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13: The Intern Roast: Trevor TerHaar

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
13: The Intern Roast: Trevor TerHaar

Trevor has served as our summer coach intern during the ’20 season and done a phenomenal job learning the OPTC culture and being a leader to the athletes. As a part of his graduation from Intern to coach, we have to put him through the ceremony of Public Roast. So, without further ado, please enjoy this very entertaining podcast focused solely on making Trevor feel a part of the OPTC family!



Hey, why no backtrack? Did you actually save them? Yes, save them from the trees. What trees like the overhaven branches on the river? So you used your speed. This is lazy to it. Yes. I remember housing today boating like no yeah.

And they just started yelling at me and I just started swimming in paddling and then when those shallow enough, I would just start basically running. What river is all these miles from running into a tree? It was Muskegon. River in New Lego. And how many mothers do you save? 

Oh 10, those are groups together. Oh wow. So I was the one just out for talking about like total load here. Yeah, let’s look. What volume it was brutal? I saved. You saved the day. Okay.So there is yelling at me. There’s cheering you on. No yelling. What? I mean closed I can do.

Sorry, but it’s interesting. It is dangerous. Alright, clearly, my friends went out to Lake Michigan.Toots. Yeah. Oh behind the boat just kept going to measure like keep going. All the way to Lake Michigan. River others.

A lot of swimmer.Jeez that’s so interesting. Yeah, it is interesting plus everybody was just not wearing sunscreen, so everybody was complaining about getting fried. Literally picked yeah big yes. It was all right.You should buy your own tubes and save a lot of money that way. Yeah, I mean you pay for tubes like ten bucks at two yeah, we know like a family that’s honest evening river that owns their own tubing companies, so they like to like kind of help support them going on, so we all got a huge group together.

And supported them sturdy of us they made a lot of money. That sounds like they need like a 15 program.In case you need to get saved. Apparently, that’s a 10 people almost died without drivers. That is ready saving lives save us all the cooler tubes, that’s a lot of weight starting after hours.

Lazy River is training program. See the student is always thinking how can I make this business?Yeah, well if you can’t sell what’s important.Dude, it’s already thought about ways out of monetize. Lugo on YouTube. I’m sorry this dude’s super cute. What a word we go. It would be easy. 


Now, that’d be sweet. I’d be totally down for that just my son’s.

So, here’s a question for you. What would a program look like if you were to like?Get these people it’s like hey like, what’s good? What am I gonna what exercise do I have these people to do? It’s gonna save themselves from themselves. First, I’d put a tube around them and have them run against the current. 

Because that’s what it feels like when you’re pulling all these people from really yeah the resistance sprints. Yes in the water really tube around you what’s inside you can’t get your medium, but you have to hit the tube up. That’s how you know, you’re getting your knee touch. What? 

Yeah. Then use,Them Border’s here’s the following questions. I’m like, what are you gonna do to make them?Waits. Drawing on the deep end with weights.I just have a place. Not with weights like what these people can’t hear tribe and you’re like, oh exercise you survive say that you guys are safe. 

That’s good. What program would you do on if they were talking about programs and thinking river?Okay program four the way you’re not doing on-site training. Okay, clarify, um.Let’s see some free elevated hip thrusters. That’s a total body lift. Why that one? Because that’s gonna get their strength up and it will be that’s hips you need your hips and your legs and your glutes.

I would have them sprint.You would backtrack you know, before we went live, what did you say like you said these people were pretty skinny, right? Yeah, really skinny. I think that’s alive. I think the words you use was ham planet. No, I didn’t say you said pics. They were there some so there’s a bigger people. 

Yeah, so you want this has actually a perfect segue and it will mean everybody talking about before this actually legitimate content we can talk about which mass specific.For it. Yes, I’m loaded. So I think about like this, right? Like we talk about how when your foot hits the ground, you’re putting in like five to seven times your body weight, right? 

So someone who’s 300 pounds that’s gonna be a lot of weight. Yeah, but like they’re not trades. So what’s gonna happen like we’re gonna explode. Yeah, like their hams are gonna pull off the ball and they’re gonna block the calf like so what would you do?Sled how sled work sled work but doesn’t really transfer cuz it’s a lot of time on the ground right because they’re just gonna be like to a long big slow pushes or even if it’s fast it’s not as fast as they’re sprint because they’re moving weight.

Question top what would you have intern trials this is after hours of intern traffic we can do like we can do around some something we can talk about he can think about it, yeah. I agree that’s great. I’m on the spot yeah thrusters that was a good answer but you know your program, okay?

Saving them from specific fork yeah so this is this is like super popular by this guy named Barry Ross, you were a book called underground secrets to running faster or faster running whatever the kit title is, it’s literally like an 89 page book.And his whole premise is you there are two ways to get faster it’s to increase your mass specific force which is like how strong you are without getting any without adding any weight to your body and then the second part would be the delivery system with which like you kind of display that for us right so how much time you spend on the ground and they’re kind of inversely related.

But like if it doesn’t make.Your favorite oh if it doesn’t make somebody either strong with mass specific force or increase their what’s it called radio force development, he doesn’t do it.So like for example like they don’t do any like accessory work they don’t do like any bodybuilding exercise no no accumulation work, it’s all like three to five reps of three to five sets of like concept only.

And usually only does sumo because that’s more hamstring like more direct hamstring.And then I like I was trying to look this up earlier. I didn’t bring the book in here with me so there’s a lot of missing here, but basically like increasing.Strength without increasing body weight, which is everyone wants to get bigger everyone wants to be stronger, but typically the only way to get faster.

Is like for example I know we talked about this with cold my cold here like this like the smallest do band a while yeah but you’re definitely like at least as strong as you’ve been at any other point you’re like yeah, definitely yeah so like even like your speed and you said like even during your reps like we did like a more traditional workout for you the other day like you just felt so much fast like you almost said like you always had no control once you were getting into top speed because you were like your body is never felt that before.

That’s kind of interesting who does who’s that guy trained he did trained else if he was she was a goal right so like track yeah like track happens like he’s like he trains like specifically track athletes and like a hot all at a high level or is he like yeah yeah he got her in like high school yeah out of high school coming like yeah, he was gonna let he was like a college track guy and then basically like he kind of like said like I think this is the right way to do it, like kind of got his own system he I mean, it’s like it’s like any other coach is pretty controversial.

You don’t.What but?I think like they’re like they’re like, I mean, it makes sense right if you take someone because if people think like all like the bigger you are the stronger you are it’s like well then why are you why isn’t Trevor faster there’s bigger than you yeah we’re stronger than you.

So while it’s you got to think about getting a ratio so it’s like for every the example he uses a few have like him like a like in a hundred pound rocket and a 50 pound rocket, but you give them both the same output, right which is gonna fly up way faster than the tickets, but so it’s like,If you’re able to even like increase like your your power development or you’re like your ability to display strength quick enough to like two times your body weight as opposed to someone who’s bigger who’s like strong for their weight, but they’re also huge so it’s like it’s not as impressive that’s how you get somebody faster we were talking about that to like how like I’ve always had like pretty tight hamstrings and I was probably sprinting before like 180 and I was like 173 yeah and I was just telling like, I mean the day after I was sore but like during I didn’t feel my hamstrings one time.

Like I serious thing. I like seven pounds or like that weight loss like definitely played a role yeah, that’s interesting. I’m not sure. I mean, I don’t know they could definitely be something to that. I don’t know how to explain that per se yeah, but I mean, that’s.That’s I mean, I like like the anecdotal stuff right where it’s like you don’t really know like yeah I’m like I’m definitely someone smarter than me or someone else that could definitely be like yeah like you’re caring an extra seven pounds of like almost muscle right you like you’ve always been a jack like you’ve never been like chubby so that’s not those never the case, but I don’t know it was a but when I think about it’s like what program are you doing right before yeah, yeah, so you had large muscle.

Fibers you’re going to sprint program so that’s why it feels tight would be my guess yeah for sure this is a different energy system it’s like you’re doing sex of 30 seconds or more like 30 seconds to a minute of work and a weight room that’s like a slow it’s like a muscular endurance type workout whereas like,Your sprints done. 

I mean, if you’re running if you were to run like a safety UV in like that six to seven second range so like we don’t even do that so that you’re on like 30 or 20 minutes it’s like two or three seconds it’s over so and there’s something to be said very also so talks about this called thing called mile fibular hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, those are those are two different type of muscle fibers trap, all right, so yeah those are um, but basically, it’s like,And like eric had a good idea we’re saying like it’s almost like a circle plasma is like when you think like bodybuilder right so if you do a hypertrophy program where you’re doing lots of volume at like a very moderate to low weight but you’re like chasing that pump or you’re trying to get like just more size that size does its like it’s kind of like empty it’s like a good way to air put it where it’s like yeah you look sweet but it’s like you look at bodybuilders most of them. 

I don’t need to be that strong they’re just able to withstand absurds about.Because the weight doesn’t matter that because everything.If it’s your achieving the certain goal at the certain set reps scheme it’s working whereas like somebody that’s my fibula is going to be like kind of I know Charlie Francis said like eight reps or less like you go any more cross-sectional games meaning like you don’t get like that like that bulk in size, but then like that lower and like Barry Ross says like the three to five reps and three to five sets like that’s gonna be like purely strength like a lactic work, so.

And I think that and that’s kind of what you’ve been doing to isn’t it you’ve been doing heavy yeah, oh yeah. I haven’t touched really anything like my main list over six yeah so six reps in the last like what like month and a half at least yeah and you didn’t do any like true springing either for a couple because you’ve been doing like more distant stuff getting ready for like crap and stuff yeah so like you’ve been to like four hundreds and like two hundreds. 

I like paces not even like max effort, so.When you’re gone, you’re not gonna have a phone for a while.

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