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14: Saying Goodbye to an OPTC Legend, Colton Kloote

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
14: Saying Goodbye to an OPTC Legend, Colton Kloote

Colton Kloote is leaving OPTC to pursue his dreams of joining the National Guard and becoming a Firefighter. Colton is one of the best coaches in West Michigan! We approach today’s topic with an air of sadness and a touch of excitement for what’s to come for Colton. It can’t be overstated how much we will miss having him here at the gym. Please enjoy this send off and send him your love and prayers.

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Oh man like it was head hit the pillow and lights out woke up woke up at 5:30 ready to rock yeah. I was the same way like 6:30 it’s like that’s like the first time like the past like three weeks like you gave you like seed like my trend I’m a little stupid like whooping yeah it was been like and like today was like the first day I’m like, oh life, like I was like coughing myself to sleep nice you feel today today. 

I like I woke up and I was like you like take a deep breath. I’m like, oh dude, like this isn’t the bad I coughed like a little bit but like,I don’t know. I feel like I like it sibling my mouth open so I just get like dry like it’s crap all night and then I got in the morning. 

I just kind of purged it all out yeah the raspy like yeah yeah, we’ll do this. I sleep it’s 67 degrees or 66 degrees and then like fan is full till like I’m like frozen when I woke up, I love it what it’s like I sleep way better but like oh man, it’s a nightmare nightmare for my sinuses.

All right so oh Colton’s last day he says this is that this is the day we’ve been dreading since June 8th when we open back up because now I think well, how do you I mean, there’s this I’m out always heard this line. I like everyone’s replaceable. I don’t believe that. 

I truly don’t heard that one, oh yeah, like like everyone’s expendable everyone in your life is expendable. I’ve heard it’s like,Right like mom dies your dad gets reared you have a new mom technically okay and like that’s obviously a really cruise that’s a rough example but it’s like yeah, that’s the example of it’s not does not that’s like that’s an extreme and like that maybe doesn’t fit the mold but it’s like you gotta think about like every like life doesn’t stop just because someone leaves right and I think that’s what people try to like get to that point with is where it’s okay like Colton’s leaving it’s like we’re not gonna stop training yeah, we’re not gonna be so heartbroken that we can’t yeah, we’re gonna close the gym because he’s leaving by the same time, it’s like IYou can’t replace like a personality yeah, yeah.

Or even.Just your presence here and what you what you bring out a day basis like we can have another great coach like we’re talking about bringing it Ian Smith and he’s he’s like the next Colton Colton the next cold v2, yeah he’s but it’s totally different like like you’re.

You’re very peaceful guy number one and you’re also funny and had fun to be around and then there’s an element of like you people can just look at you and know like he’s a stud athlete yeah and it’s inspiring like, you know being around you and Tom the past three months like it makes you want to train harder because you guys are just freaks yeah. 

I mean you looked apart and then like this like that was loved this phrase that some of this one of my like petty officers and military told me he’s like said like you’re like the definition of a quiet alpha like you walk into a room and like you you leave.

By example and you like you know, like how to do what you need to do, but like you don’t have to be like loud and I’m not just to get it done where it’s like you’re confident enough in your abilities to be like hey like.Like I have a presence and like I’m gonna let my presence do the work and I’m just gonna kind of do what’s necessary to get such a test done so that’s a cool adding that’s a cool thing that because that’s like I think that’s almost like that quote words like a line doesn’t need to tell a sheep that he’s a line yeah it’s like that, you know by just how you present yourself and how you how you treat others and act and I think that’s gonna be a huge hole that we’re gonna desperately try to fill as rapidly as possible but at the same time I thinkThat’s good because like you’ve said like in all the ultimate standard for anyone coming in here now it’s like anyone we have to pick up it’s like they have some massive shoes to fill because um, like we talked about like this whole past month like with our coaching staff was like hey like how do we set the standard for how we coach how we interact with athletes how we how we execute like our programming like how do we hold the athletes to a certain standard of like perfection in terms of how we execute movements and that all kind of stemmed from Colton like leading the pack if you will like he was kind of running the show with the other coaches andI can sure that everything was done right everything was done to a certain standard and now like going off that and I just really set the standard for like any one week come on like everyone. 

I’m gonna interview now is like that like I have this as like as my mold as like my templates like we tough stuff to be and I know this is super uncomfortable for you because now we’re just yeah, like I was just gonna say yeah, like I really appreciate it never been like the best at taking compliments do but anyone yeah, I know you guys are gonna keep like rowing the boat and like bringing this business whereIt’s gonna go and I like where we’re at knees where you guys want to be and it’s just it’s really exciting to have seen the business from where it was before this covered thing even which is a couple months ago and where we’re at now in like I can just see like you said the standard being set to just a higher level a more professional level and it’s like I said, it’s really exciting to see yeah, I mean, I like that you kind of brought that up let’s go back on that. 

I mean even just backtracking when you showed up on the scene and like November of 20.18 yeah like outlining kind of just like how this place is like changed or how how maybe you and how yeah how do you like I mean you you got we have 20 year old coal coming here literally like you had just turned 20 in November 2018. 

I remember and like you came in here as like a an intern you want to kind of go through like, you know, I think we’ve talked about that before but maybe we kind of have like double highlight like your path of like, hey like this is what you’ve you as a person have changed as a coach the person and then even also just watching kind of this this organization or this this facility changes.

All.Yeah, yeah, so when I came in you said eight to 2018 November October time we were in I mean, obviously I weigh smaller facility and we were doing good. I thought with what with what we had um, but just like the professional level that I see now is just I mean doesn’t even compare to what we had like, I mean, just by what we wore kind of and then me myself at the time and in 2018 I was just I see a lot of mistakes.

That like Trevor are internal coach makes now with you know being maybe being like two buddy buddy with the athletes and just that that immaturity of in coaching. I I feel like look back now and it’s like 20 years old colon or 19 even like was that same type of way and it it took you know, like having certain athletes like very like vividly like this like disrespecting me and like it’s like making like me look like leopard.

Superior in like when I was the coach coaching a group and it took that towards like had our respond to that and where we gonna do moving forward from there and it’s just it took those experiences to really like understand that this is a gym and you’re the coach and you need to be the one in charge and in that professional and now we’re like we’re all talking our shirts look at we’re all matching, you know, like Monday Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, Thursday and,But for the the gym-wise it it just I mean it’s like blossomed into this very I might keep using more professional just because it’s very vague but I mean we got like your own office in here now people podcast going everything is just we’re finding people to fill these places where before it was okay, you get yeah you get three if three people and they’re all take like tackling all these different tasks and you couldn’t like you always say like don’t like you can’t chase two rabbits because they’re both gonna get away and that’s kind of how IThought it was going and then hmm now it’s we’re getting people in the right place to where they can focus on that one thing like the coaches can focus on coaching and that’s it, they don’t have to they don’t deal much with sales and then like Eric here he’s doing I don’t know all this business stuff over my business stuff but in that townhouse like the facility facilitator of it all and coaching as well, but I think yeah, like I said exciting times, no yeah, I mean and even just to touch on a few of those things that you brought up. 

I mean, honestly,You like I think the reason it is so professional is a hundred percent because they Eric oh, I don’t think it’s anything definitely not me. I mean, you know, I’m the goofiest coach out there when I’m out there like it’s I’m nothing serious is necessarily getting done because like you guys are taking care of it, so I just get to laugh and joke with the kids.

But I mean like it is it’s like Eric also like you like I said like sets the standard it’s like hey like this is how we do business like we’re not budging on this like I’m not budging that price like I’m not doing it you just can’t even if I love you like it’s just like like he can come in here and detach like any emotion and know that like this is how things need to be we’re gonna execute and it’s like and like I think that’s why this place is always so special is like it’s just a bunch of like-minded individuals trying to achieve like greatness and one goal, it’s like we all want to be the best so we can be.

In our respective fields and so like you said like it with him being able to kind of dibby things up and be like all right like you need to execute this and that’s it and just go like you need to go crush this and like I’m gonna stay in my lane and do here and like that’s when you like you said things like we aren’t stepping on each other’s toes and like things are going way smoother but even like what another thing that popped in my head that I wanted to kind of follow up with you on was like when do you think like you said like but the whole body buddy thing is you’re like your youth coaching like coming in like when did you think like you almost like flip that switch from okay like you’re not.

Recognized they’re like kids were maybe like yeah yeah you said disrespecting you or it’s like where the when did this like professionalism for you kind of change and what did that change look like in terms of like how did you respond to like maybe like disrespectful like comments or like, hey, maybe the kids are listening to you gotta hang at whole like hone them in a little bit and like be like the coach it’s like when did that change for you you think was that still back at the old place or yeah, so it was I that was in the winter of that first year, so the winners like this ever January December like 18.

Where there was like I remember like pretty vividly there’s a period of like two or three weeks where there’s a couple like comments made during the session and it was really just like an eye-opening experience. I was like man, like I’m not respected here as much as as I thought I was and I I say respect what is more like the athletes were very comfortable with me and,

It again like I like what we said it got to a point towards like I was more their friend than I was their coach and like a person that they like to spend time with like we had a relationship but it just wasn’t we were more like level relationship than like I was like their coach when they came in and so it was there was a couple eye-opening experiences for sure and that’s when I was like, all right, it’s like things need to change and anything was like shortly after that. 

I was like, alright like I I it took a couple weeks to me just being like the kind of the coach we don’t really like want to be where it’s like, you know, you just get to business right away, butAfter that and I had to get after a couple kids after that it was like there was I think a good relationship that was like re-established yeah. 

I think what it tends to happen, especially with boys is they just want to challenge you and see if you’re gonna back down or you’re gonna stand up to him yeah for sure yeah yeah sure that’s a very good way to put I’ve noticed as well. I think like,Damon props to you for like recognize that as such a young age because I think so many people are so afraid to like be like not like hated but like not be liked, whatever that that’s not like the extremes or it’s kind of more like you want to be right in the middle where it’s comfortable and it’s like it’s gone comfortable it kind of like call kids out and stuff like that because it’d be way easier just to let it slide.

But no I think that’s like really important to kind of get that respect piece and what you said about like kids challenging you like I.Think that’s like almost like they come in here like predetermined or pre-planned to do that times at least feels like they’re like man like this kid like it’s like literally doing the exact opposite of everything that’s all I’m gonna do and it’s like you give them like a look or like a like a quick like stern voice like they shape up right away and it’s like they know better but like they want you to tell them almost and they want to see what they can get away with yeah yeah and it’s like, you know, they’re nudging their their buddy like they’ve watched this yeah, oh exactly yeah you get like those those two set of eyes looking at you and you’re like, you know things are being sad yeah.

I also got performance and you got to prove yourself yeah like it’s like you know you better get better jump over that sewer like whatever it is like it’s like now you got like you said it I got to do it yeah man cuz you’re so weird, oh yeah I want to go back to what you’re saying and like it just kind of pops in my head about the whole professionalism and how we’re like shifting this organization into something, um, like more professional and it’s when like it really is when Eric came on yeah, it was like during the like the the quarantine thing it was like all rights like this is a business, this is not like,A bunch of kids with some with some coaches. 

I mean knowledgeable coaches for sure but with coaches just getting after in like a garage yeah this is more of I guess it’s us a speed training facility now yeah we I mean that was definitely like that kind of point where you go where you level up right it goes like like you said we were doing a good thing, um for like a decent amount of time and it was like,But like how did it like I like did we didn’t really like we knew like we were getting better we were getting bigger but it’s like not because it was like tactful or like we had like a process or like a map of where we’re going it was like we were having success because we were doing it the right things in the gym, not because of what we’re doing outside of the gym, so that’s like when you add that act component in you get something like this and it’s more professional and like there’s like there’s a system that everything you do there’s excel sheet for this this and that which I don’t even know how to use Excel so it’s like that and of itself close my mind.

Okay, but um, no, it’s like.Yeah, like being a master of one instead of like being kind of good at a lot of things is like that’s what having separates like the good from the great and because like I mean, yeah Michael Jordan when play baseball but like duty sucks yeah, okay yeah and then shortly they all right well I gotta go back to what I’m great at it’s like you’re always gonna kind of track down like,Especially when things get stressful like you always like we talk about this all time like revert back to what you know, or like default to your level of training like I remember like vividly like one time like on the fly. 

I had to dislike I was working a set like a speed camp session with like 30 kids and the old place and it was I was with it was just me and Hunter and we were doing it and then all of a sudden like he literally like demoed something and blew out his Achilles, but he did apply all stepping blew out his Achilles.

He’s like then he looked at me he’s like like didn’t move he’s like kind of like you’re like mouth to me like that he just did that and then he’s like, he’s what you have to do is I’m like literally like and he like literally like kind of hobbled over away he’s like trying not to like, you know, like probably screaming profanity or whatever you like, he’s important like 20 like little girls yeah yeah at the in this tiny little garage and I’m like, okay and so it’s like I did exactly what I knew at the time which was just like marches its camps and we did a couple like tennis ball drops and like it was like kids loved it and it’s like,Like that’s what I was comfortable with and it’s like in that’s okay, but it’s like you almost like need to be put in those environments to realize like okay, like I know what to do and it’s like that’s so cool to see when people do that, um, especially like if like I’m trying to think if we were to do this to like like a Trevor right now like well what would happen or like what would happen for you or for apps or even for myself it’s like where do you go when like you lose control? 

I’m laughing because I’m imagining like,All three you coaches out there and you all just like all grab your hamstring at the same time like Trevor yeah, yeah yeah coach Aaron yeah that’s funny. I’ve never asked me about back when we were at the old place too and this was oh this was ahead of you like a month and a half maybe two after I like first started coaching and hunter wanted me to do a speed camp with like this. 

Hudsonville basketball team yeah and he’s like, yeah, I’m not gonna be there. I was like what?Like I’m running this so I go I’m normally I’m like trying to finally got my GPS like how to get there and like I finally get there and of course there’s like 35 yeah like middle school and like I’ve never met their coaches before I’ve like first time dude most uncomfortable thing and so much anxiety yeah, oh dude. 

I’m a heart was like going just going crazy just thinking about it yeah and I was like, I gotta lead these kids and I hardly know what I’m doing and so I got I got I got through it all but I think like the ends like the kind of like the moral of the story for me was that I didn’t.

Really like because I’m when you’re in the gym you’re with like people are knowledgeable like oh yeah like I yeah this stuff I understand it and you get by yourself where you have to explain it to people or even like, you know, it’s like going in your head like if somebody asked me why we’re doing this yeah I do I couldn’t tell them at all yeah. 

I have no idea what to say yeah and so like just thinking about that it’s just stressful in itself and so I realize like dude, I don’t know why we do anything we do like from that point on I was like, I need to ask why yeah or why we’d expose is you yeah and like what is it like you’re like paranoid yeah.

It’s like.Like it’s like this comfortable like realization that you’re like holy cow like mm-hmm this like it makes you s star asking different questions because like like you said like you have a team to back you like if you slip up like someone can stepping back oh I guess let’s do this and then you’re okay, like seamlessly no harm no foul like things go on like business as usual, but then like as soon as like you’re on it and like you’re like you like I think the blue like the police called that like baptized by fire like when they’re first like night out on patrol like there’s gunfire so like that again, it’s like literally like, oh welcome like are you doing like,It’s like yeah dude like it’s that’s like I love it and I hate it because like holy cow I talk about stress right Atlanta and even if you like if you take it out it’s like it’s a coaching session, right? 

I think I’m gonna be bad coaches out there that are doing things that they think are good and like you were doing all the right stuff but you just didn’t know what it was like how stressful was yeah it’s crazy to like think back. I like how you develop and like but how important that is and like I think that is so important like you need things to go horribly wrong at times to be like, okay, like what like, I,Remember a program I did like I wrote a program for like middle schoolers and like halfway through like I almost like rip my hair. 

I’m like, this is a disaster like I have lost total control. I got people doing like middle schoolers like week three doing like singular bent over rows. I’m like, oh no, it’s like I got a bunch of cats just like, you know, like every spine looks about shoot out of their bag like girls like this and there’s like five them and like that was like enough to this like send me okay, yeah.

But then I’m like okay like I need to simplify I don’t like because I thought of a sweet program like I’m paper dope program like I mean I hit all the checkpoints I use the template like sets and reps were good but it’s like I did that because I thought it would work yeah because like I’m like, I would do this and then it’s like it but then it’s like man like we need to be doing like like pull aparts and like band grows and like maybe I’ll pipe hinge here but it’s like oh my word that’s funny it’s it’s like it’s amazing how like basically the more you know, the simpler everything gets yeah yeah and like I think that’s like how I’ve seen you you.

‘ve been mature and process like because even like last summer and the programming like because you were doing well you were doing all programs last summer as well it’s like even this summer it’s like you just came back and you didn’t you know, we didn’t even change much but like we just refined like we just cut the fan out yeah and like we’re doing less in the weight room but like we’re getting more out of it and like the speed is like spot on and like, you know, I think like you’ve like grown in your ability to kind of like alter things a lot better mm-hmm and like that’s it and that’s like a testament to just kind of like you as a person because like,I outside of then you came back for Christmas break for like two weeks in coach a little bit like it’s you weren’t coaching and like when you’re in Arizona like you we were going to school and doing that stuff it’s like you were able to like I probably do your own training and just even kind of continuing to educate yourself like maintain like the standard like in like and that’s like like I said, that’s why it’s so hard to replace someone like you is because like,You’re gonna do all the things necessary on your own to make sure that you you fit up to your standard of known else is like you don’t compare yourself to others because like you you set your own standard and that’s a good lesson for life, honestly, it’s like that’s like comparison’s always gonna be the end of like the roots goes gonna rob you of joy yeah so it’s like I know I’m never gonna be you so okay. 

I think I’m gonna ever be as Jack just cold and like this is not the car it’s like yeah, I don’t have like Kevin’s not my dad like it’s possible. I know what might that looks like and it’s like he’s doesn’t look like that like yeah you picked the right parents and like I like it like for me to like chase that down.

I like I knows about how many extra hours I started the gym is never gonna do anything for me so it’s like I like even like like small stuff like that like learning to let that go for the ego it’s like I think that helps you pursue other things better yeah and most people like will spend their whole lives chasing down these these pipe dreams or like it like why like or they just kind of doing activity without accomplishment no and,I’ve never seen that you you’ve always been super confident in yourself and you’ve always been like you’ve always kind of known why you’re doing what you’re doing um, and that’s been super cool to see I think thank you it’ll be interesting to see even this next path and this coming kind of segue into this next piece here it’s like let’s talk about kind of like what are you excited about what’s nervous about? 

I mean became maybe like quick overview you lead when you leave all that stuff what the next steps looks like in terms of like basic to a school or whatever you want to outline go ahead and yeah, so we mentioned in an earlier podcast, butSeptember 21, I guess Wednesday, so this will be August 13th, yeah, yeah August 12, I take off Arizona. 

I’m just kind of like hanging out there getting ready to ship out September 21st to basic and then after that I’ll go right into AIT and if that’s all for sale Oklahoma and then timeline, I think I get like middle March or so, I’ll get out of AIT and then from there, that’s when I’m gonna try to.

Apply for a firefighting position down in Arizona structural firefighting, okay and kind of depending on if I get that or if I don’t will kind of depend my next planes as to like if I go to school or and finish like that the year I have laughed like right away or if I kind of take the next couple years and finish like online or take some classes here and there because I do want to get a degree because I I don’t want to stop training people. 

I don’t know when like how like what that looks like but I know like I love coaching. I really like coaching.I athletes and I think like over the last couple years like I have I’ve gotten like pretty good at it yeah and I just I just like having that impact on the younger generation actually. 

I’m all about it, um, but I mean, I was thinking like on the way here kind of like why like why am I doing this yeah and,Like I mentioned in the earlier podcast is like I want to serve like I’ve had that passion for a little bit and I just kind of do my part but I think like the real reason for me is it’s it’s like I want like I want to live my life to where if I feel like God’s call me to do something that I’m gonna I’m gonna do it like I’m gonna listen I’m an obey right away so it’s like there’s been and I’ve talked with like all you guys of recently that it’s there’s times where it’s like I do not want to go to basic training or this military training at all, like I just don’t want to do it, butLike when I remind myself like why am I doing it and it’s like because I feel like as calming to do like I made about myself that if I feel like I was calling to do something like I’m gonna do it and I want that to be like for the rest of my life no matter what it is, and so I think that’s like the real reason it’s like why like why am I doing this hmm and it’s just I felt like I was calling me I felt like he put the places or like the pieces in place for me to sign up in a square in and and it’s something that I’m gonna go through and and see what he has planned and see whatWhat he has in store with why am I doing this and I guess I’ll find out yeah that’s just kind of where I’m at with things normally that’s awesome definitely mature beyond your years, even this is gonna have the trust and something like that like that’s huge and that’s really cool to see I think that’s what definitely mope the main reason you’ve had the most impact has been like through spirituality and your faith has been a huge component of that whether the kids even know that or not, so I’m not like we’re here like many kids over there with Bibles but it’s like I said, like you lead by example, um,And that’s always gonna be so much louder than any like preaching you could do that anyone else and I think that’s always gonna be your strong suit and like you do do that through coaching that’s like almost like your ministry, you know, so it’s like definitely definitely a waste if you stop doing that instead that doesn’t have to be at the same capacity at all hmm but like yeah, you’re coach, okay it’s down no question and you’re also great firefighter too but I mean coach you dudes yeah and I’ll sing and I was talking with actually Ian Smith yeah after our session yesterday, he was like yelling at us from in here yeah, yeah conversation for once.

Oh it’s but we were talking in it in like he kind of threw the idea out and like I’ve been kind of thinking about it, but maybe like down in Phoenix or like wherever I end up doing the fire fighting of like training like your department like starting with like you you like you write the program you program it out like you even like right like the nutrition like program or like some sort of it just kind of like ideas about it and like start like with your department and see if you can be like kind of like contracted out from there, so it’s like you can write this like these programs and you can go.

Here and coach yeah like half of your shifter. I don’t know how it would work but I’m just like thinking like, you know, if I make my own kind of position or title like I think that would be awesome because we talked about train like how how the police officers how like that tactical space just we don’t think as a whole trains yeah well, I don’t train like like athletes and they’re really the most important athletes that are out there, they’re light depends on yeah, yeah and others lives yeah, so,Um no no that’s just kind of idea that’s palmatter recently that I was like yeah it’s very doable I think that’s like I mean that’s what Jeff knows the Navy Seals right. 

I mean like you like literally would probably like he was there trying to condition specialists yeah like that was like his like MLS setup as they’re done like creative his own MOS like that be sweet like I mean, especially in that space like you have the credentials so like the bag like the like on paper it’s there so like I hope that works out and that could be a whole new path to whatever else yeah I could open up so every cool and I was thinking too when you were talking about like,Setting the standard yeah, um, I think just being here to and coaching in this facility and like how we have continued to just set the standard higher and higher to where we eventually want to be that that’s gonna help me to to go on because now like you say like I helped this standard be set, but this standard at the gym has helped me but when I go on whether like I’m in like a low coaching position or whatever like that’s standard is going to be where it was here and I think that’s higher than I mean, like,Look at like a ton higher than all these other places, oh that’s cool yeah yeah, I mean definitely don’t don’t under value. 

I think like they like the impact that you said like, I mean, you definitely had a huge part of that, so I think.Like you yeah, whatever you do you could you you can make it better you can keep it the same but I mean like like you said like it’s a like you said you set the standard high and like it’s more so because you do it for yourself right mm-hmm and it’s like that’s gonna kind of that’s gonna catch fire yeah if you will I do in the department because like the dudes are dang new kid is jacked and like never tired and like always feels great and I always feel fat and small cigarettes and feel like crap it’s like,Yeah that’s like they’re good like something’s gonna give somewhere and like you probably don’t even have to say too much about it where it’s just like and especially like it be like I mean optimal performance you’re training optimally like you do enough to where you’re not gonna be like trying to like climb up a flight of stairs and like your quads are exploding like that’s stupid workout we did yesterday yeah definitely not optimal but no last week getting go all the bang, but I mean, it’s like,Like yeah I think like and when you find a way to kind of get people to where it’s it improves quality of life rather than impedes for sure right because I think a lot of times like especially as a young coach it’s like you want to just demolish people, oh yeah prove that like you know what you’re doing I can make someone sore I can make someone like feel like they got smoked and like it looks like like numbers are improving speeds improving it looks good, but it’s like they’re they’re not here to be the best weightlifters they get either here, they’ll be the best athletes so it’s like where do we dose the right amount yeah at the right times and like,When it’s there, let’s go for like it we talked like about eight and tals but a lot the other day, it’s like.

Like when I act like that kid came in like this week and like had like a fun mountain a week like sprints like he the dude flies um and like just even the trend like this summer he’s like taking like tents off like his tenure – like is it’s not it’s like he’s so fast and then even like strength he just like I like looking to be the reason I’ve never gone before in my life and like it was like look like an empty bar and I’m like so it’s like it’s cool to see like we haven’t done anything like special mmm, just like do we haven’t like killed them? 

I’m like I’ve always told on my tail like like you work on manual labor job during the day, it’s like you let me know like you just may do this based on how you feel.

Like if it’s there go for it if it’s not dialed back and it’s people like that it’s like I mean, he’s an advanced athlete, right? I mean like junior nationals like hockey player like he like internally probably knows himself more than most people but like I said, like those people have the most success, um, because they like the the ego isn’t like I’m here to smoke myself it’s like dude like I’m a hockey player like I don’t care about ten pounds like yeah, I think I think it’s even cooler to see.

Um like his his confidence go up because after he he died left I think I was dead left I look 300 pounds or something like he was he felt confident enough and like he was like pushing he’s like doing like like dumbbell bench like seventies, you know, you know that like just hitting that big weight like I’m sure he feels faster but like he has nothing to see with that it’s like objective like that repos faster than yeah where it’s like you put some you put some weight on the bar and he sees it and he’s like do let’s go yeah, you could just always pop there’s and it was sweet it was sweet to see things like he.

Didn’t seem like anal seventies and he did and he was I mean he was just killing himself but he was like his day his day actually was made yeah that way that’s cool no that’s yeah that’s so cool to see um, I think too I go back um, I’m like training optimally yeah you’re saying like sometimes you do you just want like smoke somebody just just like prove to yourself or I don’t know what it is, but it made me think of of Andy Williams you just wants to see Jesus everything yeah and it’s like you have you also have to deal with those people that like they want they want?

Pain yeah they want pain they want to feel like death after their workouts every single day and you have like you got to know how to deal with them on like I do you need to like bring it back yeah there’s a low day like you need it’s like restorative yeah kind of recovery like let’s just get moving a little bit and and like explain to them why that is important yeah big picture yeah exactly no. 

I mean, yeah, I mean, I’m so guilty that I think we all are like even like you’d be going like I’m gonna keep it light today next thing, you know, you’ve been here for 90 minutes and you’re yesterday yeah, it’s it’s just,It it’s a yeah, I think you said like an ego thing where you want to feel like you’re making leaps and bounds every single day rather than slow steady progress and it’s that lack of perspective in that lack of like a man like one like what is the goal and like to like I’m taking positive strides towards that every day like some days. 

I’m gonna take ten steps some days. I’m gonna take one with some still going forward yeah, um,That’s cool to see And it was so cool because like even like yesterday that like the like the the atmosphere in here was very like relaxed we’re listening like pretty slow country music like people are still like ripping like PRs and like that’s what I think that’s where like I you see like the competitors and like the winners it’s like I could throw on like kids pop two thousands and they’re still gonna hit a PR but lately yeah like it doesn’t matter what’s on words you get the kids rigged ally I can do with this magic driver, oh dude, like you just you just aren’t a winner like I’m sorry like yeah, like I could put Christina Aguilera on there and rip like like you should be able to rip like a deadlift PR yeah.

If you truly think of yourself as like an elite athlete it’s like man like you don’t even hear it it’s background noise yeah yeah inspiring well yes well there’s a I think who was I think Dave Tate did that where he would put the headphones on and he would literally squat until like he’d like pass out as like a supplemental like he could do his max ever they do like his like supplemental lifts to failure people like what are you listening yeah and you literally would like he’d rack it and he’d fall back on his back and like his headphones fell off and like they picked it up and they listened and he was listening like Christina actually yeah and they’re like why and like,You again and like yeah, I’m sweating his butt off like world record power lifter, that’s all yes and he would do that on purpose he’s like I would do that just to mess with other people yeah cuz like I didn’t care like that’s weird. 

I mean, that’s a little extreme. I mean, that’s not optimal by any means but I would say like yeah, I think people get caught up in like them a new show of like,Oh like this facilities nice so I’m gonna get a good I’m gonna be better because I go to a nice facility or it’s a guy the music’s good like I enjoy it’s like man like you’re worrying about the wrong things mm-hmm but I don’t think we have that problem too much here you’re always gonna get a few kids who are like gonna be like that and like it’s fine that you can joke around with them and like kind of like rip on my truck is all the time like you’ll get song requests this is a problem like yeah, well like it’s perfect or something yeah and it’s like like you’re not here to listen to music yeah, so who cares um about helps, oh my god. 

I’m like, I’m all about like how big people like you. I like I I do get like a noise sometimes words ifIt’s too quiet like oh my god this feels like a funeral home like let’s see yeah let’s get some energy in here it’s the morning, you know, like people needed I get it but those top performers like they’ll never need that you know, like you they even like us I couldn’t even tell you what we listen to yesterday during our hours too busy trying not to die like I know idea oh excuse like podcasts when he lives like I yet I’ve yet to pull that trigger or like just like it’s almost like noises not even like music but like it’s like it’s like inaudible yeah, what does that?

Are with our like what do you call it arena speakers it’s kind of hard to to tune into that but for my headphones yeah I can do it yeah see I don’t I don’t like I think it would always be background always to me. I couldn’t get one thing out yeah. 

I’ll just be like well like this sucks or I mean, like whatever yeah just to distract it yeah that’s like sprints then you have like yeah a minute break yeah seriously yeah.If you don’t mind I would like dive into like some deeper questions. Yeah for you. Like I send off. 

I’ll have seat. Yeah. What inspired you to start coaching?I think.That’s funny actually because actually I want to do is look at the end of the podcast today, but really just like thank is this the song we were both power strength. Yeah, just because.It led me to where I am now, right? 

We met at Power Strength I I knew of Hunter and he was at power strength so that was like and so and that’s why I started training and that’s where I got like introduced to like this is a culture and one that.Like I really just want to be a part of and then after and that and really just led me to to honor and then you like eventually the time and to where we are now and so it was is being involved in that culture that got me inspired because like these dudes do this for a living. 

Yeah, like what that’s sweet. I guess I even work. I still don’t think it’s worth. Yeah, you get a paycheck for this is fun. But so yes, I just think being involved in that culture in in like,Being the athlete to the coach, just drew me to. So I want to coach in this level. 

Yeah, that’s the same type of facility and be that impact that we can’t talk about earlier, mm-hmm excellent. If you could give your younger self-advice.Let’s say 15 year old cold.

And any advice about anything any advice, maybe athletic, maybe school, maybe life?Oh, dude.Um,I would I would say like just be confident as a good 15 year old like like don’t let your ego like take control of you but just be confident what like why you can do and I mean that goes to on the field like that have a big football player. 

So on the field in the way your room and it does not feel like you have to prove yourself all the time. What do you think builds that that confidence piece because like you can’t I mean, you could tell someone hey just be confident but you have to kind of go through some kind of transformation or just I’d say experience ofThis for sure Like with like going back to what we talk about earlier in this podcast of like the disrespect and like like the those look those comments in my coaching after I had to deal with that and how I dealt with it. 

I thought was like a pretty healthy way to deal with it and I think that bread into more confidence in my coaching and also like the the uncomfortable so like like me that those bad comfortable like speaking camp. I talked about that leading to me asking like well why we do this and then those just because I had to go through that.

I had assholes questions because I was like like personally inside I was like, I need to know I may never be asked why but like I if I am I wanted like no what to say Chris coffee yes so that created knowledge was created confidence hmm so I was like experiences as well kind of what interesting needs to confidence what kind of a what kind of achiever are you like in school or otherwise like are you the person who has to get A’s on every paper or?

Are you more of like?You already care about the graves and you’re looking for like the approval teachers or when you know, I was.Fine for most of my life. I was I would say like though like overachievers so it was like I think almost like a 4.01 high school. 

I think my last year at GCU. I had a 4.0 it’s just it’s just something that.Like if there’s a homework assignment like that you have to do like I would I would do it well ain’t no majority of the time lame for a little bit like when I first moved to Arizona, it was like oh there’s so much to see yeah screw school right like I’m gonna go to the Grand Canyon yeah, um, but I was like, I’m pretty focused and it was like even when me and my girlfriend drove back from Arizona, I was it was as a weird time so we were still in school but we were coming back because of this coveted thing so I’m like online like with my personal hot spot like finishing up, hey.

Making sure I got everything in yeah and I think it’s just like we talked about just like satin standing for myself like I knew I could do the homework and it wouldn’t be hard. I would just it just me doing it and so I was like, well it can be that hard. 

I’m sitting here anyway, you’re gonna do it mm-hmm so just yeah, yeah. I think it’s really interesting because,You’re you’re almost getting that grade for the confidence piece and then when you went to coach it was like very different because you’re not getting a grade from the athletes yeah you’re getting direct feedback and when you get that direct feedback it was like challenging you you’re like, oh shoot yeah like this isn’t something I can just turn in and I get a number back on or something exactly exactly and it yeah it had to like how the athletes responded kind of.

For a while told me like what kind of coach I was and I wasn’t getting the most positive comments back and like and I mean I say that and I want to say I was a bad coach at that time. I just I knew there was a major things I had to work on and but yeah that feedback was I guess like in a sense my grade and when it wasn’t to the I wanted to yeah, that’s when the those experiences happened that led to me. 

I think becoming a better coach. I growth peace exactly.Or not my dad why yeah he’s just I mean, he’s a dude that just works and so seeing that my whole life it was.Very like motivating I mean seeing him because I mean he is concrete right so he goes on concrete business so we come home I mean his his pants are covered in just mod and dirt and he’s got dirt on his hands obviously and like he’s just laying I remember like all the time just laying on the the ground yeah the car our carpet and he always laid the half on the wood floor because my mom would get mad if his pants were on the carpet because they’re just trashed so I had his his lower half would be on the wood floor his top half would be on the carpet and he just lay there and I’d be like a little like 12 year old colon and I’m like dead.

Like let’s play catch in like there was not one time and he would and I I mean play cash flow football there’s not one time or you would say no and it would be 15 degrees outside and snowing and like I remember we’d like get like some winter gloves on thinking like I’m somehow gonna improve my feelings in the in two feet of snow yeah like we’re out there, it’s eight o’clock at night, so it’s dark here in Michigan and we’re throwing and it’s just that.

He he worked hard all day and do like doing his job or like working for him even as like a young like 20 year old smokes you so I can’t imagine what was like at 40 and seeing him do that and seeing him just like put his family first to and like his faith as well, it was just like really inspirational to me something to stand up dude yeah he’s yeah, yeah. 

Kevin man, yeah, he’s also this.Good dog.At the end of your life, what would you wish you could have done more of today?Holy smokes.Wow, um and of my life more of today yeah, well like what’s something that you’re not doing enough of read eighty-year-old Colton looking back reading reading. 

I’m not reading enough but that’s kind of that’s not very deep answer because I have to redo yeah, that’s what you think yeah, that’s fine. I mean, yeah, like reading more.Um,I’m not in I think.Two going back to like why I’m doing the National Guard I think everybody like I mean, we’re all broken people so what we can do more of is listening to God and looking for signs from God and really like obeying it at the end of the day and so like I said, that’s that’s why I’m doing the national guard, but that doesn’t mean I’m always listening and always obeying what he says hmm, you know, we’re we’re broken we live in a broken world and,So so let’s listen to God looking for him just just day and night and becoming like the best disciple for him that I can be.

Excellent, how do you personally define success?

Like one more of these so you don’t got to wait too much so this isn’t the last one yeah we’re actually able more after this okay defined success.Who?

I mean, I would say like.Going back to the the spiritual aspect it would be oh, I mean, it would have to like I think I think got ultimately just defined success for us, you know, it’s it’s not money or any like earthly material that’s not how good your business does but it’s like at the end of the day it’s like what you inherit in heaven with with Jesus Christ and kind of how you how you obeyed him how you lived your life for him and like,The fruit you bared for him, so I don’t think I guess to answer your question. 

I don’t think I I can define really success other than to say like listening listening to God and I think God defines it hmm and I don’t I don’t I don’t know if.I would say people are unsuccessful like that. I know but I don’t know of anybody that’s really successful because I don’t really know what they’ve been through in what they have and haven’t done.

For like when it comes to like listening and living their life for Christ, so I don’t think like the more of a sacrifice the more of a living sacrifice you are the more successful you are.Great.What’s your one tip for our listeners, let’s let’s go with an athlete yeah.

One tip as into like how do we take these podcasts or just like a life tip yeah like to oh, um.Yeah parents the athletes and parents.Okay as I say have two things so for the athletes it would be.Be confident in in yourself and what you can do and know that that Jesus loves you and I would say for the parents and kind of athletes both don’t undermine the importance of like optimally training when it comes to exports and stuff so um,Like those are there’s plenty of places you can go in get your butt kicked and for like an hour but like knowing like no knowing what you got like I guess like what the coaches know and knowing that’s important that the more the coaches know on to like if we have a kid come in two days a week, they’re not gonna sprint two days a week because that’s not like they like, they can’t they’re buy like their bodies are ready to sprint again and that could just lead to like, okay increase risk of injury andSo knowing that the optimal training and like being here is very important not only for your your child’s like athletic career, but just for them to live like a healthy life and I think it goes it’s like the long term and for the parents themselves to exactly.

Calcium repo yeah this uh just say quick we’re not quite I mean as long with a podcast but I want to say thank you to to Colton for I mean all he’s been for us as a staff and even just for the athletes and the parents and everyone’s impacted. 

I know like in the past we’ve been able to have kind of like sent off parties and unfortunately we’re not really able to do that now so regretting that but I mean seriously man, thank you. I know you’ve obviously you’ve always been a brother to me and had a tremendous impact on this place and then it’s gonna be tough to replace you and you’re gonna be missed so.

We wish you all the best going on here National Guard here I mean you’re gonna do really good things and we’re excited kind of watch you impact the world over the next three years yeah appreciate it and I respond to thank this place and you guys too for what you’ve done for me and I mean like this is one most this place in these people here. 

I like some most special people in my life and like it’ll always have place my heart for sure now yeah I’ve been like Tom athletes like dude like I’m gonna stay in touch with you like I will force you yeah that’s out to tell me what is going on yeah, so,But yeah, I mean just just thank you to you guys for sure yeah, of course no thanks call and thank you guys for listening if you haven’t said goodbye to Colton reach out to him on Instagram or Facebook or anything yeah wherever search morning yeah, yeah.

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