Take The Stairs

In my experience training only works when done consistently, year-round. Training is something you HAVE to prioritize. Like any good endeavor, it takes time to see any long term results. Love the process over the outcome. “A little and often over the long haul” - Dan John

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11: Mobility & Flexibility in Athletic Performance

Thomas, Eric, and coach Colton discuss mobility & flexibility as it relates to athletic performance. As OPTC introduces a yoga option on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings... the coaches and Eric underwent a sample yoga class to demo and generate feedback for the program to perfect it…

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Confidence Training

“I gotta ask, how do you do it? I’m not talking about the physical, I mean the confidence. I don’t know what it is you guys are doing but whatever it is it’s working. I’ve never seen her so confident and it truly has changed her in all areas of life.” -OPTC Athlete Parent

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