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10: Movement and Mobility in Blue-Collar Work w/ Carley Schroeder

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
10: Movement and Mobility in Blue-Collar Work w/ Carley Schroeder

Today, Carley Schroeder joins us to talk movement and mobility and how she has implemented training into remodeling her home. Carley is a Hatha Yoga instructor, personal trainer, house flipper, wife, and mom. Make sure you check her out on IG: Consciousfitcarley and YouTube: Carley Schroeder

Carley putting together the floor.


Welcome to episode number 10 of the optimal performance podcasts. I’m your co-host Eric Schroeder with Thomas Bowes and Alex today. Alex is gonna be another cohost and we have a special guest today. Special. Very special. Wow. Deep place in my heart. Someone that we are very interested in having on today because you’re gonna have a lot of different perspectives. 

Yeah, this is gonna be interesting for sure. I’m excited to see where this goes. Carly my wife, welcome. Thank you. Thanks for having me and your guests. Let’s just jump on. Right into what we’re talking about this morning, which was like you. So we’ve been flipping this house. You’ve been working on it nonstop, like literally not even a day off for three months, right? 

Yeah. And tell us how you feel. Oh, so it’s just jumping really broad segway. What do you mean how you feel like how much it requires of your your physically? Yes. I mean, you’re working you’re basically doing like a blue collar type labor, but you probably working more. You’re doing more than 40 hours a week, right? 

Yeah, I would say. And at what point did you like you’re like my body doesn’t feel right. I’ll probably last week. Last week and how long you’ve been doing this like well since gosh you got the keys in your arm. April yeah my girl made June July three months round the clock seven days a week yeah, we’re on top of yeah continuing your training yeah training yeah yeah those you don’t know Carly is a psychopath in the wait room yeah certified nuts, we love it yeah, so um, the thing has been balancing it with being well. 

I guess I I guess I could. Trigger you to the fact that I could go for so long so many hours a day without body aches and knowing body mechanics and being a personal trainer and knowing how you should move and not exactly like necessarily I don’t know this stupid way of just getting there done. 

I guess you know because there is a way and that’s what we’re kind of talking about there is a way to just get her done in which your body like literally is like I can’t move the next day, well these example like doing your flooring yeah, so we’re treasing over yeah exactly so you’re just bending over at the waist maybe standing up. 

And you’re not crouched and Eric and I live in Korea and so while we would wait for the bus stops we’re in a squat like you’re I don’t know how to machines yeah so really yeah we spent most of I don’t know if you set like this I always tell like I would stand the bus stop but like we never knew if the bus was gonna be there in four seconds or 20 minutes because we had a schedule but not necessarily to always come there so it was like you’re resting pose was I stayed in a squat. 

I also was pregnant there and but so I was always in a deep low squat would you say that’s Just squatting position yeah a lot of the farmers um would also farm like that or there are all hunched over so I guess I started doing that and that’s actually how I put my floors in so the whole time I was and I had said to Alex I was like my ankles were really sources from that being in that position yeah and I’m not used to being in that position for that many hours but at least my back was up right and at least I was like still around dropped down through my shoulders and I wasn’t rounding and hunching in my back so I didn’t have like, Lower back pain or something like that mm-hmm you talked about the difference between you and that position versus your dad yeah like that contributed that hunched over that like bending at the waist and then like having to stand up every leg, you know probably five seconds to a minute to just be like, oh yeah, yeah, it’s kind of like figuring it all out exactly and so that was kind of what he was going through by the end of the day. 

I was like, okay dad three more rows, you know, and he’s going oh yeah like it cuz three rows felt like a long time for him, but for me I was still you know, upright and it was just a matter of being like, Mentally how much more do I want to go not physical okay at that point and and then there was a part where I also felt bad for being up my dad you know like I’m like, I’m not paying them right now. 

I kind of feel bad because he doesn’t want to keep going so um, but yeah, physically does take a toll yeah well that’s so interesting because I know people like when you talk about like mobility flexibility and stuff like that and like these kind of these fundamental moving patterns of like whether it’s like hinging at the hips squatting in a deep squat, it’s like even when you train something like that, it’s it’s tough right because you’ll do hey we’re Gonna do four sets eight squats so you’re getting 32 reps in a squat my total set with some low which is yeah eventually that over time that’s gonna put you in a good position but like I think even more so like just getting people out of a desk chair getting them from standing it’s like hey like practice doing that and like even like with you guys being in Korea that’s something that you said it’s kind of more than norm like and you see even just from like whether it’s like medical studies and whatnot just kind of like their pathologies with their low back pain being so much less and obviously in America because so much of what they do is either they’re standing they’re walking or they’re at deep squad and like stuff like that. 

I think has a great transfer just to. Life oh and even though you kind of using an example I bet there are people listeners are what like she held a squat for how long it might did that for what like 12 hours a day, it’s like it’s very manageable once you kind of work up to that position and I think it’s pretty mobility yeah right yeah and to yeah to that point even it’s like how long in those like yeah like four sets of eight squats like are you at about that by the position maybe total thirty seconds but probably even less yeah, so it’s like you’re about a second wire exactly so then well, how do we expect our like our clients or any people just? 

And dental in less they’re using those practices of like hanging out at the bottom of the squat for longer to feel comfortable in that position yeah and there is a there’s a thing too. I like to do fun mobility trainings with clients and stuff such where you’re you’re moving in a way that you don’t think is normal right you would have them sit in this deep squat doing internal rotation with the knee switch sides then rotate like keeping your your chest and back up right and rotating to the side because like in a day when you go to quickly respond to something you quickly turn and rotate in this direction, you don’t. 

Think twice about it, but when we train we only like so many people only ever train so where or playing yeah and so there is something to say yeah exactly about seeing okay, we’re gonna then turn this way then we’re gonna rotate our body this way and then we’re gonna lift this leg and then we’re gonna try to step because that’s how you live life and I mean, I guess I especially blue collar jobs. 

I always say this like I was putting in my ceiling and I, Stepped out as worked building his own house and doing HVAC and so he’s been doing physical jobs all his little life and I said to him I don’t know how people do this when you’re not in shape because there’s me and I have three ladders spread across my house and I was like a monkey up there, you know, I got like a deep in my hand and then I’m crawling like balancing out one and crawling on the next install like even like what is my course turn on you know, and I’m like, so I’m demonstrating to Derek because he’s at home with the baby and I’m like just stapling it in and you’re balancing and you’re squeezing in your pole again then and then. 

I could tell in this story to my stepdad later he’s like, you know, you could have just set up the ladder on each side with the 2×4 and just walk. 

Ing you must be it like pretty much an acrobatics person to be able to do this, you know every day and I’m like all pat myself on the bat and I’m like, well, some people could just use their brains and make this better using their bodies and I tend to really get my body yeah that’s a good point it’s like we’ve developed tools as a society that like prevent us from reaching the range of motions, we should be in yeah right like the tools help us right because yeah leverage like a like a crowbar or something, but if you have a very, Basic set of tools you have to use your body in ways that you’re not used to yeah yeah it’s it’s tough because I know like this says it’s the way human beings are there was going to take the path of least resistance and any situation you give them so it’s kind of like is an evolutionary response if you will how people are going to always going to look to kind of make it smarter make it easier so they don’t have to do that because I mean as human beings like you’re always going to try to conserve as much energy as possible are you like watching them run a marathon like minimal arms swing like shuffle steps like and serve as much energy as you can whereas you versus a sprint right it’s maximal output. 

For a short duration of time that’s what you see the mechanics are so much more exaggerated and so much more kind of vertical forces up and down um it’s interesting I mean, it’s it’s cool to see at least that you’re kind of taking the initiative to do that. I think people would be better off in the long run, right? 

I mean, they could get so much more out of manual labor job like that to where we they could turn that into their training right because I mean, I think for the adult population training should do just that just enhance what they do during the day, right? I mean shouldn’t necessarily take away from but more so optimized what they can do mm-hmm elsewhere. 

I think transitioning we can we can lead into kind of how you’ve gotten overtrained at this point but also can you touch on what you fell in love with because you’re you’re very physically minded person and you you couldn’t do what I do, which is that’s called it yeah drive you crazy yeah, so can you talk about that and also kind of lead into your overtrained now right you think? 

Yeah and so and and that’s questionable because it could just be the heat you know yeah knows and I don’t know so many factors there’s so many factors that we we’re working in a house that’s not air conditioned and so I trained in a gym we’re not air conditioned. 

I’m outside it’s not air conditioned and then it’s been human and hot and so and I’m not sitting it’s not like I’m just sitting down I didn’t sit down for lunch. I don’t sit down for the honey point of the day so from anyone I also until it’s time to lay down and I pass out so that’s how it goes, but um, so there may be that aspect of just honestly not. 

Getting enough fluid you know and that’s been something that I talked to with my clients too they’re like you know I was working outside all day long. I’m like all day you mean like from nine to two or do you mean like from nine to seven and you’re sweating all day long because again on water is barely gonna do it for you, you know with this heat so um, I think that that’s definitely a big component and it could be overtrained too because you don’t go wake up my arms are all cramped up and stuff so maybe electrolyte imbalance, um, and so there’s there could be that I don’t know where to extend on that what What part of like flipping this house did you fall in love, oh yeah, so it’s just the fact that it is physical and so like I’ve always I’ve always been a mover I like to move it’s therapeutic to me it’s meditative and like I said was selling Alex, I’d love to count and that’s why I’m a trainer like I love counting. 

I count all the time. I count all day as being a trainer and regardless of whether anybody thinks you’re counting or not, we’re always counting, you know, um, and so when I’m when I’m moving and doing different projects, I feel like Physically I’m always exerting myself which like this kind of weird. 

I think it helps me not have like like an anger towards anything or something it’s like you’re physically exerting yourself all day long and some people like don’t have a clear understanding of their emotions, so they have waves of anger or waves of irritation and I honestly I just don’t have energy for anger or irritation, like I don’t really have a place for it. 

I’ve used all my energy from between my workouts and between hanging stuff like, Physically it is used up my body so I feel at peace emotionally at the end of the day I just feel like at peace emotionally when I’m moving all day long, well it’s also what yoga can do for you right yeah and there’s and that’s the whole part of yoga and and being a yoga teacher too you typically will always warm up with some kind of flow whether that’s a power class. 

I have a class that doesn’t really matter it’s usually some type of vinyasa to get started and you’re physically exerting yourself, so when you go into a pose you can mentally release right and so it’s like you’re trying. To get that monkey mind out in the many different kinds of leaders of like that I stocka that we listen to it says like you are intended to move our bodies are meant to move and when you don’t have that. 

I actually find that people who sell all day have a lot of pent up anger, but after they work out they almost don’t have a place for it or they don’t have a place for stress and so it’s like the movement releases any kind of stress that you have and I’m not an anxious person and I think that is because I’m always moving instead of sitting and feeling stale. 

I don’t know well you try to do yoga when really right when you wake up or An ideal world like today yeah that would have happened is is to do some yoga first because it’s starts the day out well and it feels good to stretch like it just feels good on my body, mm-hmm but you know, if fluko if the baby doesn’t wake up, um, but yeah that was one thing that we had started morning routine guy. 

I guess three years ago and he and this is he was like five am club and we were still dating and so of course. I’m gonna do things for him and I don’t want to do and I, Hated him you know I was like you were ridiculous for making me wake up and this was that like 6:30 he had me getting up not at 5:00 and then I would just go through the motions. 

I’m like yeah anything for you but then we kept doing it through Korea and it actually worked out because it was the one time that our her schedule so in her own or lapped with our family back at home so after we did our morning routine we could call people to and connect so but the morning routine was stretching period it was a time to read and breathe reflect do meditation and then we would do the gym and we would walk or run to the gym and so Eric walked seven miles a day. 

And then did an hour and a half workout I ran three what was it four miles for five miles for me to get to the gym and to get back home but we also had ample of time, you know, and yeah, but also when you’re getting up at yeah and when you get up before everybody’s up and we didn’t have like the social social component you could have in America when you’re awake that early you can do anything you want, you know, I mean, like nobody else is on the road to get places faster and you can get your workout and get home and have breakfast with. 

The before somebody is alarm is even gone off, you know, yeah, well we were that we’re there we were wake up at five and the other teachers that were there they’re waking up at like noon because you don’t have to go to work till 12:30 yeah and just the map to say like we yeah, we were doing it right you’re doing it wrong but for them it was like late nights were best for us as early mornings, but you could see kind of the energy through the day that is putting us or something to consider like. 

If you’re waking up and you’re going to work and you’re putting out fires right away it’s very hard to because you’re basically you’re delaying what you need to work on until after and then you’re kind of just putting out fires whereas if you take care of it at the first thing you have the the space and the energy to do the yeah, it’s kind of I mean that’s always been my biggest thing for my personal morning routine is it gives me a chance to start the day on my terms right and so and that goes for anyone really if you give yourself that kind of what it would whatever you need for me. 

I’m like a two to three hours like window where it’s like, okay. You do make sure I get what I want to get done so that I can get what I need to get done later and that gets your full attention right and so they like you said you’re not starting your day in this reactionary state it’s more like you’re being proactive you’re taking care of yourself so that you can then go ahead and take care of others if that’s what you do or whatever you’re kind of your profession is. 

I like the way you said that because I think that’s what a lot of people don’t get as like all like you’re just waking up early just to like be hard or like think you’re tough and it’s like oh maybe but like also like hey, like I start the day I get to read my book I get to do my meditation. 

I get to kind of hang out and maybe get something done that. I wouldn’t get done if I woke up 30 minutes before I get to work and then that at that time I’m working for other people. I’m reacting to emails phone calls, you know, whatever blips or fires like you said come up, but I think and then that’s kind of rolls into that whole anxiety kind of anger piece too because you don’t get to do what you want to do. 

Then by the time you do get to do it you’re so tired of your so no one irritable you want to go sit down and watch Netflix and eat a pizza it’s like yeah or you understandable right like I feel like that but it’s like yeah give yourself that time. 

I think that that that’s such a difference for people and you can so tell who does that who doesn’t and it’s very obvious with them like just like a first initial meeting with someone yeah yeah like if there’s someone telling you having to try this out you can see it you transformation yeah quickly within a week or two mm-hmm yeah well in that and that was a difference huge for when you said on and stay home with the baby you could. 

N’t work out at at five and I was like I’m in yeah Alex like I don’t know how you do this every day and I was like I have to try and I have it doesn’t matter you could have told me at any time of the day but I have a one time to do me and I don’t have to worry about the baby clinging to my arm or needing something. 

I don’t have to suck down the weight in the middle of the set to go and like see what he’s eating, you know, like I had a time where it was like clear and I feel different in myself, like I don’t I’m not mad at you half as often am I I yeah not half as often, yes, you better agree. 

I set you up for that but I I just feel like I’m I’m like I did what I wanted to do and for me doing what I want to do is like the workout and I felt like sure it was like yeah Carly you are working now, but I was still babysitting I was watching my kid while I was trying to work out and then I just wasn’t getting just like a chance to be me and as a mom that’s different, you know, because you don’t get a chance just to be yourself for a second where you don’t have the responsibility of responding for a second and then even in the mornings when I’ve been doing a little later work out that seven it’s like I have a chance then in the morning to like stretch and then read and something. 

And even if that doesn’t tell like kind of playing an entertainment tanning that’s why the same time it’s like okay I know I’m gonna have my time and then I can come back and I’m a better mother too and you know, I’ve been talking that with the other trainers, um here at the dentist they said, you know, I’m a better mother when I can have that separation and come back and then give them my full attention and not feel anxious to be like I really wanted to do this. 

I really wanted to do this and now I’m at all you because you stopped me from doing this yeah, you know and it’s easy for people to make an excuse and pawn off. On other people well then Eric came home and he needed something and then the baby needed something and then you know I got caught up with this it’s like it by having one time that he’s dedicated every day to do something you just always make sure you do it, you know, yeah like ridicule that kind of obligation resentment piece where it’s like we feel like you need to do this but if you gotta got your stuff out of the way, it’s like you don’t feel that obligation near as much yeah and I mean they like I love this airplane analogy people always use where it’s like, hey like yeah put the mask on your face and help the person say next to you, it’s like, You’re gonna kill yourself trying to help someone else when you could save yourself first and how popular people it’s a site fill your bucket up first so then you can kind of pour with that into others yeah and also to I mean direct analogy like with meditation cold showers like things that tend to calm you down exercise working out if you put the mask on yourself first and doing those activities like there’s there’s two states right there’s the state where you don’t have your mask on and you’re trying to get your mask on your child or your loved one and you’re panicked and you’re trying to rush you know, and you keep slipping but if you put yours on first, you’re like, alright, I’m good now. 

I can. Calmly assess the situation and do things yeah smooth smooth and practical put on your covet mask don’t touch your friends, yeah. Value on different podcasts after dark. 

Alex I want to ask you to chime in a little bit about because we I mean we kind of start with a blue collar addressing that population. I’m not sure who listening to this would be in that camp, but I think it’s an interesting topic, so there are people that are blue collar and they you know, what’s the lifespan on that for in terms of working it’s like 45 and you have to retire I mean, I don’t but I’ll seems to kind of depend just on the mental state of that person right because there’s so many people that no matter like the physical ailments that kind of come their way like, Bump shoulders like knees and that like back issues like arthritis of the hands like they’ll still find a way to make the money do in the same job mm-hmm like whether that ends up coming as like hiring more people or whatever but like I think most of them like I know like an uncle who has like arthritis both knees both hands like tons of like back problems, but he’s been doing like construction always and no matter what has been going on with him, he’s always just trying to persevere whether it’s just because he needs to make ends meet but like, Yeah it always like makes me wonder like what if like when he had started he had had the same kind of like physical like body awareness to be in a deep squat while he was doing flooring like a better strength and is like overhead positions so like he didn’t have half of these things wrong with him so that his quality of life in his work like outside of like, you know, this is the gym but like his quality of life would be so much better if he had learned something like lessons from the weight room, yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s that and then like, okay, I kind of give it I was looking at a Colton’s dad so our coach here Colton clue his. 

Father actually owned an operator’s own concrete company um and he’s got to be probably either late forties early fifties but I mean the dude looks awesome and like it’s not he’s not one of those guys we’re like he looks like he’s always in pain. I mean, he looks like using great shape doesn’t necessarily work out of time but I think he has that kind of spiritual like physical awareness to know his limits and like you said kind of delegate work accordingly and if a TV if it’s a day where it’s like, hey, I’m not feeling it like he’s gonna do office stuff and he knows that or if it’s like, hey, I’m feeling good like I want to go push. 

I want to go right concrete with my guys today like get. It done. And it is kind of like been maybe maybe like a gene thing where you have like you’re more like disposed like more resiliency type things some people just aren’t made to hammer, you know, eight to 12 hours a day as a physical labor job over the long haul. 

I think it’s sometimes like to pick it back on that it’s almost that self-awareness and self-respect like sometimes you have to hear like what your body’s telling you and be like like this is what I I need more than I need this I’ll show you more than yeah the short term so if you want. 

The long term like life and the money the job’s like continue sometimes you have to take a day off it’s similar to away room like if you want those long-term gains some days you’re gonna need to take more than one day off in three months yeah yeah. I’m like you’re you guys are saying take a day off some people what I wanted to say is some people don’t have a choice true. 

I’m not gonna trade but I do think that there are some people that don’t have a choice so like, Colton’s father he may have like he’s owns it or whatever so he has the ability to say I’m not going out but his guys they don’t own it they’re not going to the back of the desk to do the paperwork, they’re not taking that time off because their job is strictly laying and raking you know, um, and I was gonna say the same thing like as a caveat like even like my uncle the example, I gave like yeah, I’m certain that the majority of time if not always he has felt like I have to do this to like make end be for the family and yes, that’s a really tough spot it is a tough spot and in that like what you said is I wonder I wonder if these. 

People who work the jobs had more knowledge about body mechanics would they feel different would and I I’m I’m positive to their boss like hey, I’m not feeling it yeah or is it like or would they just be more smart with their vacation time or they’re like, you know summer is packed so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna plan it out where I take a I take a one day off in the middle of the week for instead of having a week vacation or two weeks at the end. 

I’m gonna take one day off every day and so that way I can just have a reset and in that it’s cold showers it’s it’s hot cold therapy in the days, you know, like you act. Actually doing all these things to take care of yourself on a physical level because I find a lot of people who work these jobs are just like they’re physically so exhausted and a lot of times they’re working and he and stuff and so the last thing they think about doing is I need to come home and stretch. 

I mean, come home and do yoga I need to do some body mechanics stuff they’re like on a compliment lay down. I want to lay down yeah yeah and drink a beer and that’s the thing is like, I don’t know if it’s not their culturally. I know there’s not there’s not a part of the job that’s like, hey, have you considered doing yoga? 

Yeah exactly because it is like a toughness there is a toughness that comes behind like you know laying lane concretely and spending this putting up walls and and there’s not really a talk about a restorative practice like because you’re doing a lot with your body which our bodies do run better when we use them, you know, as opposed to just sitting all day long. 

I think if I were to compare somebody who sits in a desk and I were to compare somebody who does blue collar work every time I’ll say their body mechanics are better and maybe a little thanked up but they’re better than just sitting you know, but I, Almost think. 

That sitting is more of a disease you know sitting is more of a disease than the blue collar but I also think that there could be some improvement and it would be cool to see companies like saying like all it’s teach you guys how to recover after week like this hand with that like almost like a little subculture of that is the nutrition aspect of like what so many people tend to eat like we even have an athlete we’ll come here and he’ll work the majority of the day like like landscaping like either like laying gravel or like cutting laws like whatever it be and you know, the only thing he had a chance. 

Was take a break to go to the quick stop and get like a. Like a quick stop burrito and like a Mountain Dew and like that’s like you know like that whole like aspect of like one of these guys like yeah eating drinking and smoking yeah like when they’re like either on the job off the job yeah the whole thing that goes with that just completely adds to yeah how they feel like physically yeah exactly the nation in their body and that’s a good point because I mean, if you’re going doing gas stops, what are you gonna have probably high trans fats high sugar, yeah and a lot of times it’s there’s smoking on the job that’s gonna cause inflammation in the body and after work in. 

We’ve done this to Eric we were not drinkers and Eric was doing hard work and you’re I think it’s a dehydration thing where you want, you know, um, you’re you want the the carbs from the beer, you know, and that’s what they’ll do after marathons, you know, and it’s literally like you feel like you need you need like you need a beer it feels good when you’re when sausage physically to just have a beer yeah it is. 

I know and we didn’t we hadn’t drank in the whole the two years we were in Korea, we didn’t really drink together before that and Eric was doing work you. He’s like I’m having a beer and like what are you having a beer you know but yeah, I did it though like you’re so hot then after that and that’s another thing like if you you have one beer and then you have another it’s different it’s snow ball that fiscal and neural release and there’s like cool refreshing but it’s also like you kind of just soak into the sun yeah yeah yeah, turn your mind off yeah, like my body hates me my soul drink yeah yeah quiet down alright, so we’re gonna wrap this up on that note, should we touch on what we’re gonna be all opening up this. 

For the weekends yeah so I mean we were like Carly like we had talked about earlier we’re trying to get her to utilize her services more so in the the restorative piece, right so I mean, I know so much of what we do is right optimizing performance, right and I think a piece of that is a recovery and by nature right like we do primarily like our clientele is youth athletes, so you don’t have to really worry about hair they’re getting enough rest and recovery the older the older kids yeah, maybe a little bit more so but like even as we kind of are adult programs really kind of starting to kind of take take a turn towards more people that’s going to become. 

More of a market we’re looking to get so I think offering something on the weekends we’re going to do like hey like yeah you just worked a hard 60 hour week, let’s come in this weekend, let’s show you how to how you can kind of one take care yourself with just some coaching on the front end and then on the backside of that you can take this home it’s like hey like do this for five to ten minutes before like wake up that five to ten minutes waking up earlier just to do this to get that on your terms. 

I think it’s gonna go a long way just kind of educating people how to move well on how to move better for the long haul mm-hmm coaching that physical. In that mindset piece of hand is gonna like just really optimize everyone yeah adults and athletes alike absolutely be on the lookout for that yeah yoga yeah yeah getting that bread you’re ready breath awareness with your movement yeah we’re doing uh, maybe something you’re not comfortable with but we know what they say do things you’re that stretch you and you’re that that’ll help you grow yo that’s gonna stretch your friend yeah yeah yoga little stretchy for sure make sure you check out our website OPTC, if you’re not following us on Instagram Facebook, probably. 

Twitter by the time this is live, so make sure you check us out on those platforms and stay tuned this is episode 10 the last of our audio and we’re gonna transition into a video format so look for that on YouTube your beautiful faces all more oh that’s gonna seem. 

Carly acting out that whole time yeah, but the perfect one to start a video. 

All right guys, you guys have a good weekend, thanks for tuning in see ya.

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