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1: Thomas Bowes’s Origin Story; Nutrition and Training for Sport

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
1: Thomas Bowes's Origin Story; Nutrition and Training for Sport

April 02, 2020

In this episode, we dive into Thomas Bowes’s origin story. We discuss his introduction to training optimally and how he entered the world of powerlifting. Also, we discuss how to approach nutrition during these strange times.


I guess I could just talk about this too. But then like I before I came here. I took a I did take a quick nap but it’s time because I was crash. I think it’s because I was tired from last night. I didn’t know sleep was good. But when I got back like when I woke up my gogg, I need some carbs.

I’m gonna go work out and like but I had way too many. Again, like I need to like What did you eat oatmeal? I had oatmeal with two cups of berries. I’m excited butter. How much oatmeal 1 cup? Yeah. Something like that’s 200 calories. Like, say 940 calories blueberries.

Hey calories is one thing but it’s also room in your stomach. Yeah, I do, you know, I I do eat a high volume of food because I mean, like I just like to feel full. How’d you feel after the bears? I felt like crab. Like well I was fine chicks sleepy.

Now I’m starting to get a little brain foggy. Yeah like better than yesterday because that’s what I broke that I just did straight carbs and I think my insulin was so low because I was fasted and everything was felt good, mmm. I was like clicking mentally and then all of a sudden I’m just like just bogged down my body to go to work.

Handle all that. I think there’s a lot of GI stress involved there. I don’t know. I’m not nutritionist. Oh this stuff does fascinate me though I need to get yeah right more to that right So you’re doing are you only doing carbs then first thing and then kind of light?

Yeah, I’m just like I’m still playing around with it. I think what I’m like what they recommend is like when you break you should try to do like a like a higher protein, which is what I did. I did like salmon and eggs with like vegetables and that was it I met I got every carbs and like that I felt good.

Yeah, but then I think I need to scale back and probably I cuz I’m so used to like that like doing so much more work, so I’m Like why I would wear before I would sprint and then lived or like swim and then lived like I needed it to last me so I needed like a hundred grams of carbs to get me through to the two hours of work even though like it was all chunked up but I mean I think more so I need to to scale it back a little bit mm-hmm so use it.

I mean power lifting and like performance eating is this like it’s always been like yeah more so it’s cuz like, I know this is gonna take x amount of time never gonna work out. I’ll probably go for like a walk after because it’s nice out so it’s like a, Half of like a couple hours to get on my food in for the day since I’m like, yeah well our windows.

Well, that’s the trick with fasting too is it kind of makes you feel rushed? Yeah, I like it because then you feel full and you’re tired like the I even like last night of like 11 o’clock. I went to bed like I wasn’t hungry and I’d eaten at like 7:30 like I had a ton of food, but I still am I gonna cower deficit.

So, that’s interesting. No. Well weird. Yeah, we’re stuffed. We’ll just use that as our launching, all right? Hello, I’m Thomas and I’m fasting. Yeah all the way whatever you’re going to introduce me. Yeah, I mean, I’m Thomas Bose this is my good friend Eric Schroder and. And we are doing our business name wrong dinner no no no children cards no but no this is the first ever optimal performance podcast don’t know if that name’s gonna stick so it’s kind of nice.

I like it yeah, um, so what we do we run a fitness business or sports performance business right here jettison michigan, we’re right outside of Grand Rapids and yeah, I think we’re just gonna talk today we’re gonna see where this takes us no it’s concrete. Script honestly. I think that’s probably the best way to do it anyway, yeah let the conversation flow yeah a hundred percent, um, but this will be fun.

I mean, I am an avid podcast fan. I mean, I’ve listened to at least one a day mm-hmm for the past three or four years, so I like to kind of just I think it’s the best way for people to learn right? I mean, Yeah kids probably don’t love podcasts but I mean, I feel like anyone north of the age like 25 is like that’s a good way to consume information, you know got to read and you know get a watch stuff and so it’s good about my goal and stuff like that, so that’s what I like it for personally yeah, who knows maybe that changes to the demographic you’d hope.

I know right? I’ve thought about that before. I mean, obviously with don’t do what we do we work so with so many young kids. I don’t know there’s gonna get any traction with them if it does sweet maybe they’ll like listen to five minutes hopefully they’ll hear the name and then they’ll hop off but I mean it is what it is, yes.

I think this would be a fun medium to discuss just what’s going on absolutely speaking of which April second or in the midst of a, Crisis you could call it maybe everything shut down yeah yeah we could talk about business stuff with that but I think more performance related you mentioned being on a diet and having two hours three hours of work to do yeah.

I’m sure there’s athletes out there same thing now they’re cutting back their workload yeah, how would you coach or do you coach on diet nutrition, do you avoid it yeah, um, I I don’t avoid it but I don’t actively seek it out, it’s one of those things. Where I mean.

You can only be so multifaceted for something like that and I mean realistically I mean there are PhD like registered dietitians like that is their thing that is their full-time job and so I want to respect that I want to definitely stay in my lane but I mean for me selfishly and personally like I love nutrition I love I mean, I think it plays a tremendous role and I mean it even just for kids it’s just kind of like anything whether it’s training or nutrition that is getting forming good habits and making sure you’re establishing stuff that you can kind of replicate right?

I mean compliance is always going to be the biggest thing so it’s like what can we get kids? To do and typically what I’ll see is because I don’t eat enough mm-hmm so where is like times like now where you’re sitting around all day like yeah like you have access to the pantry at all times it’s like are you gonna make the right decision or are you gonna eat at all because?

There’s some kids are going to roll out of bed until one or two o’clock right now, they’re gonna maybe eat and then they’re gonna watch Netflix play video games, maybe go outside for a few minutes and then they’re really just not eating as much yeah because they don’t have the structure like there’s an asset lunchtime, they don’t have to get up at a certain time per se so.

I don’t know that’s one of those things where. You could you could go either way, um. But I think the biggest recommendation or it’s something especially for a situation like this so we’re in it’s like let’s let’s learn how to cook right or like let’s let’s let’s let’s learn a skill that it I mean 12 year olds in that home right now they could learn how to cook with their revenue their mom and their dad are probably home that’s a skill that’s gonna carry them onto their sort of life so it’s like if they can learn something like that or maybe even just kind of establish a routine of hey like this is how much I need to eat or play around with it.

I mean now it’d be a good time, right? I mean, yeah got another time yeah, he’s a uses time off to sharpening a different skill a hundred percent. Yeah especially something like like cooking I mean that’s gonna serve you for the rest of your life right and that mean yeah it’s so it’s so crucial because I mean kids today like their big thing is like, oh I don’t know I don’t have enough time to eat but like they won’t wake up and make breakfast or if they do eat breakfast it is like a pop-tart like a bullet cereal which is I mean for them like something is better than nothing for sure and like I’m not gonna like preach on food quality at that age because we win one.

I didn’t do it. To they burned so much and they eat so little that like as long as we’re getting them to eat more. I’m okay with that, mm-hmm but I mean this would be a great time like you said to kind of sharpen that sword and figure out how to make food so then when a they get into a system again or routine it’s it’s more of a plug-and-play rather than hey let’s learn how to cook while I’m also under stress because I got to leave it so yeah, that would be nice yeah.

I highly and you’re I mean, if it if you make it a habit before you are busy then it’s not as big of a deal correct. Took me, you know, I’m 29 now I’m old guy and I’m just now like cooking every day yeah I used to stop for fast food and college.

I would eat pizza and oh my heart’s Papa John’s baby Papa John’s the staple you can get ahead of that before even go to college it’s it’s huge no. I agree completely it’s a sciatic so easy to put that in the back burner. I mean, that’s the last thing that anyone ever wants to do is.

Take the time to cook right absolutely it’s just one of those things that’s just super it’s super mundane and unless you like learn how to enjoy it, you’re never gonna really like it anyway, so mm-hmm whatever so let’s transition a bit your. Introduction to this world, how did you get into it and what is your expertise yeah, um, so my introduction to training honestly probably started back in eighth grade, um, I was always like a.

I always thought I was probably decent athlete. I mean seeing what I see now in the I couldn’t hold. A candle what they I mean, they are like night and day different than what I could ever do and especially at that age, but um. During that time period and where we were at I mean I was always one of the more athletic people on the team but I definitely was never in shape.

I think I had some natural athleticism but nothing ever developed but then in eighth grade. I remember for Christmas one year we got P90X for my family my mom got me and my brother P90X on the at home like DVD series and like that was my first ever like structured training that I ever had.

I didn’t do the whole 90 days. I think I got to like daily something yeah, but I mean every day like me, oh yeah when my brother would wake up before school and do it and like I remember I was in. It was in the winter. And so I was in basketball season two days effectively yeah it was more so that was middle school it was more just one like long practice where like they had they couldn’t cut anyone so they just tried to get people to quit which was hilarious so you’d litter you would do besides all day yeah or you do like shuffles just like in circles around the gym you’d for like time and that was misery that was honestly probably the worst part, um, but, No I remember kind of coming off on the tail end of that like that like I was starting to notice a big difference I mean obviously like you’re going through puberty at that time so like mother nature is on my side.

I mean all my hormones everything was clicking um, so I mean it just it helped a ton and like did to have that kind of just like it was just a progressive overload right where you’re just you start with this and then they just say hey try to get this next time.

I mean, this is super super simple but it was a program and it was consistent and that was ultimately what kind of like hey like I like this that’s what I you know, like you feel like the pump of like doing, Do I burn out push-ups yeah like you’re like you’re you see like half of an ab comforter oh hey what’s up in like from there, it was like I was hooked and then I mean, I would mess around a little bit in our way room.

I mean, obviously you go and there you try to bench every single week and see if you could just rep out like a plate or like try to figure out what you wanted to do and then it wasn’t until I was about 16 that I found like a legitimate training gym, um, oh it’s still here in town actually there on the other side of town that I called power strength mm-hmm they had a small little garage.

I mean, it could have been more than like maybe a thousand 1200 square foot but it was very very well structured and super intense and like I loved it. I went in there. I remember like we did the I did my first workout there my high school soccer coach knew the owner from college.

Who also went to cornerstone where I’m from and so yes products right yeah and so I went in there I remember I went and entered this workouts the first time I’ve ever found I found out like a prowler was yeah like a kettlebell and I when I was done I remember I sat in my truck for about an hour before.

I actually turned it on and left because I thought I was gonna pass out or throw up or both and to me. I thought that was awesome but honestly I was just because I was saw out of shape like just is something so general like doing like squats and like push-ups and powers in the same workout was so.

Out of my wheels and I was. Shot. Yeah. Do you remember the workout? Yeah, it was like, I mean, it was very much like what we would call now like a GPP workout where it’s like circuit style more like fundamental movements and I was mostly body weight or like light kettlebell like dumbbell work.

I think it was more of like a kind of like a push-pull carry, um with like an aperture in there and then like yeah finisher at the end where you do like three or four sets of like prowler sprints. Yeah, um, And I mean I was a soccer goalkeeper at the time like that I I at that point I was I think I was 16 I was just finished my I was finishing up my sophomore years of spring of my sophomore year at high school and I went and I we did this and it was like it was like April or May so it was nice enough outside.

I mean, it was warm. I mean I was dying. And I couldn’t believe it. I’m like, I thought I was like in pretty good shape. I was like two year varsity athlete a small Christian school, so I thought I was the man but um, like yeah, that’s until you go to that anywhere that has north of a hundred kids in your class, but um, No it was it was sweet and there was more so it was more so the environment like everyone there was like a savage I would say I mean, it was to me like they had a phenomenal culture and they did a really good job of just to like k like this is our standard and new year they’re in and you’re out and people either loved it or hated it and didn’t last very long.

So, I love that and I loved like the the community and the culture of like the gym and the hard work and then proven so that was really cool and like from that point. I was like if I wasn’t in before from what I’ve learned earlier, I was I was sold.

Yeah. At that point and I knew talking to Mark and like how what he did I’m like you can do this where like you go to college for this he’s like oh yeah, that’s what I did and the point is like diploma on the wall. I’m like, oh my gosh like yes like I have to do this mm-hmm so from there like at 16.

I’m like, okay, I am gonna try to find a way to be some sort of strength coach at some capacity and no idea what that looked like at a time, but then, Fast forward a few years I went into I did end up going to Cornerstone which was across the street from my high school so I didn’t go very far at all went there to play soccer.

And this whole time I’ve been training up through nothing super intense, but I mean it was more that consistency piece where I had trained at least two times a week from the time. I was 16 to the time I was about 19 in Solomon huge difference and they did they’re very much so like a strength like speed and power gym where like you lifted extremely heavy all the time like football.

Yeah, I mean, I worked out with. All like the West Michigan like football players So like we had this like community of people from like all over like the sun. I mean within like an hour radius like everyone came. This is the only GM that really did this. Well wasn’t Jared Jared Val here.

Yeah NFL played. Yeah, so he I think at the time he played he was a tackle for the Oakland Raiders. And so he he had like he had his name on this gym and so everyone’s like, oh like you go here you’re gonna go play pro yeah so like and but then it was cool because I mean, I think I fit in better with that.

I mean, I’m not a soccer player build. I would say, And so. I was excited I met see I saw a lot of kids like me playing like sport sport that was traditionally tougher right than Sam and you play football you’re automatically coined as tougher than any soccer player which I totally agree with at a time but it was fun to see like I could hang and I was pretty good at lifting weights whereas like soccer it’s kind of yeah I was tough from comparing me to anyone because I mean, well, it’s like speed or endurance yeah it’s like yeah you can either go for forever or you’re fast or you’re like you’re able to really good with a ball and I played goalkeeper so I just stood back there and I said to be somewhat athletic and not drop it yeah, let it go past me.

But um, Yeah it was cool to see like just have the difference and the confidence piece was huge I mean you’d see these kids come in like no one would talk their first day because they’re so intimidating and scary and I mean, they’re willing to like metallica and like Godsmack and all this intense music that you would never listen to on your own but like as soon as you step in there, you want it and then and then you and like two weeks time that one person didn’t say word when I wouldn’t shut up because I thought they were sweet yeah yeah, but it was cool it was really cool yeah we loved it and like the positive transfer, of course very positive and it was.

Great experience and like I remember after my freshman year season in college I started going there every day and that’s when I was like totally took off and like really really really got like bit by the iron bug I would say and just like it was five days a week like on the weekends you were just waiting for Monday again, so you can go back and lived it was just like that was kind of like life and like since then it’s pretty much been the same way not a lot of balance.

I was fortunate enough to have a good personal relationship with them at the time to where they would point me in a direction say like hey, like I’m in this program. Right now and can you see allergy like exercise science like where can I get like more applicable knowledge like what’s like like pot stuff like podcast stuff like books and stuff like and any kind of resource yeah for content.

I was like hey like I don’t necessarily want to edge. I didn’t know I wanted like an edge up but I wanted something that I could be like hey like you’re just hungry I’m learning about like bones and muscles like how do I program like strength they’re like something like that like that’s what I wanted right away.

I mean who really needs to know all 206? I couldn’t tell yeah all of them. I like to say I good but I can’t yeah. It’s a it’s a general piece of the anatomy course but yeah, I mean unless you’re going to medicine correct yeah, we’re like PT or I don’t know.

I mean, it’s great to know. I’m sure it doesn’t doesn’t hurt but in the end of the day, it’s not gonna make kids like you more and it’s not gonna make people necessarily run faster if you know all the bones at the hand, yeah. But it does what it is yeah very cool so you took that personal piece and you you got hungry outside of the gym you seeking out material.

Kind of describe where you’re at now like what’s what’s your training philosophy, what does your? What would you say your expertise is if someone were to come in and say, hey, how can you help me hmm? I wouldn’t. I mean, honestly, I’m I just turned 24 last week like I’m not an expert in anything.

I would say. So much of what I learned is more specific to speed but at the same time I’ve always been like a really really big fan of strength and just how to develop strength and how to find a way to get people stronger mm-hmm that’s always been like that’s all I’d whether it’s like the right of the wrong thing to do at the time like that’s always just been kind of like my passion is like, I love to see people get stronger because of that good that confidence peace like we talked about so.

Expertise-wise I mean I’m always just trying to figure stuff out I mean if somebody comes in here my big thing is I want to see in that first kind of initial process that I talked to I want to see what kind of person they are. I’m going to see like is this something that’s going to fit because um, I think what we have here we have a tremendously special culture and so when people come in here, it’s the kind of the same situation like you’re going to love this or you’re going to hate this ignorant leave after the first day, so it’s not nearly as intense just because the population we’re with a lot of females a lot younger kids.

But I mean that hard work and that kind of that ethic piece and definitely needs to be there and like that self-motivation because I’m not going to make kids do anything right? I don’t think it’s my job. And that’s um, that’s more like the sport coach or something like that where they’re going to make you do something you want to do we’re going to do what’s optimal and what we’re going to meet you where you’re at so I mean, I’m not going to try to force anybody in anything.

But at the same time they’re not going to get better they don’t want to get better hmm so I think that like I said kind of figuring out people more which is so funny because before I even got into this I was afraid of my own shadow and like being able to talk to people was always been a huge struggle for me where now it’s like that’s kind of more the only piece I like I really truly like dialing on and like that’s more so probably the past year to what I’ve been studying more and more is just kind of human interaction human psychology and how I can better read people whether it’s like verbally nonverbally or otherwise, um, That’s something that really fascinates me because that tells you a lot whether people think it or not um how someone stands out someone presents how they how they react to certain situations, um, they can’t the body can’t lie they can lie but their body can’t like I think that’s truly special to have that in your in your back pocket because then that puts you on a whole nother level because you actually know what’s going on absolutely listen to what they say yeah and especially with who we work with middle school, yeah.

I mean, they’re not gonna tell you no, I mean, yeah, it’s a come in here like limping, oh my god you live in they’re like, no, I’m like, okay. And then let me later on they can take some 15 minutes to put their shoe on cuz ankles all swollen but I mean, it’s like yeah like there are towels and they’re there are certain things you can learn just from just by simply watching and I tell people all the time like you have two eyes and two years for a reason.

I mean, I, Still don’t like talking that much. I mean, I’ll do it and obviously in this form now, they’re pretty good at it, they’re gonna hear me talk a lot. But no, I mean, I love to watch and I love to listen and so I like to see where that takes me first before.

I have to actually like vocally intervene but I mean to get back here question. I kind of went down a rabbit show there, it’s more. In terms of like what I think performance wise or kind of like expertise wise like you said it’s more of this kind of narrowing your focus right now.

I would say I’m in this boat where I’m trying to kind of consume as much as I can mm-hmm but only to figure out what I really want to do, um, like I said like real so like as of late it’s been more kind of the interpersonal piece because I mean the past three four years before that that was all kind of like hey, like let’s look at strength peace from like a powerlifting standpoint like Westside bar about Dave Tate, like all these big strength people and then What’s more to kind of like the athletic development side people like Mike Robertson aircressi Derek Hansen Charlie Francis like these guys who were like very very very good at their sport yeah or their training population if that sport so I mean it changes and then I think it’s always gonna change mm-hmm and I think that keeps it fresh for me but I don’t I would say I’m not an expert in anything but I would like to at some point probably dialing it on something yeah.

I just think it’s still so new and we still don’t know even really know we have in our hands right now that it’s hard to kind of say yeah. I think that will kind of play out as we are operating correct yeah, that’s the hope yeah.

My experience. In commercial gyms has been like, I mean, you put my music in and just focus on myself because you see a lot of broken. Connecting you see a lot of just poor it makes me cringe yeah it’s just tough like yeah someone squatting and they’re just hinging in the spot yeah really have you shaking your head yeah yeah what’s kind of leads me to my next question what’s one pet peeve you have currently oh man, I’m kind of on your mind.

Um, And what and what then what sense I mean, I’d like I’m no one to judge anyone because I mean, I think there’s so much context that people usually don’t have so it’s really hard to like I would say yeah because you don’t want to come down on someone who’s just trying to get better right more from the coaching like what’s being coached, oh yeah yeah, so like so pet what I see that bothers me is probably.

Working for work sake I think like I said, I mean the kids who haven’t have and the kids who don’t probably won’t ever will or something something’s gonna have to happen outside of the gym. I think you can be motivated by a coach and someone can kind of get on you but it’s like, You.

You cannot like one person or one athlete rather cannot rely on a coach to get them through. To be a better person like I said like they need to want to get better in general to be better so I I don’t like the whole like let’s condition until we puke.

I like that is a huge button that’s not so much the performance side that’s more probably the sport coach size where yeah where it’s like this is gonna make them top well it’s like no it’s just gonna make them tired well how many movies have we seen right like yeah remember the title of course all that stuff yeah great movie yeah movie, right?

I mean how many movies yeah yeah, but just because you see in the movie doesn’t mean it’s right, so I, Don’t know it’s um. I definitely don’t like that. I don’t like. Oh that’s that’s a tall question because I’ve been blessed to be in a in a in a position where I’ve seen things done right for so long that um and I try not to go like seeking people out like I’m not one of those internet trolls like this is so wrong but I mean because there’s because like I said, there is context to it.

I mean, there could be someone could throw up a video on Instagram and it could look like crap but like you don’t know what that person is presenting with you don’t know that person’s backstory. I mean, there’s just a lot that goes into very very fair now, oh that’s just bringing a planet yeah, I mean, I’ve like, I mean, I’ve been at the YMCA here look.

Locally and like yeah there’s stuff that makes me cringe but I mean it’s kind of like you said like this don’t know yeah I know and I’m okay I think you can’t right honestly would bother me most of my commercial gyms like that’s how much people talk it’s like I thought you were here to work out like I like that drives me nuts people who not necessarily get easily distracted because I can I can I mean we I live in a world where everyone actually I have is distracted but it’s like kids checking their phones like during a workout like that will never fly like stuff like any logical kind of yeah, yeah, yeah, if you’re gonna work work if you’re gonna rest rest.

I mean, I don’t like anything in between you’re either kind of slow. Or you’re fast like there’s no medium there you can. Outside of the gym will have its to you embody that promote your health, oh, um. Or what have what what what might you be working on? I mean, you can never get enough sleep.

I mean, I think. If you don’t sleep seven hours, you probably have no earth in business going to work out that day, mm-hmm there’s no point. I mean, it’s like stepping over a hundred dollar bills to pick up pennies. That’s a great point um, and then they even like secondary to that would be that you’re nutrition even but like I said, that’s something that’s so I mean there’s a bajillion different diets there’s a bajillion different methodologies to how one should eat and especially for performance and stuff like that.

I would say. As long as you’re eating enough, you know protein in enough water like that in and of itself is a great star especially for younger people, um for me personally like I’m I’m always I’m in this kind of phase now where I’m blessed enough to where I’m not really training for anything so like I can experiment like we talked about the beginning.

I’m like kind of messing around with some intermittent fasting which if you would have told me that a year ago. Out a lack of you because I never would even thought about that using any kind of people to do that and so it’s just like it’s just having that kind of the freedom to float and kind of do different things depends on where you’re at yeah and like I think yeah, I think but I think it’s yeah important.

I mean, yeah this whole kind of lifetime to live I’m so instead of trying more towards performance it kind of like you said like I’m looking to kind of see how can I be a little bit healthier? I’m just overall so whether that is getting it good nicely. I mean eating tons and tons of vegetables like I’m the huge advocate of that.

I’d tell them most people. I’m just, Vegetarian who also eat meat like right yeah and then it helps so much because then you’re you’re focusing yeah, what veggies in my hundred percent a hundred percent? I love um. I I just love feeling kind of like I’m operating at the highest level possible and so whatever is gonna get me to the highest level that gets close to a hundred percent each day is I can get I’m gonna try to figure it out and plug and play it in my daily routine so it’s different.

I mean, I think everyone everyone’s so different and that’s like the beautiful thing about training is like it’s so personalized and that’s what I like about it so much. I don’t like do X Y and Z and do it this way and like that’s all you got to do because I think there’s so much interplay like I said, like even with the the individual athlete each day’s different they could come in.

They’d be a totally different person they were yesterday from physiological standpoint or neurological standpoint so right you’re just trying to figure out what they’re coming in with um, but I think yeah, I think I’m a huge fan of routine and habits, um, I think if you can get into good routine and develop really good daily habits that makes everything else so much easier because you almost kind of autopilot through what you need to do mm-hmm that way when it comes time to do something good big and great you have all this kind of reserved energy this this kind of capacity or this momentum to kind of complete that task all right, absolutely.

And it you kind of what you brought up reminded me of that compliance piece like it’s not so much about doing the perfect. Thing for a week or two it’s about how long can we keep you doing hmm yeah a little bit where you’re gonna be better over the long term instead of happening on the next fad diet or doing the next fed training yeah falling off and that yeah, then that’s what you I mean, yeah, you see everybody he’s gone Facebook you see all these moms I got I’m trying to do diet.

I mean in two days it’s like well you’re gonna come back you need a box of chocolate so congratulations but now it’s I mean that is if that’s one thing I could tell anyone especially like my younger self it’s like just stick with it and like just trust it because it’s so hard to have perspective.

And like I even for myself still like I still have the hardest time with perspective like I get so antsy and ADD with my training where I’m just like, oh I got been doing this real month like I’m sick of it like when it’s like really I should be doing it for another three and so I think it’s just to stay in something like that is extremely valuable home and that’s also I think the only really true way to get results.

I mean even at our gym here like, I don’t want anybody here to be here for less than three months but only they’re identity out of it. So absolutely. Speaking of doing something for longer than you should let’s talk about the workout that we’ve been oh gosh 30-day challenge.

Yeah 10,000 swings. Yeah, the 10,000 swing challenge, we we stole this from Dan John who actually I had not heard of until this past year and now I probably read all this stuff by now. I mean, he’s got some phenomenal content on another great example of compliance and he’s been coaching strength conditioning since like 1967.

And so I like I like he’s really had the time to simplify things that I’m a huge fan of that. I love what’s the least amount of work we can do and get the best best result or get the most out of it. And with him the past month, I was running kind of his kind of style but template for like my weightlifting but then I found this, um, like I going back to the thing I wanted to mix it up and get weird with it, um, I found this ten thousand swing challenge where you would do five hundred kettlebell swings a day five days a week for four weeks.

And obviously, that would be total up ten thousand swings. It’s not light it’s not like we’re doing five pounds. I mean, no no, I mean, they think though the load varies. I mean, he recommended that any like male start with like a 24 kilo kettlebell, it’s 53 pounds. And that’s I mean, I remember looking at that.

I’d be like that’s it. I still doing this. Yeah, right. I know it’s like and I’m still using it to this day, like I mean, we’re day four starting today, but um. I mean it is brutal and the way they break it up is you’ll do tense wings 15 swings 25 swings and then 50 and then in between each of those sets you’re doing some sort of strength movement.

So I’m like, I believe the first day we did like an overhead press in between and it’s for strength so I mean, you’re hitting like a one or two and a three rep not like I would say a max like you definitely but you’re at least like eighty percent yeah eighty to ninety percent in terms of your lower there and then thrown in like weighted chin ups or regular chin ups, um, some sort of like squat movement.

And you’re gonna yeah you’re doing enough hinging for the rest of your life. I mean, holy cow my low back and my hips have never been more sore but it’s fun and like I said, like, I would never probably endorse this for an athlete. Well, we’re assuming that. The listener is probably 25 and up Yeah for sure just one but I mean this is just yeah that’s like that’s like you said like I’m looking down I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this before so I’m excited to see like yeah, I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I mean, I feel like my grip is gonna be oh phenomenally change we should grip is like the foundation of your strength, right?

Yeah, I totally agree be interesting to do a power lifting meat before and after and see yeah, no, I mean, okay, well, I know there are some power lifters, um, Donny Thompson he I mean, he didn’t think he told it like three thousand pounds, um, and like the heavyweight class and he would.

Do it. In his like max effort squats when he was at Westside he would do like set like kettlebell swings like as like active recovery really nobody else did that and I mean he was I mean three thousand pounds. I mean average that out it’s a thousand pounds per lift, obviously I only get all that but that’s not that’s not you mentioned.

I thought of the term minimum effective dose of Tim Ferriss term yeah for that principal. Do you employ that in your own life or in coaching? Um, definitely in coaching working on that my own life, um, I. Am have a very hard time my personal life kind of balancing things or kind of being all gas no brakes.

I would say getting a lot better at that now but I mean for coaching a hundred percent. I mean, some people would probably I mean, our programming is super minimalistic super simple some people you would even think on paper it doesn’t even look like that much but like I said, there’s context for everything right, um, So there’s a lot that there’s there’s a lot of thinking that goes into our programming but it’s not.

It doesn’t look like a lot went into it that makes sense yeah I mean it is very very minimalist yeah it wouldn’t work selling it online having like no interaction right right there has to be intention in the move yeah, well there’s this like this external piece where people like I said, they’re so used to just doing so much where like if they don’t feel like they’re don’t feel like they’re arms are gonna fall off like the we didn’t do enough work and I’ve ran into this excuse me with people before where that’s like I can we do extra and I’m like, like just like come back and tell me to feel on a day and a half and like, I mean, like somewhere it’s something like where we do a lot of sprint work.

I mean, we’ll do. Just like six to ten like ten to twenty yards sprints and then they come back and like some people will come back the next day and I mean they’re living as a zombie it’s just like this they don’t know it’s like they’re not peripherally sore where they’re muscles like it like sore they’re nervous but they’re nervous as absolutely smoked so and that’s one of those things that I didn’t even really figure out until I started doing it myself like I didn’t sprint a ton coming up, um, but when I started to do it the next day, I would be like, oh my gosh, like guys get hit by a train like it was just like a weird feeling that that neurological fatigue.

Um, it will get you and it’s I mean, that’s honestly like that controls everything else so that’s about most important trying to get that to recover is a tricky thing to do now kids don’t really struggle with a whole recovery piece because they’re baseline stress their life stress is so low but um, No it’s very minimal effective dose is a hundred percent the way to go because I mean, I heard this great term, um, actually I was down at a like a seminar in Indianapolis in this guy his name’s Rufus, um, he’s like one figure on one I don’t remember.

I remember he’s got some really jacked up and he’s really old guy apparently so I’ve never seen him coach he’s a phenomenal his reputation, he is a phenomenal Olympic weightlifting coach, mm-hmm and he what um, what he said one time weird we were talking, um, And he said well like he was talking to the parents was the parents thought they weren’t doing enough work for their kid anyway the analogy he was well like so we have we you have two ways to kill a fly I can hit it with a flash water.

I could kill with a tank, right? I mean, it’s like both are gonna work what’s like the what’s the most logical progression yeah exactly so it’s like yeah you bring a kid in here who’s never lifted away it’s like a 25 pound kettlebell or a dumbbell is gonna get him pretty strong and then once we can’t use that anymore then we go up so it’s like let’s milk everything we can out of what we got and then progressing.

There hmm I think that’s definitely that’s what we’ve done doing and that’s been extremely successful, mm-hmm is there an element of like ego in that or oh for sure well because like I mean, like you’re controlling the the pace yeah, well yeah and the kids get angry with that, right or I’m just I mean any athlete or in their competitive they want to do what Johnny next door next to him is doing but Johnny’s probably been here for three years and so someone who comes in here day one and they see someone their age doing and more advanced movement because they’ve been here longer.

Than more trained they want to get there you like yesterday, so it’s tough to see. That or it’s tough to manage that but I mean it’s just kind of one of those things where I tell them okay like you just got to be patient or it’s a conversation where you say hey this, um, this gets me here for three years like like I don’t I don’t want you to do that yet.

I don’t think you’ll need to do that yet and so it’s tough especially for the the more that more the boys. I mean the girls they don’t care yeah yeah, so I just measure some do yeah to an extent if they do they won’t tell you yeah but they’ll tell their parents yeah right and when it’s more just like hey, they want to they grow most of my experience has been female athletes were just really want to do it, right?

Half the time they don’t even know wait they’re using they just pick up all this the yellow one or like oh like I’m gonna use this one set out here on the floor and it’s like oh it’s like smart way to do like twice your body weight, you know, that is crush it and so I love it and but at the same time, I mean, yeah the the younger boys, you know coming up that whole ego yeah Joe I remember asking oh yeah, I mean, I saw that piece of me.

I think I’ll go over go away that’s okay, mm-hmm. No it’s a I think it’s good, so we’re kind of wrapping up here we have to get to our warm-up to do these five hundred give any last thoughts no, um, this was fun. I mean, that’s just a ton of fun.

I don’t. How long we don’t walk into a while. I was um, no, I mean as we just kind of figured things out. I think this is uh, Gonna be just a medium where we just kind of either yuck it up or I don’t know if at one point we’re gonna like throw questions out, oh yeah yeah, I would love to do something like that but um hope to see if we go more yucky or more structured yeah no for sure.

I think yeah or maybe do both who knows yeah but no I think as long as we’re providing some sort of value to somebody I don’t really care because like I said that I listen to podcasts like to learn yeah absolutely and so I guess like if if that’s what we’re doing or if it’s more of just kind of like, Comedic relief watch you can start a struggle through a conversation that’s great too.

I think over that provides value but not think moving forward for trying to yeah get good information out there it’s helpful as possible. I think there’s a lot of good information in this one we’ll try to continue that and provide the best quality podcast that we can for you guys, so thanks for listening if you got all the way through it you’re our number one fan we’ll send you letters you are a true champion, thank you thanks for listening guys, see you next.

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