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017: Meet Daniel Shanley, OPTC Adult Member, and Former Collegiate Athlete

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
017: Meet Daniel Shanley, OPTC Adult Member, and Former Collegiate Athlete

Daniel Shanley, All-American Boy, goes way back in history with the OPTC crew. Dan met Thomas before Thomas was even coaching, so he’s been in the program from the very beginning before it was even “Freak Faktory”. Listen to his journey in lifting, sports, and life. Enjoy!

Goons Saying Hello

We’re going welcome to optimal performance training center podcast. I am your host today Thomas Bose with me as always the man the merit the office legend Eric Schroder coach Alex intern in and a special guest today, we’ll get to him in a minute today we are talking with the dear friend, um, this is not only a former athlete but a current adult member yes, we do have an adult program, um, But this guy said my heart good friend of mine and we’ll be in that story here in a second, but ladies and gentlemen today I wanted to introduce you. 

Daniel Shanley, yeah, it’s gonna be all thanks for having me anytime. Dan any timely. On all American boy, where does the story start now and I have quite the history. I mean, we’re going on I want to say like five years of affiliation with one another I called affiliation because it’s only like friends, can you tell us how we met tell the listeners? 

I should say I know how much but you know remind me, so I think it was we were both I least I was in high school, you might have been at cornerstone by night a better thing. Soccer yes, we’re both training for our our sport like you said we were really friends at first we were just kind of. 

Associates per se that’s just you know in the same place same common goal just to get better our craft and we were doing that for a while and then. Summer along the way was when free factory opened yeah and then I was training there. I believe you might have been there first one the two happen where you were interning there and then I. 

Followed mutual friend of ours there who I think we were both better friends with him and we were with each other no question a while yeah for a long time yeah, so yeah, so once you were at free factory you were essentially training me for. A while for yeah and that’s kind of when it kind of our factual friendship kind of kick started we had no each other for a while but it’s never really. 

Like it is now no no chance yeah yeah missing anything yeah we’ve talked about kind of how I got started and all this with at like power strange with you guys and um, I like it kind of like me and Dan we’re in this this group of like, I mean I was elite because I was not if I wasn’t already in college already kind of done my business but I I had like the privilege of working out with I want to say like 12 to 15 guys who like all of them had like d2 and up like football rights. 

Got. Shares like these kids were all studs like you think of like Pete Fisk like Kenny Willow kiss like all these dudes who were like I would be like we were able to be literally animals, um, yeah and like that like kind of like put training in a completely different light because like nothing ever compared to that. 

I don’t think anything ever will compartment your 17 18 years old and like you were just in a dodging garage that just a bunch of do is just try to move as much weight as you can yeah definitely that was a different oh every experience it was so sweet it was awesome yeah you could a culture there was unreal, um, but yes standing from that I think. 

For me like I think we both kind of transitioned away like you said with our mutual friend Jack but like I really don’t know like I kind of figured out my kay like this is great and like there’s nothing more fun the training like this but like I’m not really better at my school it was like I was like you felt great you gained like a ton of muscle like strength was through the roof like you fell like a beast but at the same time like I didn’t feel the whole time faster like yeah, I knew I was stronger but in some capacity like I was just stronger from just lifting heavy weights, there was no real killer ever sports among my kind of got plugged in a free fact. 

For you was Dave but there was definitely more emphasis on what the sprint training and just like the movement variability and like being able to kind of do more than just like box squat and deadlift yeah yeah and I think like like you said like we kind of got introduced to together over that summer that was a really good summer two we got a lot of good like Grand Valley guys coming here from hereby still you involved from Hillsdale and like we got a couple guys from like Illinois and like kind of lower lower Michigan people as well that first group that was also I mean, I could also rival and say was very special in a different way. 

Like what we mean what was that for what does that trade I mean not a transition but like it was different from when we come up with together as like both athletes and then as I transition to be more of a coach because I’m a little older here like you were still an athlete like what was that first summer like coming into like free factory at the old place yeah so for me I had a year off between not a year off necessarily but between power strength and my first year at freak factory. 

I was just training that my high school where I graduated from is doing our own like our strength coaches from Hillsdale’s his workouts and stuff and that’s kind of what maybe want to come back into like a gym like, Environment like this where there’s other people that push you I don’t really know what to expect coming into free factory after experiencing power strength and hunter there yeah that soft but that first summer is definitely still intense for sure it was a different kind of intensity. 

I think though than power strength was yeah because I think the focus was different as well like you touched on we weren’t just focused on just putting up as much weight as possible like the goal was to be a better athlete by the end of the summer being faster be quicker, obviously strength would come from that and so for me, that was really not. 

Like oh this is this is awesome like in for that point forward. I was committed free factory and yeah you see from the get go so yeah you probably in like now would say instantly but like it was always. That I think like we like I said we kind of shared that comment like history of training but like right away like you were very hesitant I remember because you’re coming which coming officer surgery or two even I don’t even remember that was going into your like red shirt sophomore year. 

I want to say yeah because yeah because after my freshman year was the year that I didn’t train at any gym was just my high school and then I heard my shoulder and I was like well I got to figure something out yeah something’s got to change because I was I was in rough shape it’s from the surgery yeah, my body was just not ready to perform to say the least yeah. 

Absolutely um one thing I do want to kind of backtrack here a little bit because I didn’t do like a phenomenal job of introducing you I know like your local here right your fraud you want to tell us like high school what that kind of looked like from high school going into where you went to play the next level and then kind of like how you kind of end up here again yeah definitely so I went to Grandville High School I’ve been in West Michigan my whole life pretty much I was born on these high estate, but that was only there for like two years, okay groping granville go bulldogs a lot of you got to get a few years ago dog listeners. 

I’m sure oh, Yeah, very good yeah yeah actually kind of put a big roll on a grand ball and my time at power strength because oh yeah mark and this is little brother. Mark Owens his little brother was my linebacker coach my senior year yeah he was there so between him and my D coordinator, of course having at the time they both kind of. 

Influenced me to go to partially but anyways from Grandville got recruited to go and I had a couple options to go play D2 ball ended up at Hillsdale College and loved it absolutely loved it, yeah another recruiting process was pretty much I would say pretty cookie cutter as much as recruiting process goes. 

I don’t know if there’s any cookie cutter way per se yeah, no definitely not don’t ask. Ian we that’s a whole separate podcast another stuff that kids have quite the journey yeah, okay even like kids like listening to it, yeah, he’s a set expectations of like all like after. 

Game X like head coach is gonna walk up to me he’s gonna be like hey man I want a view to come play for me for all four years on a full ride like that’s this college scholarship that’s what I thought it was literally in terms of senior no it’s like you’re gonna get like the car all or like the visit I get the at the house or like at the field yeah and it’s a wrap yeah no it’s definitely different so my recruiting process kicked off really after my junior year was when I started getting ladders got a lot of letters started with some D3 schools and then eventually turned into some d2 schools so got a lot of letters went through a lot of camps. 

And I started want to cancel as a sophomore just to see if there’s any interest that’s my little on athletic sophomore South could get but I found doing that I went to camp scout invited some camps but actually got my offer from Hillsdale before my senior year, okay, so they may offered me after my junior year went to kind of a general camp there and then they invited me to like a select camp person that’s what they called it, but I think there’s like 10 guys for the camp that I was at but they called me offered me before my senior year. 

I think commit for a walk. Out. So the entire senior year I had that offer in my back pocket but I was still talking other schools going on a ton of visits and got some more offers along the way to play d2, but eventually you might say in like who else was like kind of generating interest to so we have some context yeah definitely so schools like that import Northwood Wayne State and Ferris were the biggest ones on the PEO cardinal around here, there was some other schools in Ohio, but so yeah, but it was always right for. 

Me and I don’t know I think during the Korean processor heard this a lot but when you pick out your school for the most part. I think you’ll know when it’s the right the right fit when it’s all off for me. I kind of knew that that was really gonna end up okay but I still I didn’t commit right away. 

I kind of just just want to see maybe there’s something better down the road actually was really close to committing did Davenport really want yeah kind of like being close to home. I’m glad I didn’t looking back at it now yeah but made the right choices good good fighters and also good college football, yeah, that’s a Was its own journey still is what yeah and we can kind of talk about that’s a perfect transition like I know. 

We’ve talked like that we’ve had physical therapists on here we’ve talked it like about injury and just like how that kind of how that happens what occurs like good versus bad training all that stuff but um, you’ve had a rough yeah rock college experience, um, not to say that yeah. 

I don’t think it was the preparation. I think like we can kind of go into this thing this is a good example of like how I was like some people just genetically or like, you know, like just pick the wrong parents like often say like it just didn’t work out and I’d kind of seems like it was your case, like nothing you did was wrong in your performance like outside of. 

The season especially in season like we had like a lot of sweet film of you like just like crushing people or like taking like TVs to the house on my defense but like I think every season you had an injury correct, ah pretty much yeah there was something that went wrong every year, except for my true freshman year other than that there was. 

Something okay yeah so I mean like let’s walk me through I know like yeah, I mean apart from like you had major operations like you did like it wasn’t just like hey like I sprained my ankle like what happened yeah so first behindry was my sophomore year first game dislocated my shoulder tour for basically all of my shoulder later on part of my rotator cuff and then I had two fractures in my humorous, oh yeah, it’s brutal so that happened in the second quarter of my first game that year if you’re just, Played as a freshman and I was only like two hundred ten pounds but I was playing so I was not fit to be playing football, so I found out much away yeah to get to that point and that just sucks just getting hurt the first game so that was that and obviously that was I played directly game but that was it for that year. 

I was dumb for the year. I’d surgery like a month later. I’ve got that repaired. Next year in our camp our fall camp before the season tour. I’m still on my right knee meniscus on my left knee so that was no fun yeah that played the rest of the year. 

I didn’t know my meniscus was torn until after the season so I guess it could have happened we think we know looking back at I think I know when it happened but I suppose it could have happened sometime throughout the year but nonetheless we had some knee issues my junior year so got my meniscus take after that season, but that surgery wasn’t quite as big. 

And then somewhere between the fourth and fifth year of my time at Hillsdale I figured out that I have hip dysplasia on a torn hip labrum, actually yeah, that was no fun the last year was tough silliest and then bomb ankle too yeah stuff up in there, yeah. Nothing too crazy you got there yeah I don’t know like oftentimes I think it gets lost on some people like obviously when you play at that level and especially with such a short season like football is it’s not like you’re playing like high volume games right what you guys get like eight to 12 games and then playoffs yeah we had try to think we had eleven or twelve regular season games and then playoffs okay if we made playoffs yeah I did wants but so I mean, like every game counts right every week counts like you’re like that’s kind of the the mentality is that like when you say that’s the norm of like, You’re just trying to do whatever you can to get on the field it’s just like you like you just want to play and like regardless of the pain or regardless of like the injury yeah it was different different mindset than I think I would have now when we were I was hurt it was like I talk with my shoulder I put the rest of the game yeah and the second quarter I remember I ran out of the locker room they put a brace on my pads came back out before half time played the rest of that half went back in they taped my shoulder up like a ton yeah went back out and played the rest of the game. 

I only missed like a snaps that game and then I was out the whole year yeah, so it’s just because I tell you. Different mentality for sure you just gotta because it’s football injuries happen, oh and it and like you said it’s a short season so it’s it kind of blows down to how bad do you want to be out there because there’s a lot of stuff my hip my knees my ankles. 

I probably could have set out some time but at some point you got aside this is why we’re here to play football yeah play out every sport you’re playing so that’s what you want to do, then you’re gonna be out there like unless it’s so bad where they literally won’t let you like my shoulder then. 

You know, that’s a different story but it or torn a shell sound like that yeah where you physically can’t move but do you recommend that’s like some of the mentality for like it where I should say did you have a similar mentality in high school was it like? I don’t know let’s talk I’m looking back I don’t really have any thing too bad in high school it’s my software had a pretty bad Achilles injury but I sat out for like a month with that send out some time there um in high school though, it’s different. 

I mean, you guys actually know the developing body more than I do. I think if you try to play when you’re that age, I think it could lead to issues down the road. I think my shoulder I think I heard in high school yeah my senior year. I never got to look at but I know I had some issues with it then so that could have been something I could have caught ahead of. 

Time. So you just got inside what’s worth I mean, but it could be different if you’re a kid that’s playing high school ball and that’s that’s it then maybe you fight through it. If you have a future plan a sport then it might not be worth risking. I know it’s a tough it’s a it’s a tight no. 

I think that’s like I think it’s a really good perspective like it’s like context is so important right like you think. Like you said like I had this conversation with people before too it’s like it’s like one that’s like you really want to play that badly or like two like do you have the potential play the next level if so it’s like is that more important than like I’m not a conference game the beginning of the season whether it’s sprained ankle, so you’re just really like you it’s almost like you have to kind of like weigh your options yeah, it’s a tough spot to be yeah coach because any coach should see if his. 

Player has potential to go to the next level yeah at some point he’s got a decide what’s best you’re into but at the same time if the kids gonna play in college he’s probably one of your studs in high school without for a game who but I never think about it the topic is yeah for everybody for the coaches the players it’s just a tough spot to be an injuries suck yeah, we’re on it just across the board would you ever want to coach football yeah? 

I think so. I love it, yeah right maybe too intense for high school, what what I don’t know just. Going through five years of college football and the experiences I have like coaches there. I think that I just I just have it in me where I would just not be the most pleasant coach yeah, you’re not very sensitive to people’s feelings are you can’t be on the football fan area no feel feelings out there. 

I don’t know this 2020 yeah there’s a lot of feelings rolling around here now that’s all good stuff. I know I mean, I got we got Eric Alex and my younger sitting here, like, I mean, I know you so well I what he what are some things like you guys. 

Are kind of like I mean listening to this like you hear anything else that you’d want to get to know more about in terms of his story or yeah, what are you doing now yeah yeah college dance so what you graduate I graduated last December so I was at Hillsdale for five and a half year or four and a half years, excuse me graduating December worked for a company now called CH Robinson, it’s a third party with district company. 

I enter in there before my fifth year at Hillsdale, I took me on full time so I’m doing sales for them and weeds it’s a Company essentially so we’re like a middleman between like a target and whatever shipper is bringing them goods in a very broad sense yeah that’s what we do and I have you could say inside sales kind of a kid unpack that would be nobody understands that I barely understand what it’s that’s what I’m doing now so don’t I don’t understand yeah, it’s a good job. 

I love it, okay it but being an athlete and playing a college sport. I think helps me now because I was telling college before this it my job is very competitive yeah externally and internally. Still have. Driving I competitive edge from being an athlete my whole life is definitely helped me. 

I think when I was growing up and people would say like you being an athlete it’s gonna help you along the way I was like yeah, whatever like yeah not like being actually in the real world and like sharing roles with people who weren’t athletes and don’t have the same mentality like you can definitely tell a difference, oh no question yeah, it’s crazy how like old people get so much smarter the older you get right, you know, yeah, yeah, this has a wag job you’re oh wait, he’s totally. 

Dating everyone that’s so funny I mean yeah I mean Dan’s always been like even within the groups like I said like that group we had in like high school college time was all trick competitive then even coming in like giving you guys in your same conference like a free factory and it was still again it was like it wasn’t like rivalry or like bitterness but I mean it was competitive and there was like there’s always an edge and I think I was talking like we said we were talking before this like I was always wondering like oh yeah, you do people lose that kind of transitioning from like the well. 

I’m of like a collegiate sports like into like the work for. Ce but it sounds like you really didn’t lose a staff but anything you probably have to turn it down just a little bit or turn it off. I should say like because it’s like you said it’s competitive it’s it’s high stakes like there’s a lot of like river air and like, you know on mess up yeah. 

I don’t think that competitive federal government softball team is yeah selling ice cream, you strike out you’re saying the bands, you know. Yeah, maybe you athletics is not and maybe not okay. I mean I don’t like as far as like now you’re training like training here yeah the thing like I’m writing your workouts what something like more that we can do for you what’s gonna help. 

Dan keep that competitive edge but still see the results that he wants yeah. I think me being here now. I kind of play a lot of mental games with myself out there when I’m working out because this whatever it’s gonna keep me engaged so we do the finishers that they kind of shocked like they’re they’re good they darn they’re not fun, but I kind of, I’ll count I’ll like try and keep track how many reps other people are doing and what’s that they’re on get ready to where I’m at like, oh like I’m only one set ahead or this guys getting closer like I like go faster stuff like that, so I like I said, I just don’t I don’t think I think I might be too competitive so I don’t think I’m ever gonna lose that and that’s part of it right let’s part of why I like having some finishers are at the end just kind of let people who are older out of that like, Organized like sports and yeah have that competitive edge like give them something to kind of like right shoot for look forward to and enjoy yeah. 

I know like chip loves it yeah come here to compete against you, you know, that’s all it’s like it makes it fun it makes it but yeah from like a from a long term perspective of training like what you just. What are you looking out for what are you looking to get out of your training these days? 

I mean looking at it now it’s obviously going from a college football training program to now the goals are different. I think that’s one thing I’m working on is changing my mindset because when I was at Hillsdale it was move as much way as you can obviously within reason you want your phone to be good but it was much ways you can and like, I’m trying to think of how to say this appropriately when we were the way we were not nice people to like each other’s accountability accountability, yeah, yeah, I can’t believe extreme yeah name for whatever talk to get guys motivated we had workouts at four in the morning fire in the morning was like this stinks but looking at you know, the program now what I want out of it is just to stay in shape and like I said keeping that competitive nature of it whatever that may be. 

I think I think you do a great job. I love it, it’s a yeah, what is what is? Look like oh would you like to be able to do? I don’t know it’s just yeah for me on blast yes, it’s a I don’t know so like I said, I’m so figuring out life post football because I’m probably 2005 now but when I was playing football, I was 225 through 30 so personally I would like to be sub 200 yeah, it’s kind of a lofty goal for me. 

I don’t know if I have the frame for it, but I don’t know it but, In shape for me now. I got to just be that’s a tough question man, like athletic feeds or just. Like I’m trying to look I yeah how you can jump on it can assure you it’s not gonna be a five yeah, it’s not gonna be that um, I think I probably benchmarks for myself but I’ll still always want to be able to do I’ll always be on able to bench to 25 for for more than one yeah. 

I’ll always be on it to be able to deadlifts 400 plus stuff like that. I was will want to be able to. Do a 10 15 pull-ups and you know with out having a problem stuff like that so just I don’t know stuff like that like I said, it’s still kind of new water for me like football has been just such a big part of my identity for the last so that’s that I’ve been in third grade it’s like been what my thing was I play on this course the football was always what I was best at so transitioning away from that part of life and yeah a new part of life is there’s a lot of gray area learning and figuring out like, Where should I push my body with the injuries? 

I have and where should I maybe put my pride aside right just do less way here and stuff like that and. Yeah yeah good answer yeah want me to the short term right you can marry here pretty soon aren’t you married getting married twenty football gonna be so 200 for the wedding oh there’s the goal yeah there you go out yeah go yeah good lord. 

I’ll be terrible yeah. Exciting man no I appreciate you coming out I think that’s I mean we’ll probably start rapping it up here but it’s cool to see I mean it’s it’s so funny how like all this is like kind of so tied together and so intertwined like you we never need the most really want too far and like I think having you back here part of this place you’re kind of one of our first first like OG like full-timers and like kids even from like the high school group still like recognize you and they’ll come to your dog group and like that and like yeah, what’s up to you know dance chain leave the legend but um, no man, oh yeah, we know what to be on now you’re part of. 

This place it’s cool it’s cool to see people stick around which we had you know, 15 more of you just got here but we’ll work on that it’s our job yeah thanks for coming on down we appreciate it thanks for listening go ahead guys and like subscribe send it to your friends send it to someone who should know. 

Dan peace play for your mothers, yeah, thank you.

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