so a football camp is generally like if you go to a Michigan football camp or Michigan State football camper even some of these Grand Valley camps there’s hundreds of kids there and you’re all paying forty dollars to get in there well so then it’s bringing them in the school money and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it, but you should be on the school’s radar before you just sign up and go to the camp yeah because the odds of you signing up and then being the top one of the five hundred kids that are there, especially if it’s an eighth grade through twelfth grade. 

Yeah. Not great you know like it doesn’t matter how good you are they kind of know who they want to show up and who they’re paying attention to and then the rest is just money that they bring in so only do a camp if you already have attention from the coach or that coaching style would be my yeah that would be my recommendation is get your film your junior year play your junior season, so football’s played in the fall play your junior season as like as you’re going through your season find these coaches find these recruiters hit. 

Up the recruiters like don’t just do the main recruiter do the recruiter like for my position coach the wide receipt coach try to get into contact with the assistant coaches like whatever you can do and the higher up you go the harder it’s gonna get right because like the head coach for Arizona State he has his own office in his own section of the building you’re not getting back there unless somebody wants you to you know, And I only say that because like I did and I sat and waited for like their coaches you broke in the building. 

I did broke in the building. 

Yeah. Yeah, so that’s that sounds good what about forms and fees the boarding stuff yeah so the NCAA has like a clearing house which was you know, even for how many kids got recruited frauds and bill and you know less a coach specifically set you down and filled it out with you you probably didn’t order us so the NCAA clearing house is like a part of the NCAA that approves or denies athletes for like you’re essentially signing like, A background check yeah you do you do a bunch of different stuff right so like it’s like a job so physical you go to play play football it’s like a job so they have to ensure that you’re an amateur mm-hmm that you’ve never received money for paying playing that’s you know, NCAA yeah like you don’t sign up like optimal doesn’t pay me to say, hey I’m going to play football here or whatever, you know, like we don’t give you gear like right oh this is yeah all that shit yeah, oh it’s cars motorcycles or whatever tattoos. 

Um, Yeah, so specifically I know my another one of my recommendations is that no matter what division you think you’re gonna play in fill it all out like philadelphia like right away because me for personally for Kansas like I know the form is. In between 50 and 80 dollars from what I remember but I had to pay like 60 bucks just to get it there because I needed it right away yeah and generally the form takes two weeks to go through so we say fill it all out as our sections based on a division or yeah, so you can fill out like d3 does their own so like you don’t really have to fill it out through the NCAA because you’ll have to fill out when you get to the school and then d2 has its own set of standards and then d1 takes care of like the entire Philadelphia D1 yeah and then That way I I believe so and honestly like they might change some of the stuff because of it because it’s kind of exposing them a little bit but yeah, so there there’s a form that you have to go on and you have to pay for it and you have to you know, write in every class that you took you have to take your GPA your SAT your ACTC is you scores depending on you know, for me I took both so I put in both you have to sign a bunch of stuff saying that I didn’t take money. 

I’m not going to take money. I’m not a like, I don’t game one sports and I don’t want. Under a canine game blind sport, right? All that kind of stuff. Work history yeah yeah you have to you have to take military recruitment yeah it’s everything yeah everything you’ve ever done yeah. 

I really hope my worst enemy no I think yeah, I think that’s like I remember doing that stuff because I even went in and when you did that and I like cleaning house I would like to do with like our flight trainer. Phil would always make us like filled all this stuff. 

I don’t remember doing it really we I’m just like it was just like sure it’s for like injuries like co-pay insurance it was hmm like you get your athletic physical it was like a decade ago, yeah you’re pretty young doesn’t it but yeah it’s crazy. I think like the NCAA probably has to take away more seriously as well as like just way more just kind of just like minutiae kind of way through pick a penalties and yeah a lot more administration. 

So clearing house is there any other forms and fees that you need to it’ll be school specific after that so like you’ll get an ID number that they’ll ask for like your school will ask for no number so huh you lost your name or you’re not a number yeah this means you fall out that form it could care less you have a, Quite a few digits, okay that are but yeah, so you’ll fill out like once you fill out these forms. 

I’d say probably fill out those forms beginning your senior year, okay and then I think you have to update them because you have to update them as you graduate. I believe obviously like I felt mine out late so I didn’t fill mine out when I went to school. I hope didn’t fill them out during my break and then filled them out at Kansas when they needed them. 

So. For me. I had to go back through all of like high school and put in everything but I believe that if you open it up and start it like I probably started like beginning of my junior year or my senior year and then I believe that it allows you to go back and and edit stuff and anytime like just starting the form well help you in the future like having the form open paid for. 

Downloaded all that all that kind of stuff will just help you. 

When it comes to like time for be prepared for it or yeah for college. Um, what big mistakes have you made along the way besides? I mean, I it sounds like a big part of it was just you relate to the party like may have your senior year scrambling to get everything done is there anything else that you would kind of advise to watch out for? 

Yeah rolling the controls right yeah like. Yeah, I mean if we want to look back at like what my like experience was like a lot of like what has happened to me was out of my control mm-hmm, unfortunately and like a lot of that came with I seen your season going the way that it went the coaches like my head coach like he retired right after and he was kind of done so right after you know, right after football season so like and I like that’s not something I could control so like the recruiting then fell like completely on me, you know, So it’s it’s really really helpful if if you have coaches that pull in you know a coach every week for you to come meet with and sit with and like because you know, some high schools will do that like my high school did that every week you’d have a meeting with with a coach. 

I think my one of the mistakes I made is there were certain schools that I was like there’s not a chance. I’m going there hmm and doing that just really really limited like your exposure yeah because like so for example, I, Knew I didn’t want to go to Davenport so I didn’t give Davenport the time of day ever, you know, like they’d talk to me at camps they came in and visited at my school. 

I was like look I just like I don’t want to go here well had I got in that offer from Davenport I could have gotten an offer from in Bali yeah stayed for like, you know, I mean, like so did you know another coach see what offers yeah it’s a variable public, oh, okay, yeah like Twitter is yeah, yeah. 

So I guess it’s the important of like not. Like closing off your options sounds like an even I know but yeah people will just kind of almost it’s almost like a game right you have to play the game like hey like you’re not gonna tell someone yes, but you’re not gonna tell them no because I think in the realm of like getting recruited like all exposure or all like all publicity is good publicity, you know, and it’s like whether it’s like, hey like you get, A division maybe a one division one offer that could open up ten more something else or like that just floods you with d2, it’s the like it kind of trickled down effect that’s interesting. 

I think people I don’t think people realize that either because I think like you said like you’re like, oh I got me either just I’ve just want to go to like Michigan or Michigan State and it’s like well like you can they can hear about you through people they already know that in other colleges yeah it’s interesting. 

Yeah, so that’s huge like you yeah, I mean you get one person in the GLIAC everybody else in the class like what yeah well did I miss out yeah like I want that kid it’s competitive yes exactly and then next thing you know, like you worked your way from the GLIAC to the Mac or something the Mac yeah and now you’re looking at you know schools like Bowling Green and, Ball State and you’re working like slowly, you know working because that’s generally what happens right it’s like you you see these kids that have offers from Grand Valley Wayne State. 

Haven’t worked for our area specifically and then all of a sudden you see an offer from all ball state and then for Bowling Green and then ball state or whatever and then it like works its way up to chain interesting yeah. Are you likely to get offers from smaller schools earlier because how that works yeah, okay yeah like I had a lot of offer like verbal offers from small schools that people probably haven’t heard of you know, yeah and then as you get up those so like as you so that’ll happen probably your junior year a lot of like smaller schools, well if you’re doing your recruiting right you’ll know because a lot of those small schools will come after you your junior to try to get you before your big yeah and then as you like if you explode and have a crazy senior season. 

Those schools like you back yeah because they’re like, we have no shot, you know, like that’s that’s the kind of thing is like say you have an offer from. You know us there’s there’s small there’s a ton of small schools outside Chicago that all offer a lot of kids in Michigan because they love Michigan kids so as soon as you get enough from GV or Wayne State or Davenport those guys disappear because they’re like, all right, we don’t have a you know, have a chance, you know, mm-hmm at least that’s like the perception that I gathered. 

Well cool I mean. Hey else is strikes you as important for either you or yeah I’m just trying to think like in the context of like who we work with um like most of our seniors are already committed they’re off they know what they’re doing and I think they got lucky or they just put in the work kind of like you did so more so I guess like any closing or marks for that like that freshman or sophomore. 

I know you’d already kind of touched on like a like grades grades would make like a definitely the main focus and then going into like sophomore year maybe getting some sort of exposure yeah in some capacity or I guess she’s like kind of the last like, Thing I would say is like coaches might not be able to reach out to you but they’ll see your stuff okay, if you do it right like, you know, you hear these stories about. 

People like I wrote a letter and the coach saw the letter and like now you know now I’m on the team or whatever huh it’s like, okay, well that stuff really does happen, you know, like a I literally went to Arizona State and I sat outside, you know their football offices for two days waiting for their football coaches to show up and then when I got there, I ended up going in and up and elevator with the entire football staff, you know, and, And then you know, that’s kind of where the not having the film a bit me in the butt, so for the younger kids like they’re not allowed to talk to you we’ll say like they’re junior year like this the fall or the spring of your junior or whatever. 

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t see your stuff okay right so like if you do if you if you’re a sophomore and you plan varsity. Take your phone take your stats whatever send it to the coaches send it to the recruiters because having the familiarity of like okay I’ve seen Tom like I’ve seen this guy named Tom in my email or I’ve seen this guy in my mailbox well it’s like seven touches right like you get familiar with the name yeah yeah, so you’re junior year, they’re like, oh I remember this one and then they checked out and they’re like, oh they’re half decent let me reach out and then the world an interesting okay, yeah, it’s a good point that you bring a very good like at least like the the like the age old added is like in market. 

Ing is like you need like seven points of contact right so whether it’s like seven emails come phone calls texts like personal letters stuff like that like it takes about seven touches before before somebody’s gonna commit to buy something and so like I think that about probably apply that to recruiting as well as like if like you’re not getting seen in seven different ways or seven ways total by coach. 

I would say you have a very hard job chance you can probably picked up somewhere yeah yeah, it’s like toggles from Target specifically about like your transition real quick from because I know we admit. You had come come in interested in training like you were in between you’re kind of like in like a gap year right where you’re working, but then you were training and then trying to get into like a division one school which you’re going to Kansas right so tell me about how like, You got how like how you got a hold of Kansas and how like that kind of that whole story or that whole contact like what got you off the campus? 

Yeah that’s kind of tough because honestly like I don’t know how I ended up at Kansas like I were like a Kansas I’m I don’t know like I I so I went through and I listed out all the schools like I was about first of all, I listed out everything that I wanted in a school mm-hmm right and then I you can use websites to to figure out okay, what school has this, you know, what school has a good population right because I don’t want to live in. 

The sticks yeah yeah I want to live on the middle of nowhere and then you know, like campus life you can you can look up all these different things like write them all out in the list and then so then from there I went down and I said, okay, I want to go visit ASU Arizona state because Arizona stays like exactly like what I was looking for they were taking on insane amount of walk-ons. 

Went out and visited and then found out like they’re done taking walk-ons because they have too many team people on the team they were cutting people out there so cross them off my list. I crossed other schools off my list because watching in the news the head coach that I thought I wanted to play for are like to school I wanted to play for was great but the head coach I didn’t want to play for mmm and like slowly but surely they all got scratched off the list for one reason or another, you know, like the staff for one of the schools that I was interested in playing at got fired like mmm the head coach stayed but they fired everybody. 

Else. So and you cross that one off and so like as we went out down the list it was like okay well now I have Kansas and that’s it so like do I want to play for the last miles yeah that’d be sweet like less miles is from Michigan as wives from Michigan, you know, I think they both went to school Michigan coach huh it’s a good coach yeah, he’s he was great coach you so then you know, that was the last last name left on the the paper that had him in crossed out so when I went and I visited it and I was like, this is sweet, like it reminds me of like my hometown. 

Which was what I needed you know yeah so and I ended up at Kansas went through oh I thought he’s at like so you met with what part of the staff and then who was interested in you and was at your question yeah, how about how that entire view is how did you sneakily insert yourself into in the team like how’d you get how do you even just get an offer? 

I think the same thing like I I did the same thing as I did at Arizona I sat out there offices with a packet of information like five or six packages help wanted sign her yeah, yeah, it’s like from. Freak. We’ll walk on for I’ll pay to catch right yeah so. 

I had like those big Manila envelopes right that you put the little pins through whatever and it had my like my picture of my face all of my stats for football all of my stats for school everything like in like a nice organized cool thing and I dropped it off to different coaches like if I saw a coach walk out of the building. 

I dropped it off to him. I was like, hey, You know, here’s my name who’s a very short story know you’re busy keep me in mind and then I. Man that takes some some cojones yeah that’s what I was thinking too is like you make it sound like oh I got this like somehow got there but like I mean that’s like a lot of uncomfortable conversations a lot don’t give me wrong. 

I was freaking yeah like that’s I would like yeah you see that movies right right yeah it goes like come on coach give me a chance yeah that’s near like you I did that with like eight different people yeah different state yeah like so that like that was easy riding in a very small elevator with like I’m not kidding eight coaches and I’m in the center of them and they’re all shooting questions at me, that was. 

Horrifying haha that sounds sweet I’m a coaching perspective that’d be awesome that was so scary though that was like so then once I got to Kansas was like did you get attacked when you’re turning around for each person where you just facing forward? I was like, oh my gosh what my gonna do yeah yeah, so you so you gave all you gave like five or six coaches on staff a packet yeah, obviously you probably took a lot of time with the packets made those look real nice and professional make yourself stand out put them on resume paper and everything yeah wow, okay and then spring. 

A few minutes recruiting guys got in touch with me and then he was like yeah, like we’re gonna do walk on tryouts we’re gonna do this this is about the time that you’ll be able to do it gave me the information so like yeah like you should come here but that was it cuz I don’t have any film like I didn’t oh you didn’t have film I got locked out from hope right away so like as soon as I left hope I had no access to anything that I had. 

I hope Joshua which was my bad in my mistake, yeah, like I should have gotten the film before I said, I’m leaving you know, so I had nothing. For them to go off of other than what I had in high school, do they do that to protect them from you going to their competitor hmm. 

That’s probably like probably the main reason. Yeah that’s probably like a non-podcast like topic yeah that would be one of those after all just yeah, yeah personal personal grievances this is yeah that’s that’s probably what it was more of yeah and like there’s people on here that like I’m sure here so um, okay um, so then did you you got your walk-on dry out right like yeah you tried out and it did the whole shebang what you guys do you guys do like a combine type deal yeah yeah, it’s a very intense like combine that’s what it was like, okay show up they measure your hands, they measure your arms they measure. 

Pretty much everything on your body yeah, it’s very uncomfortable oh and then they you know, put you on a scale have you do a bunch of tests drip down solder yeah serious yeah it’s very intense for a power five shave your head it’s crazy yes and then so you guys just did probably like what like you’re 40, you’re three party five or I’ll drive algebra and then they run you through drills yeah drills and like the idea of the drills. 

I personally thought the idea of their drills were to break you down yeah yeah were four or five guys. That dropped out there was only 12 of us okay I showed up and because it’s a very it’s a real quick there’s a ton of paperwork that you have to just even walk on don’t go because they don’t want people to show up they don’t they yeah they don’t yeah so you have to walk all the way around campus get all these different stamps and signatures from all these different people get these different tests you have to get you know, you have to fill out physicals you have to do a test with that another doctor and then you have to go get cleared by their athletic director and then you have talked to this person in that person yeah, it’s making sure you’re making sure you want it. 

Exactly and then you get there and then they do it to you again, so you have to show up and then once you show up then they’re gonna kind of like break you down a little bit and then you still had guys that would drop out and then it was kind of like here’s who we have left here’s who we want, you know, like so like say there’s still filters ten guys who made it but we only want three of them and that’s who they who they take and then they’ll give you a grade and then you’ll go on to. 

Like wait for them to evaluate everybody and then because they take videos of it they’ll show the other courses because obviously most of the time you’re doing it with the strength coach and on your recruiting coaches got you like the head coach ended up being there my position coach was there but typically from what I know that that’s not usually the case usually it’s the obvious system there yeah and then I got phone call that said I made it and then you go through blood work another physical all this other stuff video. 

And then you’re you’ve walked on to the the school so you were one of the three. Or you’re one of the six or seven. I believe there was. That got caught or that was that maybe yeah so out of all the kids that were there. I believe three made it perforated there might have been four from what I know. 

And I knew I knew one of them two of them because I’d worked out with them right when I got there like that’s the first thing that I did when I got there is found kids work out with nice yeah, so sweet. Is that story you want to get into like the Kansas how that unfolded and then with covet and all that you want to yeah, that’s why I mean I went on so I got made it got everything filled out like I said, they power five though this is like summer I’m guessing this was this was March yes, it’s like January yeah so like I did the because it’s a very long process you get there in January they reach out to you and like February and then like you kind of have to keep tabs on it and so what actually happened is I I think I takes you about this is if the, Trial wasn’t supposed to be until like May or April and May and then I get a I get a tax that was like check Twitter, so I checked Twitter they moved it all the way back to like where the start of March they moved it to like the second or the third become March. 

Mhm, so we went from I have it until May to prepare to I have a week and a half to prepare for it yeah and then so then went through all that kind of stuff that we just kind of like talked about and then I, 

And then I got ready to go on spring break. Midway through March I think I don’t know sometime yeah a couple weeks after like a week or two after I tried out and like made it and had got everything ready to practice on that Monday so like I go on spring break like you know, and we’ll say like a Monday go on spring break for the entire week come back from Florida. 

Florida hadn’t really hurt a whole lot about the corona virus at that point come back from Florida on that Saturday and then I’m chilling watching TV and I get, Like. Attacks that says, hey just go home like we’re gonna cancel like we’re set up in the spring spring season out on hold right now practice was supposed to be on that Monday, I believe I got the text late Saturday or first early Sunday, I think that said just like what you’re gonna do now to head home, they’re gonna kick everybody out of the doors pretty soon go to so I packed all my stuff up. 

Tuesday, I think and that that like Tuesday a couple days later, whatever packed it all up, but some stuff that and I storage unit because figured I was coming back went back up to Michigan. And. Everything was fine like we went to football meetings zoom meetings all that kind of stuff. 

Until the summer and then I think June maybe yeah like I started training here again and then I was working one day we had been they had been moving me around positions because I come to find out posts like being caught the recruiting guys and like their team really really liked me but the head coach and then they the main position coaches didn’t know that much about me right so what I was told is that I was getting moved to position. 

S to try to find one because what they did is they overrecruited the wide receiver position, so I specifically picked a school that was low on that slow one wide receivers and then when I walked on they were waiting to see how good of a wide receiver I really was. 

So that they could tell if I if they were to keep or not and since I never got that opportunity they were like, okay, well we need defense of that we need linebackers, we need tight ends what I couldn’t play tight end because I wasn’t six five two and that was the smallest for a linebacker right exactly so like I could have played like I could have played outside linebacker like that’s originally the position that I got recruited at just because of like I was pretty good tackler idea, but then they were gonna bump me into like the safety and the corners. 

That’s a whole different animal yeah, but I mean, that’s what I played in high school like that’s the position I. Was offered at was the foreigner yeah so and so when I like didn’t think anything of it because they didn’t really pop me to think anything of it, you know, they were just like we’re just gonna try out at like multiple positions because we think we’re gonna flip you to defense we think like you could play multiple positions on defense and I was like, okay that’s not I want but it’s fine and then go through those meetings that week and then I’m at work and they call me which I thought was weird because usually they’ll text before they’ll call you and like send something up and then they just said, Stuff about like they had to you know, take cuts because of it they have too many guys on the roster they’re taking money cuts, yeah all that kind of stuff from their perspective they were they just said. 

Like we tried to get you moved to different positions that we were short at but the coaches like only trust us so much before, you know, they just have to go with what they feel is right and so they decided to pick they took a couple guys that were on there their roster year before and moved to them yeah positions that they won yeah because they reduced down the team size to. 

Less than 53 was it is typically it’s like is it 80 that suit up yeah. I I don’t know it’s different for like a weight it’s different for travel games versus home games, okay and all that kind of stuff because I know what it was for D3 but I don’t know why I don’t think if you walk on pretty sure like unless you’re playing like you don’t dress for a while like you dress for home games, you know stuff like you’ll be traveling for like a bowl game generally it’s like too deep like if you’re too deep then yeah, yeah. 

But anything anything less than 2 deep you’re probably be here yeah skilled position yeah you go typically bring all of their quarterbacks yeah because that’s who does the signs and stuff. Well it’s been super interesting talk, yeah. I think this is a there’s been helpful especially for I mean, if not for anyone else for us, I mean, I know kids yeah my ask questions what we’ll do here now is if you guys are listening to this and you guys have questions and you want to reach out to us go ahead hit us up on Instagram, we can if you have specific questions related to recruiting process or think you need help with something we’ll go ahead we’ll forward that along to Ian and then we’ll kind of. 

Kind of be the middleman and get all your answers to you hopefully be a recruiting very interesting stuff. I’m sure a lot of changes to come in the next year with this and how I’ll coach get in touch and like the touch points of the visits and whatnot, but um doing best to kind of keep you guys in the loop and thanks so much for sharing man. 

I know that’s super beneficial even though, Probably wasn’t a great experience over the past two years for you to go through all I think a lot of people could probably learn from the situations you put yourself in and then coming out the other side trying to get it right a book about it so that’ll be a nice little pamphlet to hand out one day yeah and we have it here in the office yeah and of course best of luck as you’re going down to Miami was kind of side barley and it’s been busting this but here the past. 

I don’t know what like seven months now from about like no, I’ll be six months from June some sweet numbers in the gym speed looks good everything else looks good. So holding good way so I’m excited to see what he can do kind of this spring and then hopefully get picked up back to where he belongs and that division one room yeah thanks for giving us a listen, make sure you like subscribe share with a friend who needs to get recruited yeah just for those you clowns out there waiting two days for a ps5, you got to apply that same dedication to getting recruited yeah. 

Yeah, yes, excellent.

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