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7: Interview with a CrossFit Coach; Who is Alex Bowes?

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
7: Interview with a CrossFit Coach; Who is Alex Bowes?

Listen in as we interview a CrossFit Certified Coach. Our very first podcast with a guest, and we couldn’t be happier to interview our very own OPTC coach, Alex Bowes. Some of you may be wondering about Alex’s background and how he ended up being an all-around stud athlete and man of character. Find that out here, plus his defense and approach to integrating CrossFit style workouts into his programming.

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Mr. Alex Bowes


That huh that’s why I try to just put it on before you know, yeah, that’s all you always have already go out.Welcome.Me into saying something stupid before we even knew that was fair OPP absolutely yes, oh we’re stoked he’s done a single digits but man, we haven’t even launched yet, hey boy, yeah seven and I mean we’ve had some I’m shocked we’ve kept up with this honestly I guess if that’s a banger so far yeah the time will tell right yeah right three views, we’ll see where should comments the reviews yeah, you know today we have a special guest.

The most special the boat on some might say today, we have none other than coach our expose in the house. Alex, it’s gonna be good to be on with you guys yeah. I mean he has been around most of the podcasts kind of behind the scenes whether in and out of the office or the gym or just kind of even to sing down it’s being quiet but lurking yeah sound producer yeah well, I mean, it’s low instead of fast real G’s moving sounds like lasagna so.

It’s facts he does that well. I apologize terrible joke, um.But now I think we were bringing him on today, just to you know.Spitball some ideas, you know, go back and forth. I know last episode six we kind of were talking about crossfit as a training methodology, um, ironically enough about two days after the fact, um this whole controversial you know, Greg Glassman thing came out, um,You want to you want to give us some insight on that I mean, I know like you have like I said, you probably betrayed across it but no crossfit since about 2017 like on my first deployment to the UAE is when I really kind of started the actual like methodology of kind of involving mm-hmm like the high-intensity with like trying the almost teach myself Olympic weight lifting a little the gymnastics a little of that kind of thing. 

I always liked the kind of training style of like high intensity circuits whether it was body weight or whether it was,Just like lifting like quickly like short rest but like kind of quick burst going to thing but I didn’t and of course I always like when I was you know doing like like back and buys chest and tries like, you know kind of traditional either bodybuilding or just strength training. 

I was I always mock crossfit. I was a cog dude cross so it’s so dumb like, you know, I didn’t know anything about it and I was just like, you know, it was just it was popular to have that that have that kind of belief behind it, but when I really started like,Like watching different things either on YouTube or they have a couple documentaries on Netflix I start watching those like oh that’s actually kind of it’s pretty bad yeah yeah kind of those exciting I was like dang like these people are like extremely impressive athletes yeah, they know question yeah and then when I realized that there’s a lot more to it than just like the elite side of it like at the crossfit games or anything like that, like how it’s changed a lot of people’s lives like just on like a,Kind of personal level so I was like you know what that’s pretty sick I want to I’m kind of dive into this a little bit so that’s kind of yeah I guess 2017 is when I really started getting into CrossFit and thinking about like doing more of it and trying to teach myself stuff and then when I came back from that that’s when I started going to an actual gym where they’re coaches and like decent programming and so enjoyed that and decided to kind of become a coach myself yeah the end of 2017 you are certified aren’t you yeah you got the well sort of it’s a certificate program, okay for the level one is a strength ticket, okay, if you go through the level two.

That’s some all sorts of good but if you go through level three there’s like four tiers on coaches so it’s like one and two or just certificates and the level two is more of a like coaching emphasis while the level one is just like a broad like hey, this is what CrossFit is like this is our methodology now you can kind of understand like our nine foundational movements what is CrossFit what we believe is fitness all those kind of things and then take that methodology back to your gym and then the level two is a way more like coaches I emphasis like teaching you how to be a better coach of those movements and everything so the level three is a certificate.

You shouldn’t and the level four as well and those are kind of higher tiered things going on and they’re not a ton of people it’s a small community level three level four, okay, very small and is that more like probably like games coaches you would imagine no not necessarily you’d be surprised probably a lot of the majority of the people who actually train games coaches like,We’ll have their level two at least but they’re usually coaches from other kind of spears so we’ll have you know, and I see I like CS okay different so like smart people of course very good but they have just kind of adopted like trying to get these elite athletes to that next step so yeah, yeah. 

I know definitely. I mean, we we even touched on that last week, I mean,Yeah visit I mean impressive is definitely the word I would use um for the game for the game athletes yeah I mean those people like you look at them they look like superheroes right or they look like they’re like you’re optimal like speck warfare candidate even like they’re little like warriors running around lifting of weights and doing crazy things. 

I mean, it’s yeah, yeah, I mean athletics wise like they have it yeah but I do want to backtrack because I realize as as soon as I told you to kind of talk about crossfit a little bit when you got into it, we didn’t even really kind of give you a chance to kind of introduce your more kind of backstory, um, whether it’s just in general, I mean, you want to just tell?

Everyone a little bit about yourself kind of back up with touch because you because you had mentioned deployment, um, I’d love for you to kind of deep dive and kind of your your background your history probably over the past like five to ten years, whether it is fitness related or not, you just want to go ahead and share a little bit about yourself yeah for sure. 

I mean, well, I am Thomas’s brother that’s a kind of a little older than I did yeah older brother just got a couple years and,Yeah, grew up playing a lot of sports like.Playing everything but actually like competing like playing organized sports and mostly just soccer tiny tiny bit of basketball and.

Um, yeah the older I got the more focused like soccer became and high school and then my first year of college played at a really really small Bible school in upstate New York then that kind of was the end of my like competitive soccer career played a little bit of like rec league and just fun stuff trying to stay athletic but I didn’t really get into weightlifting too much until my like sophomore year of high school where we had a,I got former pro athlete that came to be our our strength like coach like in our school at our high school and that was like my first real exposure like I really enjoyed it and I really loved like the training aspect but didn’t didn’t take it as seriously just because I was so focused on like my sport that I would like the training behind I was just like, oh if I want to get better at soccer, I have to play more soccer and if I want to get faster up to do sprints or if I want to get stronger to do push-ups or squats, yeah, so it’s like a lot of like just a lot of uneducation because like even with having like a format like professional athlete like being.

You’re strength training coach like he didn’t educate us almost at all it was just like use your sheet do these workouts like this is kind of what they look like if you’re messing it up and then just follow the sheet and that’s it so see NFL no MLB, oh yeah baseball player so explains the education but JC soccer you’re listening, that’s you you’re dumb.

No so moving on from there like I didn’t have any kind of organized like lifting programmer really did like after kind of doing a few years of college. I just was like, you know, I just kind of want to just like I wanted to like kind of bodybuilds I you know, I wanted to look jacked, oh yeah, come on we all want a bodybuilder where we’re look like a guy nutrition never really came into play either, oh just like off I’m working out. 

I can go and house this little Caesar yes, so.I just worked out for an hour and a half I didn’t like you know smile on the treadmill yeah it must have burned at least 10,000 calories exactly so it works yeah that was the way so yeah not a ton of experience by way of that until I started taking it more seriously like starting to train to go into the military so decided when I was a 23 I felt kind of stuck. 

I felt like I was in a place where I was like well, I haven’t finished my degree but I want it because I wanted to work to go back to school to because I so I can afford school right and then I was working so much that I was like and I don’t have.

Time to go do anything else and like I’m living on my own now like have all these like bills are like stacking up and I’m like dang like I need to find something that’s gonna like kind of get me out of this rut and also gonna help me like either catapult me back into school or get school for free or a scholarship something mm-hmm and then found the military as an option started looking into the different branches of what I thought would be a decent fit for me.

I found that the Air Force had a program and their special warfare called Parow. Rescue that I was super super into. It’s basically who the seals called 911 when they’re in trouble for their tops here search and rescue group that are trained similarly as far as like tactics weapons like Fitness like the whole regiment is very it’s a similar like it’s the Air Force’s version of the seals. 

Okay, essentially, yeah, so we’re gonna put it. They, um,They’re awesome like I have several friends now who are who have made it all the way through that are there’s a much better. There’s a national guard per rescue unit as well or yeah, absolutely the air. Yeah, the air guard they have a couple of a unit out in Alaska. 

I wanted New York I think one in Florida. So yeah anytime. Yeah, you hear someone getting like search and rescue like either domestic overseas, they’ll do a lot of work with.NASA like anytime like spatial missions like come back in like land in the water and stuff like that that PJs are the ones going out to are interesting to go save them. 

Yeah, so let’s save them, but make sure that they’re yeah, so stuff like that they’re and not only it’s not just people it can be like high value targets as far as.Like if we have information systems that are like overseas are like under attack like PJs will go into like save like you know the computer like the files are you know stuff like that just like box yeah exactly so stuff like that they’re uh, they’re the most technical rescue specialist in the world yeah definitely something I was interested in yeah physical like challenge the mental challenge and then just you know, everyone wants to be a badass like yeah, don’t shoot the bad guys and say, oh yes, so that super appealed to me so trained for that and like tons of swimming because they’re you know have to be experts in the water rescue like, you know,All over the world so train a lot swimming trained a lot of calisthenics just push-ups full episode the whole deal and then a lot of running involved in that as well for the selection process so.

Going forward from that I enlisted in 2016.No 2015 yep news July a January it’s 2015. I signed up I didn’t leave until July got to go and hang on Texas and July until September just in basic training and it was a shock to this nice hot yeah going from that like in September is when.

Like started kind of this journey like toward pair rescue and got to be in and around the school house and like train and prepare for about like three months it wasn’t a common a common thing we kind of got backlogged due to their lack of instructors for the amount of people that we had at one time so I was there for three months training just getting ready which was nothing but an advantage yeah, so then mean 39 other dudes were ready to go January 1st or Journey 4th to start our course.

About halfway through the first phase of training which is like a nine week selection. I we’re in the water doing like water confidence is what they call it because they can’t call it like don’t drown drills yeah drop practice we had about half the uniform on like your regular full fatigues like doing 25 meter underwaters and like a 14 in a 14 foot pool and I had what I felt like was almost an auto body experience like I was swimming like pulling myself like through the water like okay, like almost there almost there you look up.

You are very far away and you’re like okay so you do like two or three more poles, you’re like look up you’re like I haven’t even moved yeah like it was and so your mind starts to go like you’re actually heart starts pumping your blood’s going and this eating up all that oxygen that you’re trying to hold on to and so I got a little hypoxic so I jumped like popped up like came to the surface of the water and I,Started kind of like freaking out a little bit and I swam over to the side of the pool and they looked at me like are you quitting like what are you doing like get back in the water, what are you doing and so I just kind of like hypoxic my eyes were kind of like rolling a little bit so they’re like get out of the pool of bows. 

I’m like, okay and then what I didn’t totally realize was that like there was that was through your actions yeah it was quitting hmm so like and they have different like in the course they had like certain stipulations like you can quit by verbal by like actions or by like just getting out of the pool doing something like that, so.

That was that was that for me the dream at that point felt dead, so I was like dang this is a this is an idea yeah so then what I decided to do was to stay in the Air Force because you could like I could have the option to either get out and just like kind of go back to civilian life or stay in and then have a chance like a couple years down the road to retrain to try again, so that’s exactly what I did. 

I went to be a mechanic on some Casey 10 airplanes some big tanker reviewers and then two years later went back and tried again andThe whole process was like a journey had to go through another week’s election and just get my butt kicked to to be invited back to the course after that process making it through the selection came back and then I was on the exact same day of training that I had quit last time through action. 

I woke up that morning. I knew what day was I was like yes like this is the day I’m gonna crush this day, like I was so motivated. I was so much more prepared like mentally and physically at the time before and I tore them in this case excellent doing.

We were so we had a team log so it’s basically a 201 telephone pole to carry with 20 people and as we’re marching it from the dormitory because it has to be under 24 hour guard so when you’re taking it from the dormitory back to the schoolhouse for the day, you have to go across like this big open like grassy field that the a different selection group uses as like their PT field it’s like holes rabbit holes snake hold like, you know, anything that’s kind of just living around and step in one of those holes like with a giant log which each individual is carrying it like what 200.

Pounds.Like their shoulders so you’d step twist gone I was like oh no like it didn’t it wasn’t normally I’d never really had an injury like that before like I like twisted an angle before but it wasn’t like anything super serious so I was just like oh that really hurt yeah I was like kind of limping like I was like, I’ll just walk it off it’ll be fun. 

I’ve never had that before yeah, so then we get to the schoolhouse finally and I’m like dang we have like a two and a half mile rock like next our next event like 30 minutes later was a two and a half mile rug 60 pounds, like going to an obstacle course.

Where we do the obstacle course and then rock back so she’s get on the rock and I’m like dang like I need to start at the front so that if like I start falling back like it’s not that I can hopefully still be with the pack yeah time we’re there so it’s exactly what I did and I was dead last like coming there which the instructors were pissed because they knew that I was one of the the stronger candidates like at that point in the game and they’re like what that’s wrong with you bows. 

I’m like knee pain they’re like, all right, well suck it up seek medical or quit like oh not gonna do that, yeah medical seeking.Medical is like you’re getting sick medical no not in this course because it’s so intense and so many different things like zinc medical doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re further for the general personally yeah, it doesn’t mean that you’re done but like I had a feeling like as this truck was going on in the knee wasn’t feeling any better by any stretch it was only feeling worse. 

I was like if I seek medical that could be it, so eventually get through like half of the obstacle course and I’m hobbling and you have to do with a partner so like everything I’m slowing my partner down which he probably wasn’t like mad about because he was just looking at.

Absolutely but for me it was a trudge so ended up.Going to an instructor and he’s like here they’re gonna seek medical care quick, so I’m gonna let you keep doing this. I’m like well I suppose. I’m gonna see medical.Yeah and I was informed that because of the nature of the meniscus it was like a partial terrier lateral partial tear and they’re like if you had torn this all the way like it wasn’t gonna get any worse and we could have probably let you keep going but because the nature of it you can’t keep going because we can’t let it get worse yeah and I was like, so what do you so you’re telling me I have to like you can recommend me to to continue the course so I know and I was like, so if you leave the room nice like twist really hard like then one like no like because like I was there you were.

An evaluated right so I was like six so yeah right there dream yeah he was done so round two to couple years getting back to that yeah bummer what was that babe bummer it’s probably personal but you just touch on it, what was that moment like did you handle it well or I thought I did at the time but it was I think it was one of those moments where I was like,Part of me felt like you know, what like these are things outside of your control like what’s happening on purpose you didn’t quit but then it was also like stoic looking yeah, it was just kind of like.

Dang really like yeah for it so for like you know almost like three and a half years like total of like training just for like this job this moment this time yeah for it to feel like it’s just gone and I was like, you know, the only thing I can equate it to is like people who are like athletes in high school who like are super promising like trying to get scholarships or something like that and then like to get into college on like a full ride and then they blow their ACL and there’s like years of like the dream like, you know, it’s something it was it was that devastating yeah like you trip on stage to get your diploma yeah and they’re like, sorry yeah.

My head is like more so even I mean you said like three and a half years that’s almost like an Olympic cycle and I mean it’s like right again to like the opening rounds and just like blowing out your hamstring in the hundred meters three and a half years of your life you’re even more so sometimes like gone, um that robs you have a lot right? 

I mean that’s big time whether it’s identity, whether it’s just like, you know kind of just like peace of mind. I don’t know that’s I think that’s a tough blow to handle. I think no matter who you are and you can obviously see what see what kind of guy Alex is with obviously loving it his own butt kicked. 

I mean,That whole selection process like I mean, it’s not for the fan heart and and even being in the cross with Rome as well. I mean that kind of speaks to that even on a different level but that’s it that’s intense. I mean, you know, do you think that took you a while to kind of rebound or bounce back and to like feel like yourself or like I guess kind of changing your orientation, right? 

I mean, you got to basically course correct and figure out what’s next on that a little bit. I feel like up to that point. I don’t have like,One speed it was go or it was rest you know like especially because of that whole cross-foot mentality like your desire is to do workouts that are like go go go, like hard workouts, like for time like everything’s like that so and if similar to this course like everything you’re doing is like do it a hundred percent effort all the time like speed and efficiency like all that kind of stuff is like your goal and everything looks perfect, everything looks uniform all that kind of stuff so then like after this interview like I went back to our station in New Jersey, andI not only couldn’t be where I wanted to be with like my teammates and all that stuff but I came back couldn’t work out like to the intensity. 

I want to or like really anything for a couple weeks before I started like slowly getting back in and even then I was like and I like I want to go and we’re on a beat I could have never had such a debilitating injury before like granted like semi minor like not like I didn’t break my hip and bring my back where it’s like months of recovery it was just like, you know weeks of just like man not feeling like myself with physically like,Mentally emotionally it was just kind of like drained and yeah, there was times where I was just like man like,Tried to seek perspective like this could be so much worse yeah, but then at the same time like man this sucks yeah still pretty terrible it was a yeah. 

I mean, sometimes you still I still think about like what if like what if like if that had looked different the first time around where would I be if it looked different this like that the second time around where would I be like?Put at the same time like I think it’s all it’s all brought me to where I am now which I’m psyched by so yeah but so and that’s why yeah you know you keep constantly looking back not to initially more in the past but to like be thankful for like we’re where you are now seeing how we’re the journey’s taking you but yeah, I’ll have to say like after coming back that’s when I started a really take away more vested interest in like the coaching aspect of like crossfit like at the gym. 

I was with and I was like, you know, like this is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I know like in the past you like Tom’s I had talked about man, it would be so cool like,All in a gym one day or two like you know coach together like you do something like that just kind of bounce off each other and work work together in that sense so I was like, you know, like I really love coaching. 

I love seeing people go from one state where they’re like, yeah, like I’m okay this really got want to learn how to get better this and then see them develop and see like not only like their physical strengths increase but like they’re confidence like their emotional stability just like should get super shirt up, so that’s something I’ve always liked valued and loved to see improvements in people and see how theyJust are happy getting more happy with themselves you know all the work that they put in and helping them along that journey is something that’s always been very fulfilling for me so I knew that was like, you know, it’s time to double down this coaching thing like I really want to be better. 

I wanted to learn the coach at the cross with gym. I was at the it was also the owner did like kind of a loose a loose internship with him like I would just basically sit there and like asking questions to you to have me just kind of shadow yeah coach classes and I’d ask them questions about either his his cues his corrections or like programming a lot. 

I really wanted to learn about howTo be a more effective like workout programmer and stuff like that in the Crossfit space it’s difficult because it can be difficult because the whole thing is constantly very much movements executed it relatively high intensity right so many movements to learn there’s so many movements that so many variances with both like it can be barbell dumbbell kettlebell, it can be just like with everything here and optimal it’s just we need to like but with us like we just kind of bounce out the same things like the same workouts and then just change like either theMed or sometimes the variance like with crossfit it’s like daily different like week to look you’re not gonna see the same workout like maybe once every couple months and those are usually benchmarks just to see like how fit you’ve become hmm like over time and that’s why they use like benchmark workouts, but for the most part it’s just a constant variance so doesn’t build too much adaptation so one specific thing unless you know, there’s certain people that go on specific cycles, yeah. 

I’m trying to build that but so I’m gonna bring up aPoint of contention possibly, so I did train cross it for a year. I had experience with it my thing is like it’s a it’s an elite type of program very fun to watch on a competitive level.And an illegal, um, but.

They’re taking it and kind of distilling it or watering it down and then trying to give it to everyone and what happens is you have constantly very movements that you people are still learning each and every day so like oh awesome. I’m starting to get the jumper, oh the the speed rope and then I’m not gonna do it for three weeks like how can I get better and then things are gymnastics same thing with five metrics, yeah, I mean think about gymnastics like for someone like me where I’m like,Like very tight my shoulders. 

I don’t have good range of motion my mechanics in that regard are not great and then they’re saying all right, you’re ready to kipping pull-ups, it’s like I can see I can see.How I could build up to that but that’s probably a two to three year process sure and no that’s totally valid. 

I think that has a lot to do more so with.The gym owners and coaches and how they’re willing to integrate and like on ramp new members right so they’re.Good gyms with good systems in place will definitely have those like minimum strike standards to do certain movements, so I know that the gym I was going to if you couldn’t do at least at least five like strict pull-ups, he wasn’t gonna have you do kipping bulbs yeah because if you don’t have this the represent strength like in like your shoulder and you’re like rotary cuts and stuff like that just to be able to pull your body weight up five times to keep it into like kind of almost like extend like contract the shoulder in that way, mm-hmm is only gonna be like yeah, you can do more like,But at what costs like as your shoulder health basically so yeah like to have good strength standards like in place like as requisites to those more higher skilled movements or those like not necessarily as practice movements like you were saying with the jump rope like if you can’t do double unders which is a pretty common like implement and cross-foot workout it’s like okay do a bunch of single unders but if you don’t take time like in either you’re warm-up or in like the pre or excessive training right accessory training stuff like that, like,You’re never gonna get better you’re still like if you don’t program that regularly for your members yeah then yeah it’s just gonna be a totally random variance of like oh like we did double unders two weeks ago and now we do them again, but I still haven’t practiced in two weeks yeah like yeah, it’s it comes down a lot to the person who’s programming yeah and then the standards that you haven’t placed to make sure that people are gaining strength and doing enough accessories to build up those things to get to attain those higher skill either gymnastics or weightlifting or yeah, that’s just great so my argument is like,It’s an elite thing and it should be that way and it’s there’s too many people that come in for an hour like a boot camp class see but it’s also one of those things like one of the,Things that Greg Glassman the guy was currently in super deep water like when he’s right when he wrote out talking about what CrossFit is and what it was should be like he was trying to he said it was way easier to market CrossFit to Navy SEALs that also your grandma can do instead of saying your grandma can do this and then trying to market it and Navy Seals. 

I mean, so yeah, like the fitness ideology is.Like marketed to the elite like their first like slogan was forwarding a leap fitness yeah right but it’s easier to market that and say it’s infinitely scalable which it is.So that someone like my dad who’s 71 years old is doing it hmm and also you know these these elite athletes like the quote of fittest on earth but then like also it’s the needs of like our elite athletes don’t differ from our our elderly are sick they just differ by degree not kind yeah, so I agree with that does do does my dad need to be like power snatching like 225 never because you need to be maxing out like a power snatch no but should he be able to take a,PVC pipe or broomstick and be able to pull like and use triple extension and get that over his head and stable shoulder position over his head, absolutely yeah yeah the weight the weight and the variance is as important as like the explosivity and like the purpose and the mm-hmm what’s the word?

Power yeah I mean just the power that you need to be able to perform there’s life there’s a lot of value with what crossfit has done, it’s kind of it’s made it it’s made it made fitness like a huge thing again, you know 2006 when they’re kind of starting out yeah and it made Olympic lifting interesting. 

I made a lot of things that were not interesting very interesting to a lot of people absolutely like even USA with lifting. I’ve heard Mike Bergner want to like the forefathers of USA like Olympic weightlifting he’s like without like Crossfit, it would be almost a dead sport andAmerica like obviously worldwide like we’re still we have a lot of ways to to go as far as Americans and Olympic weightlifting we have a couple super promising people but like man, like cross it made that popular again like a resurgence of USA Olympic weightlifting in a huge way yeah, that’s huge.

Time so you have something I mean no you take everything with a grain of salt right I mean it all makes sense and like you said like yeah everything is infinitely scalable, um, like I said, I’m not here to just I’m not I’m never here to bash crossfit right do I think it’s a good way to train athletes to know and see that’s the thing I would totally agree with you on like that training athletes, especially like sports pacific athletes not necessarily the way yeah like it is a great supplementary for training but the best thing you could possibly do is just have your kids play more sports, of course like that, you know, the,More active, they are like crossfit is.

I would say better for adults because it’s that like we were talking about the other day it was that competitive outlet that they lack in their adulthood because they’re not playing sports like their kids are playing or it’s supplementing stuff that if they’re playing, you know, like a one day a week or two day a week like basketball wreck League after work, you know, something like that this feels those gaps as far as just instead of just running up and down the court shoot involved one hand or pass like it’s just an overall like sweat fitness hmm regimen, so no I would totally agree as far as like what we do here and like howThings work here like to train athletes to be stronger faster and all those things crossfit is probably not. 

I don’t think is the optimal thing for them yeah by any stretch.Yeah.My the point I was gonna bring up kind of looking back on something he said earlier was like it depends on the programmer the owner of the gym and at the one I was at was a Olympic decathlete so an amazing athlete and had a great understanding of mechanics and all that stuff but what it came down to is they got so popular and so big is you have a class where you’re saying, hey, it’s your first month here take a four weeks and just use a PVC play and then,The next week you have 45 people in the class it’s very hard to devote tension to each person and know where they are in that process and that kind of gets lost in the shuffle and then all of a sudden everyone’s putting on as much weight as they can yeah and I I mean part of its ego, it’s up to them the individuals themselves like you have to control yourself and then part of it. 

I think is like you’re in an atmosphere of.Everyone here is a badass whether whether you’re 60 or a grandma or it’s very fair, yeah yeah that is a challenge yeah and that’s I think that’s a huge proponent of why like you said that people get in lost in the shuffle of like unless you have yeah like a dedicated classic. 

I know my dad was started cross with he was going to a gym that it was like an eight-week like,The same for like starter program yeah basically economic program and like it was foundational like they teach you all the foundational movements to make sure that you were like not only strong enough but competent enough to go into the class mm-hmm like with everybody else and knowing what you were capable of and how nobody else is wait or anything like that at any bearing on you know, so yeah, you’re totally right. 

I think there there are gyms that.Can do it really well and there’s some that are really big that you think that if they got that big they’d have a really good like foundation and stuff like that, but sometimes they just yeah and that’s it isn’t that like sometimes the struggle across like you I can like after going to my like level one like certificate program like that makes you eligible to open up a hospital yeah so like if you can do the level one and then have three thousand dollars, you can have across the gym for year like yeah, yeah.

Whether it’s an entire facility like an imagine you’re the first and like Minneapolis to open you’re gonna get a ton of people showing up that’s exactly right, so it’s like and if you know all you know is what you learn to the level one.Is it enough? I don’t think so, is it something yeah it’s something yeah, but gosh if that’s all you go on you are doing every person that comes in there to service yeah yeah. 

I mean, I think I’m gonna pipe in here. I think.That’s a lot. I think if you if you can if you think you can get everything from a one-stop shop certification when we course two days yeah, yeah Sunday seminar man, oh I don’t like which I know what I feel like I every single day. 

I wake up. I’m like, okay, I still don’t know enough and I’ve been doing this actually it’s something so it’s like for me.Like there’s so much that goes into it right it’s like it’s like you said it’s the programming it is the the coaching different archetypes of people’s personalities, it’s the biomechanics it’s a physiology, it’s the the adaptations you’re trying to chase it’s like there’s so much that I mean that each one of those is it’s own like doctorate or masters degree in and up itself, but then to try to kind of use these kind of a one-size-fits-all approach is likely yeah, it’s like outside. 

I mean, that’s it’s gonna be like detrimental to.Anyone who tries to accomplish anything significant in the safe way um because any anytime you like in this goes for every exercise regardless of like what like methodology you follow like there’s always gonna be like a given a take, right? 

I mean, you program one exercise it’s gonna give you something it’s also gonna take away something so it’s like are you how do we counteract that how do we kind of bounce stuff like that out and when and then when we even talk about this off the mic before words how people want to show up and whether I mean, obviously it’s dependent on the coach or the program of the crosswitch gym.

Excuse me, but um.He outset said one time that people I mean that’s across what’s kind of that whole high intensity approach people come in five days a week and they’re doing high intensity five days in a row it’s like what point does that become not high intensity because you’re accumulated so much fatigue or you’re doing movements that are maybe high intensity but you’re the sets and reps schemes proved to be otherwise right because you can’t do anything high intensity for more than like probably two reps, right? 

I mean, like it’s about it’s let’s literally impossible like if you were to look at the how that’s categorized, so.I don’t know. I think I don’t even know where I was going with that but it’s interesting. I don’t know a crossfit owner, um owning a gym after oh yeah two days sir yeah, I mean, it’s hard, right? 

I mean you like you people people look for credentials people look for that stamp of approval, um,And to play devil’s advocate there’s people that have masters degree documents that have terrible programming protocols yeah you’re even just like like yeah like how do you how are they with people too right all right typically the more academic side is more academic in nature it’s not very personal mm-hmm and to be fair. 

I mean as far as the whole two-day seminar goes it was never meant to be your one-stop your final you know, and so the crossfit has put out several like,Both online and in person like courses for continuing education, and if it’s like that first specific things just depending on what you feel like like becoming more intelligent and or like learning more about and yeah just like I said, like for your like level three like your little four like certificate like those require you to have continued education, like either like,Legitimate academic like through college or even stuff or like through more finish related courses which I mean CrossFit accredit is accredited for different stuff and also will take anything like continuing education from other seminars so like that for the random mechanics like stuff you have in your wall like I’m sure like crossbow would see that and be like, oh yeah, like we take like those continued education credits and like what you see that is something valid so or like an FMS yeah moving screen like, you know anything like that, like I know I took that a active life like development and that was like, I think like nine credits.

Like continuous creation like level three or something like so.Yeah, yeah and then the other thing is.You started 12 weeks ago and then what is it March or April rolls around and they have the what’s the qualifications for for the games called oh well now that Lincoln workouts oh yes, so here’s that’s man that’s a whole other story like everything that’s come out like in the last like probably year since like the end of like 2018 like the 2019 season of this crossfit season it has traditionally always been like in the fall you’ll do the open which is like five workouts over five weeks like always in the fall, okay, yeah well actually no it used to be the spring okay, right you’re right so used to be like,End of end of February all the way through March was five workouts over five weeks that is basically a giant funnel process so hundreds of thousand people from around the world will do all these same workouts the best scores from those different like there’s like nine different regions would go qualify for regionals and then the best of those like at the top five from each region.

Go to the game we’ll go to the games and the games would be like you know the tip of the spear or leave the elite and then the two people on top men women, I guess teams would be crowned the fittest on earth so then the process totally turned on his head after Greg Glassman was like we’re not gonna do regionals anymore it’s way too expensive millions of dollars just not worth it so then we had other independent like groups or like organizers like event organizers trying to do things called sanctioned events that cross with sanctioned events commonly known as sanctions now so it is so it’s some.

All after the word and apparently it’s real. So then they’ll do yeah all these different workouts and events like for example like Water Palooza. Miami is like a big like fitness festival the rogue invitational in Ohio was like a several day event yeah it ended up there’s not oh there’s not changing it’s not sanctions there’s profit events like in people doing like crossfit like competitions constantly all over the world all over the state everything but a sanctioned event is like a big event thatIf you win your qualifies you for the cross so not only is that a way to qualify the crossword games if you continue to compete in the open and you get a top 20 spot in the open you will qualify for the CrossFit Games if you are the fittest person in your country like based on your scores from the open you get a spot to the CrossFit games, so there are some people who do all three some people are top 20 in the games the fittest in their country and win a sanction event, so if this whole back filling process of all these different ways, you can make it.

The game so sometimes you can be not top 20 in the open not want to sanction event and not be the first your country and go to CrossFit games just because you were close yeah and like someone above you was like, you know double count right so not to say those people aren’t fit but you know can’t right away that they’re not gonna win the process okay, so all anyway like that whole process is like change in the last two years, but now with corona especially the crossfit games as change to only top 20 in the open and if you want a sanction event, okay, so butNow after last week the founder across the Greg Glassman had come out with a series of like tweets and like a scathing like email like to one of his like 10-year affiliate owners essentially calling her mentally like unstable and like all these like super root email that came to light and everything like he and made some very insensitive borderline like racial like mm-hmm racially incessant like comments over twitter, um has,Lost thousands of affiliates in the process lost the respect of most of the crosswy community and has been for basically forced out as CEO of CrossFit.

However.That’s like that’s causing a lot of people to not want to go to the games yeah that was already gonna be less to begin with so now.He’s resigned as CEO be still the sole owner proprietor yes but ink so a lot of people still don’t see that as much of it enough of a difference to like want to see Crossfit like continue so there’s a lot of people especially like the most reputable people and like most followed people in the space that.

Aren’t about it anymore they’re trying to they’re trying to make bigger change and see bigger change in the community and so crossfits kind of like the name Crossfit is in a rough spot right now yeah yeah no question we’ve noticed that too just in like since last weekend when all I came out but um, I guess we kind of run out of time we got a group out that’s coming in here the next couple minutes, um to kind of close cross bidders the proposal train house coach crosswood and unconscious here so got you know, we know what I know what you like how you like there you go to put.

Yourselves in pain and I know are I say this but we want you here yeah and yet I mean this big thanks to Alice for coming on here kind of sharing his story. I know what to kind of get the rest of our staff and here at some point, um, definitely good to break it up for me and Eric I’m sure you guys were getting sick of us that’s when we talk about stuff so much but yes right now yeah, all right.

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