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Who we are

West Michigan’s Premier Training Center. We specialize in developing Youth Athletes at the key moment in their development. Fall outside of this group? We also transform adults into the best version of themselves.

Why we are

We promise this will be a completely different experience from run-of-the-mill gyms. We provide individual assessment, coaching and programming. We’re not for everyone, we’re for YOU!

Where you are

Have a need to be/do/feel better? We’ll meet you where you are and provide the keys to unlock performance. Once you’re in the door, there’s no going back to the old way of doing things.

How it starts

Fill out an intake form and let us know what your biggest goals are, we have the keys, you just have to get in the car!

Stronger athletes, faster results, powerful impact.

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We coach 11-15 year olds; we want athletes at the perfect moment in their physical and mental development.



Whether you’re training for the Ironman or a 5k we have specially tailored programming designed with all your competition needs in mind. If you’re not training to compete, we provide personalized training in a group setting to help you shed fat, get strong and just feel better!


Training may be personalized but the environment doesn’t have to be. We offer group style training to encourage competition and accountability, all while tailoring workouts to the individual that help improve all areas of performance. It’s the Goldilocks approach to training volume and intensity. Not too much, not too little, but just the right amount.

“We train human beings first, and athletes second.”

-Thomas Bowes, Director of Performance

Is Optimal Training for you?

The people who have the most success with us aren’t always the most genetically gifted or physically capable athletes but rather those who demonstrate these three traits:

  • Consistent
  • Hard-working
  • Committed

The individuals who buy into OPTC as a journey will reap far more from our programming. The individuals who allow us to be a part of their story will ultimately become part of the OPTC family.

When it’s all said and done, we are working with human beings first and athletes second. Building relationships is our #1 goal. Once relationships are built, the real work can begin.

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Meet the Coaches

Thomas Bowes

Owner/Founder of Optimal Performance Training Center,
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified,
Running Mechanics Professional Level 1 & 2 (RMP), B.S. Exercise Science from Cornerstone University, Collegiate Soccer Player

Alex Bowes Smiling with his arms crossed

Alex Bowes

CrossFit L-1 Certificate Holder,
Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach,
Collegiate Soccer Player,
5+ years coaching experience with adults and athletes

Lisa Ryan

NASM CPT, B.S Biology with a minor in Chemistry from GVSU, 3+ years coaching experience working with adults toward their health and wellness goals. When not at the gym, I am a Mom of 2 youth athletes.
“Find Passion in what Challenges You.”

people talk

We’ve never spent a dime on advertising. Our people do the hard work for us.

I love training at OPTC because it reminds me of everything I am capable of. Everyone always pushes you to your limits, and wants the best things for you. I have noticed my confidence go up tremendously because I know that I am stronger and faster than I used to be. I have developed relationships with many people I would have never met without OPTC, and I know that I will always have a family there.

Sydney Carr
I love training at OPTC. I didn’t know I would come this far from where I started. When I first came to OPTC I was shy, timid and wasn’t so strong and wasn’t the fastest. Now, every time I train here, I can feel myself getting stronger and faster. I know
I’ve gotten stronger and faster and I can feel it with playing soccer. My confidence level has gone up a tremendous amount, I take chances that I may not have taken a few years back on the pitch. The staff here push us to be our best and make it the best to feel like home. I know I will always have a family here at OPTC.

Mia Guiterrez
I felt this was one of the best sports photos that shows my attitude and the way I play on the court and field. It shows that I’m going in to a 50/50 chance tackle confidently and winning the ball. OPTC has increased my strength, speed, and quickness. These 3 things are very important in sports, and the results from the hard work in the gym definitely shows in practice and games. OPTC also makes me very happy, I love lifting weights, and the trainers and environment is great. I look forward to going to my next session every time.

Cole Williams





Email: support@optcmi.com
Phone: ‪(616) 379-5450
Address: 6680 Marcan Ave, Jenison, MI, 49428

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