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11: Mobility & Flexibility in Athletic Performance

Optimal Training Podcast
Optimal Training Podcast
11: Mobility & Flexibility in Athletic Performance

Thomas, Eric, and coach Colton discuss mobility & flexibility as it relates to athletic performance. As OPTC introduces a yoga option on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings… the coaches and Eric underwent a sample yoga class to demo and generate feedback for the program to perfect it for the OPTC members. Is it OPTIMAL? Listen in and hear our take on Yoga, mobility & flexibility as it relates to training.

a guy doing yoga
A guy doing yoga


Welcome to OPP episode number 11. I’m your cost Eric with they always lovely time. I don’t know I don’t like the always lovely. Tom we don’t have I like that adjective yeah you kind of like I want each other it’s gonna look at the side of our face yeah we’re here that’s called 11 episode 11 totally smokes yeah I think do it when you said we just released the first one yesterday yeah, okay so took well like four months to get it out, but hey,Here we are never yeah better late than never hey we’re here with our guests second time guest right is the second or third this will all third time came favorite really for all the fans highly requested yes clue yeah. 

I actually told the some of the athletes that we had a podcast in one of the girls like I want to be on it right now yeah you want to talk about Avery Richmond, um, oh really if so if she’s watching this. Avery’s kind of like the the gym gossip she loves to talk about any and everything.

That’s not related to what we’re doing people relationships go yeah if you have a significant other she’s gonna find out she’s gonna know them better than you do that’s but I might be helpful no and then right seriously she figure out Carly yeah, can you yeah guys can question you’re like oh never thought to ask that yeah who knows that’s hilarious, um,But now I think that would be fun to eventually get an athlete guest. 

I don’t know yeah I’ve considered that I think you know, yeah like I was even like maybe to get Dan Chanley on here because he’s been here for like four years and kind of get his like backstory JT yeah like all those kind of OG people that be sweet. 

I think they enjoy that a lot yeah definitely so.If you don’t know by now we are optimal performance training center, we produce stronger athletes fast results powerful impact, you know, so what we did yesterday was we did a little bit of yoga so we had oh yes a couple of the yogis. 

I don’t know yeah yogis, but they structures yeah and they put us through a yoga offer game today program and it was it was interesting to say the least. I think they came into it trying to like prove.That yoga is difficult and it was proven well yeah I mean well they called it fit yoga right so and it wasn’t like very traditional in the sense where we weren’t trying to like tone it down, perhaps like it wasn’t like hey we’re gonna stretch and we’re gonna like get all funky and zen but like we had weights we had bands and like they I mean, yeah definitely trying to kick our butts a little bit, um probably more so just really wanted to prove something which is understandable but I don’t know I got some sweet pictures actually took some cool pictures of us but yeah now Eric’s wife.

And then.And Eric’s wife’s cause cousin cousin yeah. I mean, I’m not gonna knock them man cuz like the fact that they could demo that and talk while like having us do it. I was like no that’s pretty damn impressive that’s okay. I was like cuz like we would be like holding these like I saw like ab like hollow whole boats whatever you want to call them and then like twist with like weights and then like they’re like, they’re like counting and talking and I’m just like trying to breathe yeah and that’s about all I could do.

And they’re and they’re talking like okay, yes pick up yes, yeah yeah. Eric’s a half an apartment isn’t mad it’s literally looks like a bucket of water on it.How do you feel about it yeah I mean it was tough for sure like I was telling you guys like right after I took 10 to 15 minutes and I’m just like shaking but with my legs I’m just going crazy but it’s different it is it’s like a difference sensation what was like the hardest part about it for anything, um trying until like some of those positions like not not very funny wise for sure it’s just interesting because I from an athletic standpoint you seem like a flexible guy, mm-hmm, yeah. 

I mean, I would say like that’s like a huge weakness of mine like I’m okay, like,And like flexibility wise but I don’t know I mean some of those positions like they’re tough and they like require like the strength like you guys got a hole there right but so it’s it’s like like we like we talked about like it’s not like so much getting in that position but then it’s like being able to like own yourself and control yeah. 

I mean there’s one time where we’re doing almost kind of like they call it dragons almost we call like a spider-man crawl or like a strider stretch, um, and then the regard go ahead and do a push-up and we’ll be called each other same thing. I like I don’t even like yeah, like I like it like I saw called like doing a little shy.

Honestly like I don’t think this is gonna accomplish anything for me, so I’m just gonna stay right here, oh it was like that’s impressive, right? I mean, it’s yoga is a weird thing. I mean, I think.In my mind I was kind of gave it a bad rap because it’s like all right like the transfer isn’t really there in terms of like you have to do it every day but then in the back of my mind like I think about it because they do call to practice right and I think it is like it only really has a lot of value if you do practice it because that’s kind of how stretching works is you’re not really changing anything like a cellular level or like making any permanent changes just by doing a stretch right like you can stretch your hamstrings go run wake up the next morning, they’re gonna be just as tight if not tighter cuz you’re sore whereas like,If you continually have like this program where you can where you can kind of practice and stretch like yeah you’re gonna maintain it but like you don’t maintain mobility um just because you’re kind of always returning back to where you were without some sort of like resistance, right so I think like even that fit yoga we did yesterday would be cool um because maybe you could like holding like a 10 pound weight in that like horse stance at like sumo like style like deadlift like letting that kind of bring you down deeper. 

I think that that has benefit for sure yeah counterbalance yeah absolutely on like allowing yeah, like just better positions a better postures andThose are really uncomfortable places like I think the weight goes a long way but no it is cool I mean it’s like I can see how that could be super beneficial for someone to like train like that yeah just because of the intensity and just kind of they can they can regress in progress it pretty easily, right. 

I was extra cool right what about so I going off that what about for like athletes what do you think like do you think you said like if you stick to a program right like you could you find that you could find benefit in it like with athletes like we train words like we’re like transfer speed for strength, do you think having a program would be?

Beneficial for them, um, I think it would depend right? I mean, it’s like anything else we do here it always. I mean, it always depends on the person but you’ve got to think about it like this. I mean, they only need to be as flexible as their sport requires because I mean if you think about it like,Performance in general is not healthy right I mean you are you’re trying to you take one any time you go to the extreme edge of anything like it’s probably not healthy I mean we were I mean we’ve been talking about well whoa that guy camera hands like the bow hunter like marathon a day guy like that’s not healthy there’s nothing healthy about that but like usually he looks like he’s in great shape and he’s in great shape but it’s like like health wise, like that’s not a sustainable way to do anything and his whole thing is like I never take a day off and it’s like well that’s terrible so like I think people I think as long as like you’re kind of knowing like what’s the difference between health and performance?

Um, yeah going back to like they only need to be about as flexible as their sport requires them to so I get their sprinter like you want to be tight right that you want that kind of elastic return when they hit the track and you want them to be powerful and explosive and like kind of toned up whereas like,I don’t know someone like a gymnast like yeah you need that but yeah that they kind of take care of that on their own so I think there are some kids here that I think could definitely benefit from it but I mean it’s like I said like at what point like what’s the residual return on that like do you stretch like how long do you able to hold that mobility of like I know Eric and I were talking yesterday we both sprinted about probably like three hours after and excuse me. 

I felt like a room amazing like I like my like I felt like my arm like swing was like fine like my last really kind of loosened up like even like my heel recovery and like but how I could like step felt a lot different.How a lot more open and like way less restrictive, but now I woke up this morning and I feel even tighter like I mean, that’s it’s because I probably pushed in I’m just sore but I don’t know that’s something where.

You I would like to see a study on that. I’m not sure like.How stretching would necessarily help over the long term unless it was done like frequently and then that’s a thing like the reason we don’t do it is like hey we see kids for maybe two hours a week sometimes three yeah yeah so it’s like I’m not gonna yeah like I’m not yeah you can’t really fit it in without like making it a priority yeah let’s like prescriptive like hey you are locked up let’s do some strips yeah and we actually and we did that in the corn actually did that the other day there’s a kid here who’s I mean his low back is probably ideology talk about that although you talk about Andrew but yeah any time like the the deadlift like deficit yeah or even less like the heel lift with the wall yeah assisted yeah yeah.

A kid was he so eighth grade going to seventh grade yeah well and he’s been trained with us for what three years probably and and like his lower back like we were talking his lower back is just like super strong super tight and I mean even like a squatter dad like he just cannot sit down at all into it and so like when he’s dead left in his every time it looks like an RDL pretty much and then even sometimes the squats like he’s just dropping his chest.

And so with me and Tommy been like talking and messing around with that and so we tried to do like a deadlift like deficit try to get him like sit down a little bit more and I mean trying to explain it to like a middle schoolers this is kind of tough yeah, you know, like why are we doing this like why can’t I trap our deadlift like I used to yeah and I mean it got like even with the deficit like I just could not get him to sit down into it and so that took them off the deficit put him on the floor and they’re like cleaned up a little bit just because he didn’t have to go so low yeah just trying like like be safe while he’s here to and then.

Just yesterday he came in and instead of like having him do like the normal like goblet squat like we used to I kind of like put him up so like it’s his toes we’re about like four inches from like the wall and then I just had him squat there and then we also put some five pound weights. 

I’ll just under his heels just so he can like drop or get down a little bit lower right so it’s not so much like ankle or like movement or like a range of motion it kind of like cancels out a little bit and so just lifted his heels up and that I mean that I think that cleaned up quite a bit like yeah chest up because he was right you like, oh I just,Go right into the wall yeah so no there’s definitely like I think stuff like that is kind of where we would kind of fit in mobility if you will because right the whole thing about like the flexibility mobility is like flexibility is like your end range but then like how far can you get like I can take my hand quad like pull to my chest or something like that like a dancer or something like that whereas like mobility is like your usable strength, mm-hmm, right so like it’s great if you can do the splits but like how can you use that in a sport like you you really can’t so it’s like can I like others great to have you know, like like you’ve like even you yesterday doing like kind of like your lateral lunge.

Program because like found out real quick yesterday after yoga that we like got no like frontal plane side to side like control like the hips, um, hit us growing yeah glutes and so like stomach like stuff like that to me that’s like that has like a ton of value right because you can progress that over time you can load it you can intensify it you can accumulate volume on the like you can that you could do that one exercise for probably the next six months and like never plateau right um, and but then that that’s gonna make the yoga easier for you as well, you’re right right, where’s like I thinkDepend just a person depended right like if you already have a decent amount of flexibility. 

I think yoga is extremely beneficial because you can kind of take that and build upon it mm-hmm yeah yeah exactly and it’s more of like yeah, they kind of get that like muscular endurance where like you can hold those positions and you can get there like you get more stability and you get more control we’re so I think it’s just,Just like anything else in fitness or like performance like it’s kind of prescribed as needed basis per person yeah and like I mean going off that for like middle schoolers right if I mean if we can get like Andrew to even sit in like a proper squat like yeah, I mean what is yoga gonna do like he can’t even like let’s get him to squat first exactly be able to get in that position yeah and have strength from that position before, you know, like trying to like have him hold opposition that he can’t get into yeah, it’s I mean, it’s tough, um,Because like as like I like as people mature right um let’s talk about this in like youth development um not everything grows the same rate so it’s like all like he’s going through a growth sport it’s like well yeah maybe his bones are getting longer but like now his time than it’s and his muscles all need to catch up and so that’s why you get like these sometimes like kids like, you know, they don’t almost like bow and arrows like where they’re both like their bones grow and then everything’s so stretched and tight and then they actually have certain like windows of adaptations where it’s like hey like this is a great time to capitalize on speed because they are their bones are really long like they’re tenants or like guitars strings, so they have a lot of point kind of like elasticity.

Already built and naturally mm-hmm so that you can be intensify that through sprint training and then they even like when you looking at kind of like that 11 to 14 year old girl or that 13 to 15 year old guy like what’s happening but their body like they’re going through puberty so like estrogen testosterone like all these hormones are like, they’re they’re basically on like performance enhancing drugs and in a sense like naturally so that’s when you can take advantage of strength and then like then you kind of can circle back around once that strikes there that you can start to implement power as they get older and that kind of transfers based on the plane, they’re in or kind of sport they’re in.

So it’s like I think it’s really like be like people don’t know that at all and like people like like Mike Boyle or like this guy dr Greg grows on his name is he does a lot of like golf and like baseball work that’s like a chiropractor and he said like that’s kind of like his thing is like we have these like adaptive windows for ages and so if you miss it you can mess it up. 

I mean, it’s not the end. I’ll be all because I think training and it by nature like you can get anyone better especially if they’re on train but I think that’s interesting and I try to make that a point to parents to it’s like hey,Like your kids like that’s why we only accept people we’re like 11 to 15 just gonna say that yeah it’s like I don’t like at that point like the ships already sailed like yeah like we can get them better but it’s like is it optimal no chance yeah squeezing water out of the sponge it’s already been squeezed yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s tall and then people get mad right they’re like all like this didn’t work it’s like no like it’s not your fault but you just didn’t know what you didn’t know and like and years of bad habits or right exactly like mm-hmm absolutely and you go like egos there you go, yeah yeah, they think like, hey, I can back I can back spot through 15 to school. 

I won’t you let me do more.185 years later yeah yes good morning yeah no. I mean that’s that’s funny it’s it’s the way it’s definitely tough to tell people that because they like they want to come in here like or like you you get people who have been here since they were 12 and like now they’re like, they’re really kind of coming at their own athletically. 

I mean everything’s hidden at the same time and then like they’re like all like,Look at look at this kid like I need to be like him like he trains here but then they come here it’s like I’ll do like no like you’re seeing like the results you are not seeing like the process like that took to get there yeah yeah, I really think like within the next I don’t know like four or five years you’re gonna see some of the best athletes come out of this Hudsonville Granville Jessie yeah, they’re like you’ve ever seen because like if I’m not only if I’m saying like the kids out of town with us since they were like 10 12, and like now they’re going up they’re like almost that high school yeah, it’s like it’s yeah, it’s gonnaActually just to see for sure I mean even just like looking at our our hug we’re talking about like our high school group now it’s like huge and like we used to be like the middle school gym like if you were like at seven or eight grade like this was the spot we’d have like sessions of like 20 to 30 kids at a time and our tiny old place back in back in the garage but now it’s like now our high school groups that because I we didn’t even realize like how many eighth graders we’d had like going into freshman year so now like everyone’s getting ready for like football soccer and hopefully they get to play this ball but I mean, it’s like these kids are like gonna be something special and it’s cool to see that and it’s not because it’s not.

Gonna we did anything right they just show up consistently twice a week like that’s really like two hours a week out of 168 like that’s all it really took for them to commit mm-hmm and but like people have a very hard time like seeing that in the long term right because it’s dawning like people like all like have through two times a week for a year or like three months or like something like that it’s like like worry about one day at a time yeah well especially when you’re kidding you can’t even imagine what senior years gonna look like when you’re fresh right let alone being in junior high and thinking about her middle school. 

I’m thinking about, you know being at that level at that point, so it’s like,Implementing that take the stairs approach like hey we’re starting you here it’s the only way you’re gonna get to that point yeah is if you go incrementally yeah just don’t stop can’t jump yeah because you get like these breaks right they’re keeping people take time off or like for sports or whatever it may be and it’s like that’s it’s the killer. 

I’ve never seen I’ve never had anyone at this place be like incredibly like like I was because I mean, I would say most people we have like they’re very good, ats I’ve seen a majority of everyone play and like they’re definitely like a top player, um, not that’s not the case for everyone. 

I mean, that’s not.A realistic but like the the game changers like they’re like oh man like that like the difference makers on the team like they’ve never stopped training yeah and that was always my problem. I mean, I’m I was so guilty of that. I was like, okay like soccer’s done for a little bit. 

I’m gonna go train for three months and then completely take time off and towards the end of season like starting tearing hip flexors like groins or getting all pissed and cranky lower backs like never happy and then I get back in and then I take the first two months just to get those kind of like wounds or like those kind of bruises and bumps like healed up then I get like a about a good month train.

Ing mm-hmm and then I leave again, it’s just like what it what did I really accomplish yeah and and like even if.I say you like got out of a like a season like unscathed like you’re healthy whatever bit but if you haven’t trained the last three months while your season’s going on you’re just gonna be right back to like where you started that that previous three months when you just build a right back up to like where you were yeah, like you’re literally just a straight line the whole time yeah, it’s brutal yeah. 

I want to touch on like I think the yoga thing we we touched on it in terms of an athlete perspective.I think we covered that pretty well but from an adult perspective. I think it has a lot of value, oh your site right my two takeaways from it, we’re like it’s it’s meditative meaning like it’s as much mental training as it is physical and the number two is like it it’s very.

It’s like going to see a doctor, you know, because you get done and you’re like wow, my hips are tight wow. I can’t yeah rotate great assessment tool right assessments what you’re so right um and even like the whole the mindset training. I think like that is so like people can talk about mental toughness or like all those other stuff but I really just think like people are really bad at like this analyzing self like internalizing things like especially like adults. 

I mean, it’s harder to.It’s harder to like kind of get that free time right like it’s hard to give yourself permission to like hey like I’m gonna wake up 20 minutes earlier just to sit in the quiet and just like whether it’s like what whether you pray or whether you meditate or whether you just kind of like you walk or like you do stuff like like it’s so easy just to wake up and like the person you do is you look at your phone you have 13 emails got a text message that you missed when you went to bed and missed phone call and it’s like now like you’re in this like we talk about last week with car, they like this reactive state where it’s like, oh my gosh, like I got like getting all this taken care of and then by that time it’s like dang I already breakfast and go to work it’s like did you need to like,Kind of set the day on your terms and so like I think like you said that meditative say like even so even if somebody doesn’t isn’t able to do that because this is not like it’s not their cards or whatever like they could come in so someplace like this and like get it done and take that hour and just like totally reset the day yeah sure because like that’s like that’s a 60 minutes away from all distractions like it’s you it’s your body and you’re literally just being told what to do and then as you get better at it you got to be even gets better right because like you’re so familiar with it like you don’t have to think about the pose as well as you’re not to think about how uncomfortable it is because it gets less uncomfortable and stuff like that.

At um and like you’re breathing too yeah. I mean I was all over the place yesterday and I just don’t normally do it yeah so it’s like the whole inhale like you I could see like if you really get into that it’s just I mean it is it’s like a flow you’re just like yeah do you want to talk? 

I know you’re pretty into this like breath work and stuff like that. I have my kind of thoughts on it, but I’d like to hear what you have to like, I think like well yeah go ahead above yeah, well the breadth work piece for me is like,It’s just it’s just that reset so like in in something like meditation what you’re doing is you’re returning to your breath and with yoga it’s like it’s like you can panic and you can make a comment like my instinct when I do yoga is to like joke around the entire time that’s all I wanted to do yeah it’s hard to shut that off yes you suck at it you want to like mask it yeah yeah, it’s like you’re drunk.

I attended you’re like dramatic like oh this is so hard I’m so sweaty like it’s like you’re you’re making a joke out of something that could be helpful instead it’s like turn that off let’s go back to the breath. I’m okay yeah and when you immediately when you do that you’re like let’s pose isn’t so bad it’s not so bad my instinct is this is terrible. 

I want to quit work, you know, let’s go get bagels and coffee yeah, chill we’re left heavy. More left heavy, yeah, yeah do something hard like quote unquote hard oh that you’re good at yeah, but that breadth piece is so interesting and I’m I’m just diving into it myself, okay?

Just just getting familiar with what that means for my mind like like you said when you wake up and you get on your phone you start looking at emails you’re adrenaline starts going and you can really feel when you do something like yoga or just breathing or praying like you’re adrenaline and just kind of flushes out yeah you have an empty space where you can think clearly you start to get thoughts about things that are plaguing you and you haven’t dealt with or you know, that’s really yeah, no I like I like that because I mean even like you when you do like your ice baths, I know you’re like your cold shower.

As I said you’re really into and stuff like that I’m kind of adopted that as well it’s like that controls everything and like there’s a saying like like I forget who said this and like this is kind of just like this scientific research is like your breath is like you’re the gateway to the autonomic nervous system, right so you have like your fight or flight or like your video like your parasitic and the sympathetic nervous system where it’s like you’re toned off your freaking out you’re like you’re ready to go which is like that there’s a place for that that’s why it’s there but then it’s like you want to be in that kind of rest digest like control like you’re in control, um, and that’s at what I think it does right like taking like convenient control your breath.

Um even like nasal breathing and stuff like that like there’s like oh there’s a correct way to do it which seems so weird right because if it’s so it’s the automatic right and like you don’t think about it, but when you do think about it, it’s amazing how you can kind of be like, oh like that feels so much different most of us are breathing to hear yeah, yeah very short chest breaths yeah yeah and we even do that with our athletes and I don’t even think they realize that like right because it’s like hey at the end of the session we’ve we like we’re getting at least three minutes like get your feet over your head and get you back to that kind of resting state to be.

Because that’s gonna kickstart recovery because if you stay kind of in that fight or flight you leave here like you’re not able to kind of tone it down you’re not able to start recovering so you’re prolonging that who knows how long I’m sure there’s a set window but that’s yeah. 

I think that there’s there’s a tremendous amount of value in that that people kind of overlook and I think it’s a whole like breathing it’s like that’s weird it’s uncomfortable and especially for kids like when we used to do like almost like breath resets like we’re getting under the hay like I need you like sigh out loud because that’s actually gonna use like so I want you to do that to get like into a certain position and you certain muscles to pull down your.

Ribs and like keep your pelvis alive and like to them it’s just like I don’t want the kid next to me to hear me breathe out of my mouth yes like my breath might stay yeah, whatever it is, like I want to be loud like this is weird.Yeah, it’s weird right they don’t they don’t know it’s not familiar to them, so they freak out and.

I think yeah the education piece is in there yeah but I think I don’t know I think in the next couple years I mean meditations become huge right I mean it’s no secret like stuff like that like kind of like restored or even just like mental like mental training like that’s gonna be the next five years even like that’s gonna explode and I think they were gonna see that you could become a lot more popular and all these kind of early adopters if you will are gonna like really kind of have a lot of success with that hopefully but it’s interesting to see where that’s gonna go yeah. 

I think to like going back to like the cold showers the morning routines and stuff it’s like so like when you get up,All right you want to check your phone because I think you it’s called like your body you get comfort from like knowing what’s going on yeah and you trying to know and like same with like a cold shower like a warm shower nothing comfortable, but it’s like getting yourself comfortable being uncomfortable, right so it’s like instead of maybe checking your phone in the morning like you go and you do like your devotions you go and do your meditation and it’s like at first that’s kind of uncomfortable because you you don’t have that connection with the world yet, but then insane with yoga like but then once you do it once you practice it like that is where the comfort is and then it’s almost like uncomfortable doing.

Like the opposite yeah that’s a really good that’s really good point yeah I don’t think I can go back to only doing hot showers just because there’s like there’s a restoration within my mind of like when I get in that cold all I can think about is just be calm just breathe and it’s like the same thing with yoga it’s just like chill out you got this you got control and then when you come away from that like I can tell the days when I do it and don’t yeah the days when I don’t it’s like something come up it could be small and I’m just like panicked and I’m just like I can feel like anxious but you know if you that’s what it.

Is like you you get into a cold tub with ice in it your instinct is go yeah just like it’s like okay calm down control it and then find your piece and when you find your piece you can carry that into everything else in life yeah yeah, I mean and I took I think I was telling you like the other week I took a cold shower and it was really the first time and that’s just literally what I was telling myself. 

I was like like into the nose out to the nose and then just like like be like be comfortable being uncomfortable like you’re fine, you’re in a close hour you literally have the age for the temperature right there, like just relax yeah and it was and it was just kind of like,Refreshing it’s like oh wow okay like this is nice yeah definitely I want to go back to to like the yoga you guys are saying like adults can get a lot out of like assessing themselves during it right out of just out of the one saturated yesterday like what is the one thing that you notice like, oh wow, like I’m tied here or like I need to work on this or I’ll hit real quick for me it’s very simple it’s like my glute mead as weak which leads to tightness in my groin in my hamstring and that’s causing a lot of my knee problems yeah, I’d like meniscus tears and that sort of thing and then the other thing would.

Be like.Rotational and then also just like shoulders stability scapula yeah well mine is the exact yeah good meat and like my shoulder I’m not sure just from home but it’s stupid Warrior yeah yeah since we’re in video yeah we did like a warrior two what you’re in like this deep lunch and you’re holding five pound weights and just we’re probably in it from 90 seconds we’re rotating through it too like we didn’t just do it once yes like you that was like you’d come back to that like at least because you do both sides yeah and then you do so you’re holding it and then you just literally just change the position and then we would go through that like two to three times it was aDefinitely a challenge hmm I know you’re a shoulder guy I mean did you feel that my left one I mean I was obviously got that like I still have like my my left shoulder’s still pretty garbage but I mean, I felt I was I was an uncomfortable like I could manage it it was more so like I get like from my armpit down to my hip man like my whole like old bleak like everything’s so tight. 

I’ve done way too many like load it carries and like upper back volume that to where the point where like I have like just very limited rotation hmm, but even so even something like getting into like a position like kind of like opening up and stuff like that, like I thought that was extremely beneficial.

And then I mean, I I my quads like hey, I got okay hip flexor all that stuff’s always been pretty jacked up to but I mean like that loosened up real good, um.But now that was a that’s yeah it is it’s a great tool especially like if you do it first thing as well right it’s like you’re like you’re fresh in a sense where it’s like okay like I haven’t done anything yet today so this is like a really accurate kind of like bare bones like vanilla assessment of like hey like I haven’t really done anything with let’s see what really is my weakness or where where my what am I supposed to suck at so yeah it’s I think physically too like waking up and doing an assessment tool right away is huge because most of us myself included I get a chair and that’s it for half the day before I do anything and some people they said,The whole day before they do anything and it’s like you’re gonna come to our adult group at six pm and you’ve been sitting from nine to five yeah like is there it’s probably a highly likely chance you’re gonna be injured like over the long run no seriously and like that that was always a problem we had right. 

I mean, like either get people first thing in the morning who they do work out and then they go to work in this sit which is probably just as bad right because you trying to recover and yeah because you put then you just litter you take out you take all this like this great work and then you put it in the short and like terrible posture and like now you’re recovering in this posture right so like you’re like any like any muscle like,Rebuilding that you’re doing at that time like it’s not gonna be optimal just like you’re not good position like we were made to sit for long periods of time, we were made to walk like travel 9 to 12 miles a day. 

I think I read in this book come.Brain always wins, that’s what it’s from and so.Like it’s just like,You need to kind of.It’s hard right cuz like that’s your job right um, but almost like taking advantage of that, whether it’s like hey, I got I’m gonna get it. 

I’m gonna ask for a standing desk or I’m gonna send on a boat to ball or like.I’m gonna just get up yeah every 10 minutes I’m gonna get up and move around on I know like you know you know Kelly Starrett the like the ability walk adding what they’ve got something else now but like I remember hit listen to him on a podcast and he was the saying like hey for every 30 minutes you say you should do like a hip flexor stretch for like a minute and I’m like if thinking about that like I’m thinking about like literally everyone of America, well first of all my thinking who can even get hit looks or stretch anymore, but even this like a half kneeling or like a couch stretch like no chance like I’ve seen hey you’re especially I’ve seen our adults and stuff like that like God bless them the whole smokes.

Good luck, um, and then it’s just like who you like no one knows that like I think it’s it’s hard for us and I was Tom Colin this you had the other day we when we were getting coffee was like,People just died when you’re not in this world like right like we’re here. 

I we are I have an office in a gym like I’m never not at a gym basically unless I’m sleeping we’re shooting my ball and so it’s like,Like I like it so hard to remove yourself from that like you think like all everyone should ever notice this stuff it’s like dude no one knows any of it and like to ride constantly remind yourself of that like it’s tough to do well it’s one thing to know it but then to do it yeah like that’s a totally different animal in and of itself like I know I’m not doing hip flux or strategies. 

I’ll help me either yeah, I try to walk more my god. I’m standing like I’m good like I’ll just jack on my desk and stand for a little bit but it’s like no like I don’t do it because it’s a pain in my butt right like you don’t want it do it because it takes time I got to be doing something else better and it’s like comfortable thing yeah it is uncomfortable right like you’re bad at it and nobody wants to do something to.

Be bad at it first so I mean it’s the same thing with like training just in general yeah really adults it’s like you were like immersed in this culture we see the benefit in that and it’s like if they’re at a desk and like they don’t feel like they’re very overweight or very skinny or like whatever they don’t go out well. 

I’m doing just fine yeah where it’s like they don’t really see that like there’s a lot of benefit in and even if it’s like paying that like the monthly fee to go to a gym, they don’t see the benefit in it until they’re immersed in it or like just finally decide to join and it’s like, oh wow.

She’s done this years ago yeah it’s very eye opening experience until like because like people I mean look like you like you you don’t bad an eye if you buy it you pay a monthly phone bill like 180 bucks more bad not get a good oil change for a hundred dollars like don’t even think twice about it but it’s like oh a hundred fifty dollars for me to to work out like I could go to the like the wine do it’s like no you’re not gonna do it like yeah, you’re gonna buy it you’re gonna let them take your money, you’re gonna go slightly what do you do there yeah like, you know, like like I like this like people go to school to learn how to coach and like people go like learn about the body like,And even then like the the but like the the barrier for entry is so low for personal trainers or somebody hacks out there and stuff like that and online test yeah like you could like yeah, it’s it’s a joke and so.

I don’t know like to have like quality training is it one that’s tough to find in and of itself but then to like,To show people it’s like hey like this is a you payment right like like do you want to be on medications or else your life do you want to have to go to the doctor every six months for a physical or three months or however bad it is it’s like or do you just want to kind of like it’s that’s what they say right like and then an ounce of prevention of where the poly caponic cure mm-hmm like do a little bit so you don’t have to do a lot later. 

I mean and then that’s like even for us like we have all kinder we all know like man, like if I would have just knocked down that last for like man, if I would have just done like this exercise like that might like I should have done like for like warm up and like,It’s like that’s that’s a it would have been such a little bit of work but it’s such an inconvenience at first it looks like it but then you look back do it. 

I totally screwed that up, you know, it’s so frustrating but yeah yeah all the years training at planting.All the years just doing upper body wow Thomas I know what you’re gonna do yeah that’s funny all right well that’s kind of like a 40 minute advertising for a gym but I love it yes speaking of shameless plug adult program to every trial to give it a try come in anytime there’s no there’s no starter end date yeah trying to leave that open TBD so.

Don’t but it’s been kicking too I mean like we had like almost 15 adults the other night and like that I’ve never seen how many adults in this building or let alone the other day it’s fine they’re hilarious they’re hilarious and like you think like it’s like all like we’re gonna come in here we’re gonna puke we’re gonna like be like, they’re gonna kill us it’s like not like it’s it’s not laid back but I mean it’s like it’s a it’s a good environment it’s a good culture like I’m excited to see kind of next week even how that looks um coming up like most people’s gonna be weak too for them and like we got a lot of people start this past week, so yeah, it’ll be funny yeah and like you said with like like you don’t see the benefit until like you come out like you’re.

Staying chase the other day yeah I got I mean like a former athlete like pretty good athlete and then he comes in here and he’s like throwing like some med balls around he’s like man, dude. I missed yeah like you like people want to feel athletic. I don’t care who you are, even if you weren’t an athlete it’s like all like do something explosive like power work is so important because like that’s what stops you from falling when you’re old and stuff like that like having the ability to like produce force quickly and like stop yourself like,The yeah, there’s a ton of value like in like even like I’m having a mom do a box job. 

I’ve never seen mom like a mom smile more like this like an old like a mid 40’s I’m doing yeah.Like that’s incredible they love it oh kind of value we’ll talk more about that next time though. I’m curious to get we’re gonna go down a rabbit hole so is that kind of takes off a little bit yeah I think we will we have especially we have that our PTS yeah yeah, hopefully that’s gonna be soon rather than later yeah anyway, thanks for listening and watching yeah if this takes off or how that goes we had to get going on for the first one obviously yeah distract yeah from over here yeah just blur out the face. 

I got thanks for watching thank.S for listening, we’ll catch you on the flip.For John Fletcher.

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